Need for Good Leaders in India

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Supreeth.V said:   7 years ago
As such, I haven't seen any good leader in India, our political system is totally corrupted, rich people are becoming rich, poor people are in the same shit, but our political leaders goes to these poor people for votes, once elected these political leaders never turn around and decide not to visit again.

I request all my Indians to elect the youth leaders who always wish to help poor people, make the corrupt free state and country.

Following immediate action needs in India -

* Collection of tax with respect to the yearly earnings.
* Quota system or reservation to be provided only for those people, whose earnings are less than 3-lakh per annum.
* Full powers to police team and who are always with the people.
* A Person who raise the voice against India or religious he should be punished. We all are Indian's first.
* Media should publish ethical and realistic news, Today, the fate of our news channels are in favor of political parties, each channel are identified as BJP, CONGRESS, JDS, Channels.
* Youth and literate leaders should be identified in a rural area and every month these leader's has to meet the CM of the state for detailed discussions.
* State government should not issue a free rice and dal. People are becoming lazy and no one is working. Grocery should be distributed against the weekly work.
* Free medical treatment for the poor people,
* Collected taxes by state and central government should be used properly. 30 to 50% for improving the undeveloped area and remaining for national safety, natural calamities.
* All celebrities/political leaders should pay the taxes, should not use of any influences for waving off the same. In the case of failed in paying tax, next day there should be a raid on their houses.
* Doctors shouldn't charge their consultancy charges very high it should be reasonable. Depending on the patient background discounts should be offered.
* A Person who makes crime he should be punished immediately in court, rather dragging so many years in court.

Poojitha said:   8 years ago
Since Independence, our country is a developing country and facing many problems like unemployment, poverty, corruption etc Majority of problems have not solved and even there is an increase in some problems. There is no fault in our constitution and is considered as the best constitution in this world and our laws are very justifiable and we have almost everything to solve them and to have a better India.

The fault is there in the politics, At present, politics have become an easy access to earn more name, fame and money with power. Any citizen of India who has crossed specific age can enter into politics irrespective of his qualifications and his criminal background.

The politicians, who are with selfish motive and lacking ethics and morals are looting our country by keeping national interests aside. They are the reason for increasing poverty and corruption. Poverty is a major problem in our country. But our country is not a poor. Gifting Parliament house to Afghanistan is an example to explain that India isn't a poor country. It is our politicians who are making our country poor.

We are also equally responsible for this as we elect our politicians. Moreover leaders won't born through a special process, they emerge from ourselves and within us. Today we say proudly about our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Bhagath Singh, Alluri Seetha Ramaraju and many more. These are emerged from us and within us. They have well mindset, proper intentions and patriotic feelings.

Even our politicians can become national leaders if they change their mind set and proper intentions and patriotic feelings. Even proper politicians alone can't make our country developed. Our mindsets also have to change to respond to their policies. Everyone have to discharge their responsibilities correctly.

So, I think that there is no need of new leaders, there is a need of proper mindset to make our country developed.

Manasvi said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

Need of good leaders in India. Our country is known for one of the most greatest and finest leaders in our past. But now-a-days most of the people think that no good leaders exist these days and all are blinded by corruption. But according to me, it's not completely true. Just think the how a leader is elected. First, the names of people who are to be nominated will be included in the list and then the voter's list is collected and listed accordingly. During the Election Campaign few of the leaders who have true intention of serving the country, travel from street to street to know the problems of the people but not for asking for votes. When a person with good intention is elected then he/she would try to do good for the country but people are not ready for it. When there has to be a good scheme implemented there will be difficulties and also the positives in the scheme. If there is no pain there is no gain. But when a leader is trying to do good, people first pinpoint the black spots more the positives in the scheme and thus the leader loses interest and will be blinded by money leading to corruption. There are still a lot of good leaders in our country, it is only us the way we react and encourage them. But when people started pinpointing the black spots even the future good leaders are hiding and are afraid to become the future leaders. Just think when we the people of India start encouraging our leaders to do good for our country even people who are blinded by corruption also start doing good for the country. Good Leaders are made by us. Let's all do it together and start encouraging them and build a better future without any bad leaders.

Sreenivas said:   8 years ago
Government is releasing so much money to all departments to improve the infrastructure and people lives but our politicians are looting almost all the money (75% of each project) , spending only small portion of the money on project and project is not in good quality and same thing repeats every year on same project, spending like these and lotting all our money. This the way our politician ear money by asking government to release fund on many projects. In the whole process, all politicians, government officials and contractors are involved. Our money is wasting like this every day in-front of our eyes but we are helpless, we are not doing any thing because of fear of politicians (sine they have power and government, they can do any thing).

I am seeing all almost all politician from Grama Panchayat member to ministers. All are doing same thing to earn money.

The only thing, selection of leader is not good in our society. Govt should put proper qualification to became leader. Just think about how government is putting qualification got get the government job and how difficult to get IAS and IPS jobs, finally these IAS and IPS officers works under some leader who does not have any qualification to lead country.

One more thing, once a person goes to jail, he will not be eligible to get government job. But he is eligible to become leader and go for top position in India. This is our system.

