Our Culture is Decaying

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BHARAT RAJ said:   4 months ago
You know what our culture and tradition should decay fast. !, you know why because you guys should understand that we are living in Kali Yug, and the faster we lose our culture and traditions the more we follow Western culture, cause there is no other culture in this world that tells dharma and how to live life and at last spirituality (because this the ultimate and final stage every human being goes), people are becoming more foolish and thinking more scientifically, and question whether god is there or not (the question is a good thing), but the conclusion is not the way. It's so stupid that our ancestors experienced gods and stuff and yet question whether Ramayana and Mahabharata even existed (people are talking about this for thousands of years) and yet here we are just saying it never happened, it's the nation's history. To be honest, people should be lost hope in God and just believe that he's not real so that people can do more Adharma and anyway, perform adultery, wear revealing clothes, murder, rape, hurt someone with unsensible world's and speeches, more desires/pleasures, greediness, selfishness, lust, premarital sex, divorce remarriage again divorce remarriage, getting more blind and not thinking why casts are created, no respect to elders, no dignity and discipline (eg: hairstyles, way of clothing, way of talking to others), defying laws of nature, giving more importance to showoffs and fashions and digital slaves (the most useless things in the world), I'm 19yrs old and it hurts me to see India in position there the basic problems. But losing faith in dharma and God leads to more destruction and this Yuga ends fast so that a lot of people won't suffer but don't you people forget one thing everything you do and every choice you take has a bigger consequence to and people around you don't forget that. We need to take few things from the western for eg: cleanliness, strict rules, heavy fines and penalty and punishments nothing else. And one more do not ever make your parents feel sad or bad cause your going to suffer in future and will face painful consequences Jai Bharat.

Rajdeep kumar said:   8 months ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today we're going to discuss our culture is decaying.

Yes, nowadays Our culture is decaying day by day because of Western influences I don't say Western is not good.

We can see around us many things is changing because of westernization.

1. Like people don't like live in a joints family.

2. We can see mostly children doesn't like to play outdoor games like kho kho kabaddi hickey they prefer video game or indoor games.

3. Youth attract Western clothes like jeans pants etc they are forgetting Indian culture dress.

4. Also, most of the girls doesn't like saree etc they like Western clothes like jeans and small dress.

Conclusion:- in my opinion, nowadays Our culture is decaying day by day because of westernization. I don't say Western culture is not good but our Indian culture is one of the best cultures in the world we should not forget it.

So, I would like to say our Indian culture is the best.

Thank you, everyone.

Jai Hind.

Supreeth Devanal said:   11 months ago
Yes, you all are somewhere right.

I hane another regard that is slowly Indian people are moving towards west culture. I am not saying that western culture is bad but it's our duty to save or to conserve our Indian culture also and we must think about that. Nowadays, people's are addicted to mobile phones, TV, and different modern gadgets which had become the main reason for that people are forgotten their culture.

Chandni tiwari said:   1 year ago
Our culture is decaying day by day because of western influences. We can see around us many things is changing the cause of westernization like people doesn't want to live in a joint family, children have forgotten playing kabaddi, kho-kho. Etc they only prefer video games, indoor games. Etc youth attracted western clothes like Jean's, coat, hoodies. Etc it seems that girls have forgotten to wear saree, suits. People feel the same wear traditional dress.

And I will say that thing we must preserve our culture otherwise one day we would lose our culture.

Adityaraj said:   2 years ago
First of all, we need to draw a line between Westernization and modernization.

Innovation in technology, healthcare, arts, politics, economy is essential for a civilization's growth. West is innovating themselves while we are copying them and ignoring our own cultural development naturally our culture will decay over time. Pride in our laziness. I am not a fan of keeping all traditions we need to change according to time I only suggest being creative without forgetting our roots then again it's a personal choice we need to respect that. If a person wearing western clothes or Chinese or Indian clothes or any other clothes or any self-designed or even naked I won't mind as long as they try to restrict my freedom of choice western blind believers try to judge others, that attitude needs to be changed.

Sohan said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Our topic is our culture is decaying.

In my opinion, it is has declined but not completely we have adopted western culture like wearing cloth, listening to the song and also in term of living we prefer nucleus family but we have not lost completely today many people do pray and if they are going to start new work they do worship of god and greet the elder and also we celebrate many festivals like Holi, Diwali and Dussehra. At last, I want to say you adopt new culture but do not leave new culture.

Hariom Tiwari said:   2 years ago
Hello Everyone,

We are known for our moral culture but in the modern age, our culture is going to match the foreign culture. There is no respect. No respect for our family as well as our society. Before society and family are main. Everyone respects it. Students have no Discipline. To get honour is the main moto before but today this is not seen anywhere. No moral dignity between us. So, I think our moral has changed in the hateful culture. Our culture is decaying. We should learn about our moral culture.

Pranjal Srivastava said:   3 years ago
Yes, I agree that our culture is decaying because of westernisation. People who are saying that there were many problems as sati pratha, child marriage etc. Firstly, I want to clear one point that, this type of prathas are only 200-300 years old. Our culture is so vast when you once come to know more about our culture, you get to know many such things which we are practising is not in our culture.

So, I would end by saying that if some parathas have a negative impact on our society so change it not forget or blame our whole culture.

Shweta said:   3 years ago
Yes. Our Indian culture is decaying. Nowadays we use Western dress regularly. It has become fascistic. Nowadays college girls and boys celebrate traditional days.

Shashank 7775 said:   3 years ago
Actually all cultures are decaying, west is associated with capitalism so we often mistake capitalist culture with westernization & cultural decay. Few examples to make things clear:

🎈Exposing dresses (for promoting gym, fitness, tattoo, waxing, dermapolish, beauty & cosmetic products, etc businesses).

🎈Privacy & freedom (for promoting porn, drugs, party culture, bars, unethical sex, family divide causing the need for a myriad of separate products like personal tv, bedroom, vehicle, etc & medical & counseling business for countering side effects). Also to be noted unrestricted & indifferent freedom cause violence so opens up scope for security, judiciary business & populism.

🎈Even democracy is just a fancy name of mobocracy & results in wastage of time and resources for elections. It also forces politics to focus more on short term goals rather than real deeper issues. Democracy values more on quantity than quality.

🎈Feminism & women empowerment is a conspiracy to steal women from men with lesser physical resources and reserving them for elite men. Also, the mental distortion of female minds through constant exposure to an image of the hypothetical ideal male makes them more inclined towards a few elite men that can afford to look & live like a hypothetical alpha male.

🎈Both parents working & busy in work give the opportunity to tech cos to distort & program children in a way favorable for capitalism.

🎈Consumerism, opulence, excessive choices, ostentation, celebrity culture, money worship, personality advertising. All are simply intended to increase businesses & money movement.

🎈Education (focused on raising aspirations & expectations, developing taste for brands, brainwashing with techno-optimism so that careless consumption cycle can go on in false belief of existence of solutions & remedies, brainwashing & creating slaves for fueling capitalist culture who find pride in serving & promoting greed in exchange of money which they can use for proving superiority & trigger chain reaction of chasing uncertain goals in society).

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