Need for Good Leaders in India

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Nisha said:   6 years ago
Hello. Friends this is Nisha.

From my point of view, India is a developing country and we need a good leader because behind every developed country there is a leader. And a good leader works always for tha country's development and if we have a good leader we can become a developed country in every sector. And we should also need a good leader because leader represents our country in the world. If we talk about india, India must should need a good leader who can do the work for our India. And good leader always do the work in a very smart way. And we can say that we don't need a politician we need a leader who works for our India not for his party.

And our country's leader is our PM. This is our duty choose a good leader, not a good politician. Because India is a democratic country and here we have a right to choose our leader.

So it depends on us to choose a good leader.

Sridevi said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

In my view, India should need a good leader because if an India has a good government then it will become freedom country as soon as possible but there is no leadership that the reason why our country be like. The leader will be like,

1. They should have a good qualification.
2. They should have the leaded capability to lead a country.
3. They should understand people's need.
4. They should always think about their country.
5. They should respect their country and rule of their positions.
Thank you for giving such kind of opportunities.

Prithvi Raj said:   8 years ago
Everyone wants a good leader, BUT no one wants to be a good leader. This is the fate of INDIA today. Every educated people wants to be a good doctor, good engineer etc., they are not willing to be good politician Because the only reason is "POLITICS IS CORRUPTED, THEY ARE MONEY MINDED PEOPLE".

Dear Readers don't have that attitude. If you are capable of doing some good things to people don't hesitate, come to politics. I know that there is no space for good people but somehow manage it and work hard for people. INDIA really needs that. YOU will be REMEMBERED by people till the mankind lives.

Let the dreams of Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM come TRUE.


Manasvi said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

Need of good leaders in India. Our country is known for one of the most greatest and finest leaders in our past. But now-a-days most of the people think that no good leaders exist these days and all are blinded by corruption. But according to me, it's not completely true. Just think the how a leader is elected. First, the names of people who are to be nominated will be included in the list and then the voter's list is collected and listed accordingly. During the Election Campaign few of the leaders who have true intention of serving the country, travel from street to street to know the problems of the people but not for asking for votes. When a person with good intention is elected then he/she would try to do good for the country but people are not ready for it. When there has to be a good scheme implemented there will be difficulties and also the positives in the scheme. If there is no pain there is no gain. But when a leader is trying to do good, people first pinpoint the black spots more the positives in the scheme and thus the leader loses interest and will be blinded by money leading to corruption. There are still a lot of good leaders in our country, it is only us the way we react and encourage them. But when people started pinpointing the black spots even the future good leaders are hiding and are afraid to become the future leaders. Just think when we the people of India start encouraging our leaders to do good for our country even people who are blinded by corruption also start doing good for the country. Good Leaders are made by us. Let's all do it together and start encouraging them and build a better future without any bad leaders.

Dipen said:   7 years ago
Most of the Indians believe in family, this is our culture and India is being living like this for centuries. So India need a Family man as a leader who treat India as a Family. Same way as he look after his Owen Family. Western countries like USA and other countries Leaders also visit India with their Family and are Family man. But India on the other hand giving Thier votes to such persons who don't have family and can never will able to understand the problems of family. So my request to all Indians kindly give your vote to such person who have their own Family. Thank You.

Arpan Pandit said:   6 years ago

I'm Arpan.

In my opinion, a leader should be well qualified and he should be believed simple living and high thinking.
He thought himself as if he were public servant as well as master.
He must be aware of what is happen in his locality.
If any bad things were happen he should try to prevent it.
He has the feelings of patriotism.

Ravi teja said:   9 years ago
Yes! I agree with all. India is a developing country. It needs a good leader. If the leader is educated then automatically he knows how to develop the country, but now a days ruling leaders didn't have any qualification.

Future of India depends on youngsters only. We have the right to rule the nation in a good way but we are selfish, all are prefer to settle in a software job youngsters. Also should realize to be a leader for our nation. Where there is a good leader there is a good nation. Due to that selfishness still India is a developing country not a developed country.

Namdev said:   7 years ago
Hello guys.

In My point of view leaders of India first up all it has been good educated because India is growth is very fast then our leader can't be educated then problem I that he will not think about future. And he has no sufficient knowledge for taking decision for the country. And good leaders always think about development because nowadays there are lots of corruption are done in India through leaders, not by common people.

Guruprasad Dash said:   6 years ago
Now India is developing day by day but it is not fully developed like the foreign countries such that USA, Japan, China etc. Because it doesn't have a leader which has the great spirit to organise a country as a leader. So, India should need such type of leader who has the following qualities.

First of all a leader should be educated and he has the capacity to judge what is wrong and what is right. Then he should take the oath not to be a corrupted person and to eradicate the corruption from India because corruption is the main cause by which India will go down.

Then to be a good leader, he must to be more familiar with the people and he has to make good relationship with the other.

Thank you.

Dev Narayan said:   5 years ago
Hii friends,

Good morning all of you.

My name is Dev Narayan Kumar. I am from Samstipur Bihar.

From my point of view, India is a developing country. First of one question arises in our mind what is a good leader in India?

I think a leader should be educated and he was capacity to judge what is wrong and what is right. A good leader always works in a smart way. If we have a good leader then it developed the country in every sector.

Thank you.

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