In my opinion, The only thing will change the country direction is to impose qualification on selection of leaders (more qualification than government officers).

Rathin sengupta said:   7 years ago
I want to serve my country as an advisor and leader.

I possess positive and learning attitude.

Analytical mind with sensible and mathematical calculation of facts and figures to arrive at a personal conclusion then compare the same with other views to assess, debate, and so on.

I belong to a middle-class family from Kolkata, have risen from deep root values and morale, passion about the job, simple and free mind, experienced hardships, conflicts at all the levels.

I am a graduate marketing professional of 60 years of age, still working in a packaging company at a senior level, so I am energetic, courageous, I fight for good cause without fear, honest, dedicated committed, I want to serve my countrymen/women, want to good for children education, offer solution for rehabilitation for the poor community, want to do and support a lot to farmers, sweepers, old people, poor people with income of less than 5k/10k per month. I want to be part of strategy building for my country for all kind of reforms, that is necessary to take our country to a greater height, I want to learn from youth, women group, teachers, political leaders, people at various level and work with them as a team for the betterment of out country and that is it. I want to serve my country, my motherland who has given me so much, I want to contribute the same to my mother, India.

Mohit R Soni said:   8 years ago
Need for good Leaders - Can anyone say 'NO' to that of course, in any field, a good leader is a must to lead and to unite a team.

Unfortunately, in bharat, the leaders or better to be clear 'Political Leaders' are made on the basis of cast or money.

Our leaders themselves are illiterate, how can we expect them to take a good lead. Just see a fact that in bharat, IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS are some of the most toughest exam. After clearing these exam, you would be working as "Chief assistant" or somewhat similar job for some 10th fail criminal background richie rich leader why?

Because there is no specific laid down criteria to become a politician but to become their assistant there is you, me or anyone can become political leader on the power of money.

First of all, what our country desperately needs, is to create some high benchmark education level to become a political leaders, so that correspondence B.Com pass could not enter into race.

There should be a HIGHLY TOUGH MENTAL AND DECISIONAL ABILITY exam to extract out best quality leaders. After all, any Chaupal panchayat cannot be given such a huge responsibility.

We need to change, we need to destroy "CAST-CREED-NOTE _ VOTE BANK" and setup a true sense sensible class of leaders. Because leaders are created not born. Leadership is a quality not a trait.

Madona said:   7 years ago
Leaders are those who serve the country the people the poor. And they must not take their job for granted. You can't completely blame a leader. People too play a major role! Our country will become developed only when there is no poor when there are no one to die due to starvation malnutrition. Diseases etc When do you think will this be possible ?! Not only the leader who plays a role but the people too! Think in a day how many of us waste food? For instance, consider a party or a marriage they serve food with a fixed quantity sometimes that will become more and we waste it sometimes less. But before wasting your food imagine those kids in Somali who starve to death. Even water is not available for them and the poor children they drink cows urine! They wish only for a drop of water while we are wasting liters of water daily! Isn't that shameful! What about shelter all those rich people buy acres of land! Why why? If They provide shelter for 1 poor family then.

Aman UsmanI said:   4 years ago
Leader of any country should have true patriotism for his/her country and have good Experience of leadership, along with education He sees every citizen of the country as equals to another citizen in majority of religion, race, creed, language etc.

He should have to find different ways to increase the income of his nation's citizen and make opportunities for a citizen to do work and earn money and low level or uneducated citizens.

Wages should be fixed according to their basic needs. He allow own country business to invest in the country and make private industries so that rate of livelihood increase for country people. Leader of the country needs to be an honest man and have feelings for his citizens. He should have to go between peoples and make a responsible man of that area to solve their problems. He should make several colleges, universities, schools and work on free education, medical, public facility systems.

Ayeshamahjabeeniram said:   8 years ago
Let us have a clear cut picture of leader. A leader is the one who leads the team it may be in politics or any business management, we know all to run a bus ones or any organizations we need to have a dynamic and most talented person who can give determination, hard work and need to be think positively if we find these qualities in any leader we will have good governance with perfect leader.

Let us come to know about our Indian leader Indian isn't a developed country we are under the developing country. If I start courting the successful leader only few leaders are there in our country ARVIND KEJRIWAL is one the successful leader who broke all the records and built a party in capital of India during his tenure he done a lot he raised so many issues like water supply, agriculture, electricity, and he became a good leader also he tried to eradicate the corruption and somehow he did it. I like ARVIND KEJRIWAL.

RAJAT SHUKLA said:   8 years ago
Hello, everyone. Everyone says India need a good leader but no one wants to lead if he is good. Every well educated and high thinking people want to be a doctor, engineer or others then how we can imagine that in our politics any good leader should be present.

And one more thing I want to say that any PM CM MLA how they lead us. Everyone knows. In the time election, if any party gives money then many of people sell his vote and after the election, everyone complains that this CM is not good. Brothers if you sold your votes then you have no right to say that this person is good or not good.

Many of brothers think that every members are corrupt whose we should vote. Bro, there is one more option in voting machine NOTA. PRESS NOTA.

Think yourself that we are good or not good if yes then say India need good leader and try to lead. If your heart says I am not good then don't say India need a good leader.

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