Need for Good Leaders in India

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Shafiya said:   11 months ago
We need good leaders in India as there is poverty and no employment in India. We are still able to see a lot of beggars who are waiting for food and money.

If India is a developing country still a lot of issues are there that need to take resolved by the government.

As there is unemployment is there and a lot of graduates searching for jobs.

There is a necessity to take care of the education system.

My opinion is if there is a good leader then there is no people searching for food and a job at outside.

Conclusion: The leader has the courage to raise things and with smartness solve the issues and the main thing change the system.

Pabitra palei said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, the leader is under leadership so that first of all you know about your group members, and what they want and try to solve here problems as a leader. Then another thing was your personality or attitude also depend upon your good leadership skill.

Venkey anju said:   1 year ago
Hi this is venkatesh anjali.

Nowadays who are coming politicians from celerity and money backgrounds?

Like creating a new sense against religion and poor and rich people and needing more nieces like opposite parties. Even not done most of politicians inter. First of all, we don't good education, actually, sometimes education is practically like labs and experiments labs. We don't have a great health facility which is there it's only for rich people.

First, we need to change don't sell your vote to anyone. Any leaders come to try to avoid free schemes it will not help us it will increase the daily usage grocery. Free schema applies to health insurance and good education.

Vishwas said:   2 years ago
Well according to me, there is a need of good leaders in our country. All we need the leader to be honest and capability to understand the need of the society. I like to have a woman as a leader. So that, she can make a better India. First of all, women should be given equal opportunities and respect by the men. The good leader should take immediate action on a crime person.

All the politicians should made a restrict laws to empower the literacy rate in our country. To decline the poverty line there is a need for good politician. To enhance more employment opportunities there should be development in industrial sector.

Sardar yadav said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, India is a developing country and India filled with many problems like it's education system is not good it's an administrative system very corrupt and many problems so India leader will be educated and socialist and work for our country problems and know his people and work to improve on this problems.

ALANKRITA TIWARI said:   4 years ago
JAY HIND FRIENDS, This is Alankrita Tiwari.

As we know the difference of educated and uneducated people, so first off all we should use our mind at the time of the election. We know most of the politician are not only corrupted they are also criminals after that we just close our eyes and we don't want to contribute to our national development. If someone will say that no I'm wrong so please tell me why our respected minister takes advice from so many members who cleared the most prestigious exam of India that is UPSC. Our politician should also think that they are going to lead 1. 3 billion people so it, s needed that they should have a quality of good leadership and they should also be more and more educated and also a good human being who can understand problems of our country and play a vital role for developing our nation. THANK YOU.

Aman UsmanI said:   4 years ago
Leader of any country should have true patriotism for his/her country and have good Experience of leadership, along with education He sees every citizen of the country as equals to another citizen in majority of religion, race, creed, language etc.

He should have to find different ways to increase the income of his nation's citizen and make opportunities for a citizen to do work and earn money and low level or uneducated citizens.

Wages should be fixed according to their basic needs. He allow own country business to invest in the country and make private industries so that rate of livelihood increase for country people. Leader of the country needs to be an honest man and have feelings for his citizens. He should have to go between peoples and make a responsible man of that area to solve their problems. He should make several colleges, universities, schools and work on free education, medical, public facility systems.

Likky Amulya said:   4 years ago
First, the leader should have thought to develop India as better as leader can.
Second, the leader should be educated and the leader should know the problems to be solved.
Third, the leader should have his/her own motivation from his heart.

Yoshita said:   5 years ago
Yes, definitely leaders are necessary to lead others for the well being of their people. A good leader must seek leadership, guidance, council, to ensure they steer the right path for themselves and their followers. Our democratic country India certainly needs leaders who are well educated and have basic ideas that are to be implemented to change the present outgrowing poverty and further development for our future generations.

Dev Narayan said:   5 years ago
Hii friends,

Good morning all of you.

My name is Dev Narayan Kumar. I am from Samstipur Bihar.

From my point of view, India is a developing country. First of one question arises in our mind what is a good leader in India?

I think a leader should be educated and he was capacity to judge what is wrong and what is right. A good leader always works in a smart way. If we have a good leader then it developed the country in every sector.

Thank you.

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