Marriage is a social trap

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Sankari said:   1 decade ago
Hai to all. In my point of view Marriage is the biggest social trip. Marriage is a social obligation. There are many demands from groom side. Marriage gives us family pressure. Marriage for a girl becomes a trap if she is not satisfied by her new in-law family, she can't even break the relationship as she is bonded to the society. Hence marriage becomes a social trap for her.

Arif said:   1 decade ago
I think marriage is not a social trap but there are some way to become trap. There are many examples, a person gets marry a person who don't know about his/her status. I agree with that marriage is made in havean and allah gives us a partner whose we don't know about her/him. But it becomes respectful and understandable after marriage. There are two kind of marriage. Love marriage and arrange marriage. Arrange marriage is a best way to get our partner. Our parents decide that who will your partner. And it makes toward two families. We aware about him/her. Our parents are more experience to find him or her because they know his family. And according to love marriage, we find our partner and talk to our parents about him or her. They have more aware about marriage and moire experience. So they would contact their family and get to marriage.

So in this way it is not a trap. But a person or his family make relationship in the name of marriage for only dowry system. If they have lure of money. Surely it is a trap because thats relationship is irrespectful for both and it makes many problems like divorse. Likewise love marriages are sometime trap because we fall in love with our partner and want to marry in any situation weather their parents are not ready for marriage, they go to court and gets a court marriage. But when they lives in society there are many reason bei ng asked. Parents are being questioned in society.

People are become irrespectful and arise many question about their marriage. Is this not a trap? Surely it is a trap because we hurt our parents and society, we cannot live with our partner to hurt our parents. So we need to be patience for marriage. A time is fixed for our marriage. So that we need to wait.

Archana said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is not at all a social trap. We find the greatness of marriage when we are in a very hard situation, the time when only our life partner will stay with us sharing our hard work when other people including our children try to escape. Every relation in our life will go away from us one or the other day but only life partner will stay with us till our death expecting only love from us. So I thank our ancestors for bonding us in a thing like marriage providing us a person who lives or stays with us whole life.

Rasika said:   1 decade ago
In today's context if we talk about marriage. Then it has to be like a mutual contract between two fellows. (husband and wife). And maturity level of not only that husband and wife but also of their families and their maturity matters. Especially when the issues of "Dowry" arises in a society.

Moumita said:   1 decade ago
Marriage cannot be the social trap. Marriage is the social bonding and it unites the two individuals and also two family. If both the couple love and respect each and can live happily then there is no question of telling it a social trap. The confuses arises at that point of time when there is no understanding between them. So I just want to draw the attention that marriage is a social bondage and the people will decide whether they will make it a trap or a social bondage.

Ravi Vedwan said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is something which is prevalent from time immemorial not because it is a social trap but a trap which is used to trap the soul of two human beings socially. I really think that it is the best way to live with someone who is very very special to you. Though some restrictions are there but these are also for the welfare of two souls.

Practically it depends upon you that by which angle you look at it, it is you who make it a social trap or trapless, there are many who are living happily and there are many who fights the very first day. So think it, live it and enjoy it for the rest of life.

Kumar052 said:   1 decade ago
No marriage is not a social trap but it is the requirement of the society. It is helping our society to make stable. If there will be nothing like marriage then society will become unstable which will be very dangerous for every one.

Marriage only a best way to generation to generation. And also our ancestor after long years of experience got its a best option and that way we adopt these tradition.

And we know that if we don't have these thing in our society then what side effect our socity will be. Marriage is only for security of of society not a social trap.

Shagun said:   1 decade ago
I don't think so marriage is a social trap as it is up to you weather you want to marry or not it is a beautiful relationship and one should respect it. It gives us social respect and a chance to spend our life with someone special. It may a trap for those who want to live there life out of there freedom, but it should be kept in mind a bird always flys back towards his family even after spending whole day outside. And moreover its hard to find people who will actually stand with you till your death.

Raghvendra said:   1 decade ago
I agree that marriage is a social trap. It spoils the life of the both male and female. Why to marry and be economically and physically dependent on other. Its better to enjoy your freedom. Why to share it with anybody who even don't understand you ?

Asim Dinda said:   1 decade ago
I think marriage is not a social trap. It reminds us that we are quite matured now. Still before the marriage we are free, we live our life but now it is time to take extra responsibility. It leads us to be a very good person, responsible.

Those people who could not compromise with his or her life partner marriage is a social trap for them.

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