Marriage is a social trap

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Depor Honal said: (Oct 11, 2022)  
Hello Friends,

Sure, Marriage is a social trap that evolved to survive and procreate a more prosperous social structure and economy. The marriage and family system evolved in favour of women and aggressive superior men.

In modern society, most women enjoy their freedom and try to be independent in their early life and enjoy their youthfulness with the aggressive anger of masculine men. While the other men live in their world taught by the social rules that they should build their lives in their youth and settle for stable life to provide for their families.

The wise crooked independent women when they feel that they are no more valuable than their pals give up their independent life and alure the stable guy and trap them in marriage.

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Manish Verma said: (Jun 5, 2022)  
Hello friends,

Marriage is a bonding between male and female, in my opinion, I would like to say that marriage is not a trap, it's a good relationship, everybody needs somebody and hence we all get married. If we talk about a girl who has done arranged marriage without her choice and her husband is also not good like he smokes, drinks and does bad activities as well then we can think that the girl is trapped as she cannot do anything since it was a arrange marriage and her husband daily drinks and after drinking he beats her and the girl can't leave him and cannot go anywhere else. In this context, this marriage is called a social trap.

But on the other hand, if you are marrying with your own choice and love, cares for each other a lot, then both are happy and can spend entire life together then it is not said to be a trap.

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HARSH Choudhury said: (Sep 5, 2021)  
Marriage is a bonding between Man and woman. Marriage means mentality and physical bonding between Man and woman. When a couple gets married they promised and decided to each other in any situation and any problems.

In my point of view, marriage is not a social trap because in a world everyone needs a good partner in our Life so they can express their thoughts and feelings. In my opinion, marriage is an entering world in this world man and woman decided to together each other in any situation. But in some cases, marriage is a social trap. Because in the world, especially India Children don't have any rights to choose their life partner in some rare case they have right to choose their partners. A good example of a social trap is arranged marriage. In this marriage married with an unknown person, so man and woman their whole life together with each other.

In conclusion, everyone has the right to choose their life partner and take their own decisions.


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Indrajit Shaw said: (Apr 8, 2021)  
Hello everyone,


Marriage means a mentally bonding between a man and woman. When a couple get married, they are promised together to take care of each together in any condition though the condition is bad or good. So, as my point of view, the bonding that create between them during marriage is always take their in life as a long way with each other.

But, another point of view, I will say that marriage is a big trap when a woman or a man forced to marry by their family members without their permission. So, after marriage one of them or both feel that he/ she is trapped between this relationship, called marriage. So, everyone has right to choice his life partner. If it is being forceful then the marriage is being to a trap for them.

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Divya said: (Apr 2, 2021)  
Good afternoon everyone.

In my opinion, marriage is not a social trap. Marriage is between two people guide can them in their career paths, explore a different path together. It is an agreement between two people to help each other. The society we will leave requires safety or security for the future. So marriage can be away.

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Mohd Nafees said: (Mar 19, 2021)  
A family always worried about their daughter or sun marriage. But they never try to find out what their daughter or son wanted. They just wanted to complete their formalities due to our social and cultural activities. In that hurry, neither boy could found the right match or a girl could found the right match. They both get married and started theirs after marriage journey. Initially, they feel everything going good but after few months actual conflict starts. Where their understanding, thinking, adaptability, responsibility, preferences collided. If a girl a much higher educated then the boy it will be a total mess. And if a boy under-educated then again it will be really hard for both. Now, why this happens. Due to incompatible match. Parents did their formalities but now who is suffering both the partners.

