Need for Good Leaders in India

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Nisha said:   6 years ago
Hello. Friends this is Nisha.

From my point of view, India is a developing country and we need a good leader because behind every developed country there is a leader. And a good leader works always for tha country's development and if we have a good leader we can become a developed country in every sector. And we should also need a good leader because leader represents our country in the world. If we talk about india, India must should need a good leader who can do the work for our India. And good leader always do the work in a very smart way. And we can say that we don't need a politician we need a leader who works for our India not for his party.

And our country's leader is our PM. This is our duty choose a good leader, not a good politician. Because India is a democratic country and here we have a right to choose our leader.

So it depends on us to choose a good leader.

Abhay said:   8 years ago
Really it's very important to have good leaders in India. It can be easily seen that most of the leaders do so much promises just to win the election but after wining, either they just do some little work for the development of the society and people or they never show their face again to the people.

Secondly, I think politicians are given with the extra power. Even if a district magistrate do anything wrong with them, the senior leaders do transfer of the DM.

Also in our country if a person seeks job then there should not be any police case on him, but our politicians are re-elected several times having many criminal charges on them. Also most of the money which has been provided by government never reaches as whole to the people rather a huge part is consumed by the leaders for their own development.

So I think definitely there is need of good leaders in our country.

Avani said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone,

This is Avani,

I would like to say that if we want our country to be in the list of developed countries and progress well then it is the must for us to have good leaders. We all know the condition of our political system, many of the politicians are involved in criminal activities, they are corrupt, they just need name and fame, bungalows and cars, they don't take care of the demands of the public.

We need leaders who can look into the problems of the people and help in the solving their issues by their personal involvement, who can increase our trade with other countries, improve our foreign relations.

I strongly believe we can find such leaders in the youth of our country who can use their power for the progress of our country and also influence other people in this regard to take some steps for the improvement of our society.

ALANKRITA TIWARI said:   4 years ago
JAY HIND FRIENDS, This is Alankrita Tiwari.

As we know the difference of educated and uneducated people, so first off all we should use our mind at the time of the election. We know most of the politician are not only corrupted they are also criminals after that we just close our eyes and we don't want to contribute to our national development. If someone will say that no I'm wrong so please tell me why our respected minister takes advice from so many members who cleared the most prestigious exam of India that is UPSC. Our politician should also think that they are going to lead 1. 3 billion people so it, s needed that they should have a quality of good leadership and they should also be more and more educated and also a good human being who can understand problems of our country and play a vital role for developing our nation. THANK YOU.

Abhishek Nair said:   7 years ago

I think 'Good leaders' are not just needed for India but for any other country! Now the question arises what exactly these good leaders are like, or should be. Of course the ones who themselves aren't corrupted and the ones who suggest and implement measures to eradicate corruption. I mentioned about corruption first because I believe it is one of those major reasons why India faces poverty, people are deprived of their rights, Slow development etc. According to me, a good leader is considered as 'GOOD' if he or she not merely promises for the so called 'development' only, but believes in dragging out all that grit form the politics and the society which is spread by the bad ones. Only then he or she can fulfill his/her promise to implement, change and execute the plans needed for the development successfully!

Pranav Shinde said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

My name is Pranav Shinde, In my opinion, the leader should take the views from the youth and some views of him.

We should voice against injustice. The thing is in our India that religion and caste.

Our government servants are also not working properly. Eg Police, In government offices, the servant does not speak properly. My view is if you are doing the job you should speak politely a strict action should be taken against these servants.

I have been hired many times "India is Developing" When "India will be Developed".

The politicians come to every five years. In every five years, Leaders come with the news of we are bringing this in our India. The public also gives a vote.



Madhu said:   8 years ago
India should need a good leader who is well educated and and intelligent and also have a strong leadership quality. He should have the courage and confidence to face real time problems and to save our society.

Firstly, Government should change the eligibility criteria for the person who want to become a leader. Secondly, Government should initiate a committee to check whether the funds allocated for specific project is used for specific purpose or not. By this they can able to avoid corruption and poverty in India.

Also leader should be the one who should initiate some steps for compulsory education for all. Nowadays due to corruption, richer getting richer and poorer is getting poorer, so a good leader should take some action to uplift the weaker sections of the society.

Revanthsai Yegireddy said:   7 years ago
HAI, This is Revanth Sai from Eluru,

I feel first we all need to be honest while giving our vote, then ultimately we do get good leaders, I love my country but I feel first we need to change then automatically every thing get changed, some day or the other all the other nations feel that the Nation should be like and INDIA and the citizen should be like INDIAN. We first need to be responsible for ourselves before we can be responsible for others. We believe that in order to help our country be a better place to live in, we have to start in helping ourselves to be better individuals first. We have to keep in mind at all times that everything we do, even the smallest ones have something to do with our country, so we act responsibly as well.

Karan gupta said:   8 years ago
Hallo. I'm Karan Gupta from Amritsar student of CSE in ACET College.

You all need good leaders but do you all think of where we get these so-called good leader we get this leader among ourselves. You know what citizens of India doesn't want to do by themselves they all need someone. Because our Indian people do not have guts to do something for our nation they only think about themselves and their family. I want to say something to all of you first do something for your nation first become a good person not only for your family become a good person for nation do something for your society one individual cannot do all which we want if we all give our best I think our India will become one of the good countries in all universe.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
India has capability to involve in a list of developed countries that is why India requires good leadership and also good leaders who can mold our economy in fastest growing phase.

According to me, we require an educated leader who takes the right decisions in a difficult situation and know what should do. Every field has some education criteria to enter but only in politics, there are no education criteria. Everyone can enter in politics. I don't understand this logic because our economy is totally based on politics and their decision. If a politician will illiterate how the person can capable to take the right decisions regarding our economy and for the entire nation. So India really needs good leadership and good leaders.

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