Need for Good Leaders in India

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Ravi teja said:   9 years ago
Yes! I agree with all. India is a developing country. It needs a good leader. If the leader is educated then automatically he knows how to develop the country, but now a days ruling leaders didn't have any qualification.

Future of India depends on youngsters only. We have the right to rule the nation in a good way but we are selfish, all are prefer to settle in a software job youngsters. Also should realize to be a leader for our nation. Where there is a good leader there is a good nation. Due to that selfishness still India is a developing country not a developed country.

ASHISH KUMAR PANDEY said:   9 years ago
Hi! I'm Ashish kumar pandey and in my point of view India needs a good leaders who carry on the our country in right direction but unfortunately now these time in my country there are many such leaders are present who is not well educated. I think a good leader is that leader always think about developing the country.

Omkar said:   9 years ago

Only educated political is not enough. We have to think more than this more of the members are educated. In today's date education is not only part, if we have to create better INDIA we have to think not only political members but also the INDIAN people have to change ourselves, If we not corrupt for any it gives very big step for better India.

We have to clean our nature. If like these steps given out the political members can't corrupt. We have to do something new, not which is done again and again. And there by totally politics have been clean by each person mind.

Sanjay Singh said:   9 years ago
From my point leaders are persons whom having responsibilities of other persons whom supporting him. India have great leaders of their time but now leaders are becoming selfish, stupid and non moral. They forgets honesty and developments.

Instead of development they are doing corruptions and scams. In India present time have the shortage of good leaders and leadership qualities. Hence I am reached at this conclusion that India needs good leaders and qualities of selflessness. For the welfare of country educated from us must try be followed citizenship.

Varun said:   9 years ago
We must need a good leader for our country. If the person with responsibility of others are leaders who must fulfil their duty. The leader should possess the characters like Patience, forethought and negotiation. But our leaders are opposition to that characters. The main reason for that is lack of education. So we must set the educational criteria for the leaders. On the other hand we need to destroy corruption then only India become the developed country among others.

Akanksha Gohil said:   9 years ago
Well yes, definitely India is in a great need of good leaders, because a good leader will definitely become a good guiding light for all of us. For a vast and dynamic country like India, we need a strong leader, who can take smart and conceivable decisions. India needs spirited leaders, who can take powerful decision, who can justify himself and his nation, who will never let anyone grease their hands from bribery, who has the courage to stands alone and fight even if everybody turns against him, India needs such leaders to bring enormously positive changes to this gigantic country.

Priyanka said:   9 years ago
Yes definitely we need good leaders in India. In past we had great leaders who struggle for freedom and made India an independent country. Now a days leaders are totally selfish, money -minded, corrupted, scam and non moral. Just in team, a leader is required to show the direction and tell what to do or not same India need good leaders to make India a developed country.

Awez zaman said:   9 years ago
In my opinion, for a democratic country like India, there should be proper selection procedure for the candidate to stand for election.

Apart from education, no criminal background, candidate must go through the interview process by President or by CJI and also there should be open debate among the eligible candidate in public places. But there is no place for this type of leaders.

Davinder said:   9 years ago
Hi am Davinder.

Yes India really need some good leader and the good leader can be choose through voting right only in India. I think this is wrong system because people choose their leader but the leader didn't work for peoples who make them leader.

So that my personal view is whenever any change required any policy will be decide to endorsed then that decision can be taken only with taking consent of peoples through voting so that people can take part in decision if all this happen then their is no need of leader.

Bhagat Dehury said:   9 years ago
According to my point of view that the leader before election they gives to the people this year We do better, but when they won the election they forgot their speech and that the work needed by the people was not properly complete, also people not get help from the leader. There fore a country need good leader who helps the people and focus on development of the country.

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