Our Culture is Decaying

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Shweta said:   4 years ago
Yes. Our Indian culture is decaying. Nowadays we use Western dress regularly. It has become fascistic. Nowadays college girls and boys celebrate traditional days.

Shashank 7775 said:   4 years ago
Actually all cultures are decaying, west is associated with capitalism so we often mistake capitalist culture with westernization & cultural decay. Few examples to make things clear:

🎈Exposing dresses (for promoting gym, fitness, tattoo, waxing, dermapolish, beauty & cosmetic products, etc businesses).

🎈Privacy & freedom (for promoting porn, drugs, party culture, bars, unethical sex, family divide causing the need for a myriad of separate products like personal tv, bedroom, vehicle, etc & medical & counseling business for countering side effects). Also to be noted unrestricted & indifferent freedom cause violence so opens up scope for security, judiciary business & populism.

🎈Even democracy is just a fancy name of mobocracy & results in wastage of time and resources for elections. It also forces politics to focus more on short term goals rather than real deeper issues. Democracy values more on quantity than quality.

🎈Feminism & women empowerment is a conspiracy to steal women from men with lesser physical resources and reserving them for elite men. Also, the mental distortion of female minds through constant exposure to an image of the hypothetical ideal male makes them more inclined towards a few elite men that can afford to look & live like a hypothetical alpha male.

🎈Both parents working & busy in work give the opportunity to tech cos to distort & program children in a way favorable for capitalism.

🎈Consumerism, opulence, excessive choices, ostentation, celebrity culture, money worship, personality advertising. All are simply intended to increase businesses & money movement.

🎈Education (focused on raising aspirations & expectations, developing taste for brands, brainwashing with techno-optimism so that careless consumption cycle can go on in false belief of existence of solutions & remedies, brainwashing & creating slaves for fueling capitalist culture who find pride in serving & promoting greed in exchange of money which they can use for proving superiority & trigger chain reaction of chasing uncertain goals in society).

Radhika said:   4 years ago
No, I can't say that our culture is decaying completely. We can say that we are upgrading and developing. If we look in ancient time some culture should be stopped as Sati pratha, Johri pratha, Bal vivah etc. But I accept that we are attracting western culture because it seems like freedom, modern and advance that's why people are attracting there. But still, Some people have patriotism. They keep remain our culture and doing forward a future generation. Our culture is in some places.

So in my point of view that we are upgraded and developed. It is necessary for our culture.

Sutradhar said:   4 years ago
Yes, I also agree with this line. Most of Young people of us following western cultures. Even we follow western culture, we have maintain our own culture. Sometimes, we have take positive things from western culture.

Suhana said:   4 years ago
India is a country with myriads of cultures. I would go for an amalgamation for balanced efficient development. We need to incorporate the positive aspects of each system!

Vidhi said:   4 years ago
Yes, our culture is decaying because western culture is invading our culture. We are only thinking about western jobs. But we are not thinking about the development of our culture.


V. Kohli said:   4 years ago
Yes, I do think our culture is decaying. It's because everyone thinks that the western way is the 'cool' way. Their necessity is not our fashion. We do not need to imitate them.

Ashi said:   4 years ago
Obviously, our culture is totally decaying nowadays. Nobody follows and respect their own culture. Today all like only Western culture, Western foods and western dresses. This not meant I am against western culture. It's our responsibility to protect our culture and bring it to the next generation. Our culture is a precious thing. It's not a matter if you are protecting our culture or not, but don't spoil it.

Aami said:   5 years ago
Obviously it is true that we had witnessed a lot of changes in our own culture in these days. Those changes have both positive and negative effects. There are diverse cultures which are changing from person to person, it depends on their lifestyle. In most of the times our character defines our culture. In my opinion there is no need for judging anyone's culture or personality, it is better to be diverse than being the same. So, our culture is not at all decaying, it's changing.

Ammu Nair said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone,

To start with, I wonder how many of us actually spent time understanding the depth of our culture, to even judge if its even decaying or not.

Yes, we do have the freedom to choose and adapt to what is suitable for us, but don't you think we deserve to know the reason or in other words, the science behind every tradition and culture, as we term it?

Each place or state or district in our nation has its own beautiful tradition. Least do we realise the science and benefits of it? Every tradition and culture is designed on the bases of the land, climate/season, crops grown etc. But for the people to strongly believe it. They created stories so we connect to these traditions religiously.

As the youth of current times, we are not told the reasons why or the science behind every ritual or tradition, therefore, we question on why to follow them and refuse to follow them too!

I strongly believe we need to be understood about our land and cultures in more depth so we wholeheartedly choose to follow it than being imposed to follow it.

We are blessed with the most beautiful nation. Let us all together preserve its beauty with a genuine heart.

Thank you.

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