Need for Good Leaders in India

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Pratiksha said:   9 years ago
Good afternoon to all of you.

I am Pratiksha Bomble, I'm from Mumbai also agree with all members need for good leaders to India. But, now at this time it is not possible, Because every person behave for their own purpose. He works only for their needs and their family wants.

In our country we have got freedom only in books, but in real practice we are still solving the many problems which are Mr. Buddy said So the I think we need a simple, honest and idol person for the India.

Thank you to all of you for giving me this opportunity.

Sneha said:   9 years ago
I partially agree with you all, I don't think India need a good leader because if every individual play his role correctly then there is no need of a leader whether he his good or bad. We vote for the leader and we blame them means indirectly we are making the mistake.

Instead of searching of a good Leader, Every individual should feel the responsibility for his job then surely we will be the good leader of our own job, our own society, our own Nation.

Sreenivas said:   9 years ago
Government is releasing so much money to all departments to improve the infrastructure and people lives but our politicians are looting almost all the money (75% of each project) , spending only small portion of the money on project and project is not in good quality and same thing repeats every year on same project, spending like these and lotting all our money. This the way our politician ear money by asking government to release fund on many projects. In the whole process, all politicians, government officials and contractors are involved. Our money is wasting like this every day in-front of our eyes but we are helpless, we are not doing any thing because of fear of politicians (sine they have power and government, they can do any thing).

I am seeing all almost all politician from Grama Panchayat member to ministers. All are doing same thing to earn money.

The only thing, selection of leader is not good in our society. Govt should put proper qualification to became leader. Just think about how government is putting qualification got get the government job and how difficult to get IAS and IPS jobs, finally these IAS and IPS officers works under some leader who does not have any qualification to lead country.

One more thing, once a person goes to jail, he will not be eligible to get government job. But he is eligible to become leader and go for top position in India. This is our system.

In my opinion, The only thing will change the country direction is to impose qualification on selection of leaders (more qualification than government officers).

Abhay said:   9 years ago
Really it's very important to have good leaders in India. It can be easily seen that most of the leaders do so much promises just to win the election but after wining, either they just do some little work for the development of the society and people or they never show their face again to the people.

Secondly, I think politicians are given with the extra power. Even if a district magistrate do anything wrong with them, the senior leaders do transfer of the DM.

Also in our country if a person seeks job then there should not be any police case on him, but our politicians are re-elected several times having many criminal charges on them. Also most of the money which has been provided by government never reaches as whole to the people rather a huge part is consumed by the leaders for their own development.

So I think definitely there is need of good leaders in our country.

Anand said:   9 years ago
How do you expect a leader to be honest when the people themselves are selfish and corrupt. The system as a whole needs a change. In western countries like US, the elected leaders when they prove to be corrupt, people never re-elect him or her.

Sahithi said:   9 years ago
According to me, politics has now become commercial. People who are highly educated and join civil, are often manipulated by power. We can see our politicians giving illogical manifestos. I think it is we, who have alike mindsets should unite for a better purpose because, there would not be fire without a "spark". Let us try to bring a change upto some extent.

Poojitha said:   9 years ago
Since Independence, our country is a developing country and facing many problems like unemployment, poverty, corruption etc Majority of problems have not solved and even there is an increase in some problems. There is no fault in our constitution and is considered as the best constitution in this world and our laws are very justifiable and we have almost everything to solve them and to have a better India.

The fault is there in the politics, At present, politics have become an easy access to earn more name, fame and money with power. Any citizen of India who has crossed specific age can enter into politics irrespective of his qualifications and his criminal background.

The politicians, who are with selfish motive and lacking ethics and morals are looting our country by keeping national interests aside. They are the reason for increasing poverty and corruption. Poverty is a major problem in our country. But our country is not a poor. Gifting Parliament house to Afghanistan is an example to explain that India isn't a poor country. It is our politicians who are making our country poor.

We are also equally responsible for this as we elect our politicians. Moreover leaders won't born through a special process, they emerge from ourselves and within us. Today we say proudly about our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Bhagath Singh, Alluri Seetha Ramaraju and many more. These are emerged from us and within us. They have well mindset, proper intentions and patriotic feelings.

Even our politicians can become national leaders if they change their mind set and proper intentions and patriotic feelings. Even proper politicians alone can't make our country developed. Our mindsets also have to change to respond to their policies. Everyone have to discharge their responsibilities correctly.

So, I think that there is no need of new leaders, there is a need of proper mindset to make our country developed.

CHANDRA SAI said:   9 years ago
We should need a good leader for our country. At present many problems from politicians. We should need a good leader for our society. There are so many people are coming forward for to help their society. But these leaders are not trying to give a chance to others. Because these politicians want power, money and other backgrounds. And other common people wants to develop their country.

In our country many peoples are trying to develop. Our real leaders are those who are fought from freedom like: Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indhira Gandhi, and others. These are the real good leaders for our country.

Chandru said:   9 years ago
Hi this is Chandru.

Here, we are discussing about GD on Need for good leaders in India. Some people said, we want a good educated leader for our India, why you search a good leaders.

We know very well about Periyaar. He doesn't have any education knowledge. But he has lot of experience. He serves good service for our people.

So I conclude that, as our proverb "Experience is the best Teacher than two books". We want a good educated leader not only also want like Periyaar, Kamaraj etc.

Amandeep Singh said:   9 years ago
As we came to know in politics about various kinds of scams day by day. So in politics the leaders are not doing their jobs according to their position. They only make fake statements that they will do development.

But they after wining forget everything about their promises and do everything for their own benefits but not for country so in my opinion we need good leaders which can help us to develop and can take good or economical decisions for the country.

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