Example: A surgeon girl married to a boy who doesn't have even a bachelor's degree due to family and our society pressure. After few months girl finds that she has done a mistake and the boy is incompatible. She tried hard to keep their family n her husband happy but inside the girl was suffering a lot. Where she needs a true partner who can motivate her who can ask her to dream about the future who can ask her to achieve what would like to achieve in her professional life. But that doesn't happen due to the under-education of the boy because he doesn't know the real power and value of education. The boy started pointing out the girl for her professional duties and about her education. Now the girl starts feeling much down because of no motivation no dreams even though every time listens to negative sentences about her. Now the girl starts feeling really alone in a crowded atmosphere also. That's happening because when she needs a true partner she doesn't have anyone who can help her to come out from such a difficult state of mind. On the other hand, the boy is living his life according to his wish he is doing every possible effort to achieve his goals in his life. Now I wanted to ask everyone what you all suggest to that girl'. ? If still, we all say that marriage is not a trap then please suggest a way to that girl' so that she can start living her life with the right dream.

According to me, we should not push our kid's for marriage because of our society and culture. But we should push our kid's to dream High and find a happy life for ourselves.

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Ashly Poly said: (Jul 21, 2020)  
In my opinion, When we did not like whom we marry it will be a social trap otherwise it won't be. 25, 26 is apt age for girl's marriage. Never force anyone to get married. It becomes a very social trap. Men and women are equal but in practical, women are under men. It should change. Never force a girl to get marry in her little age. It will be a very bad thing.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Jun 6, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar, Today my topic is marriage is a social trap.

I think in my point of view, I Am not agree with this statement but it is the misconception of people thinking that marriage is a social trap as we all know that marriage means a meeting of two beautiful souls with each other to live a happy life, but many people think that it is like a prisoner in prison. All person wants to love someone that he/she likes and he/she wants to be loved that they want.

Marriage means a lots that to care, to love, to adjust etc for living a happy life with spouse.

At last, I want to say that it is not a social trap, rather than thinking that we have to spread the love with our soulmates, family and society.

Thank you.

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Noma said: (Apr 10, 2020)  
Communication is the key. It's hard for the man of the modern world to be clam, acceptive, patient and venerable at the same time before other individuals and especially if one of the participants is shy and introverted at emotions. Thus being all in all in the commitment and communicating to the partner rightly and repeatedly about everything may be good or the affecting side makes it a comfort zone rather a Trap!

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Hemu said: (Apr 28, 2019)  
In my opinion, marriage means "a journey of life with two souls". Everyone in this world wants to love and to be loved. So, marriage means entering into a beautiful world if two beautiful souls happily decided to be with each other in the rest of their life. Marriage means two souls having the ability to have patience and to contribute equally to make it a great life.

Marriage brings lots of qualities to a person to share, to care, to adjust, to love and to have patience.

So, according to me, marriage is not a social trap, it's up to you. It's completely up to you that you want to marry or not in your life.

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Radhika Tarika said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
We can't say that marriage is a social trap marriage is depands on persons and depands on our behavior. Marriage is not only bonding between two persons it also bonding between two family which should be handle by love, care and mutual understanding.

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Shrujana B said: (Jan 25, 2019)  
This is true. If two people want to be together, why do we need it to be legal or illegal? in other words, why involve the government?

Marriage is not the only way to bring two families and two individuals together. Instead making marriage legal always brings unwanted stress and personal responsibilities that may turn to bitterness.

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Priya Gupta said: (Sep 18, 2018)  
According to me, Marriage is very important for society and the country. Marriage is a not social trap it is a mutually decide to spend the while living with the each other. And first of all both boys and girls both a good friend before marriage. After marriage love to each other, that's all thank you, my dear friend.

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Anjana said: (Jul 23, 2018)  
In my opinion, marriage is a social trap. In other word marriage is a beautiful thing that two person become as one with their holy soul. However it has many responsibilities to do which might not suitable for both at one time to do it, so they have to do it in order to make themselves happy and to be with each other.

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Srushti Nawade said: (Jun 21, 2018)  
Hi! my name is Srushti Nawade and according to me, marriage is a social trap.

Because, In the country like India, we don't have right to take our own decisions. The decisions are taken by our parents or relatives.

In an arranged marriage, we can not know the other person, how he/she will be in just a few days.

Every person must have right to take his/her decision because marriage is not a temporary thing. The people have to stay together for their next whole life.

So, my conclusion is every person must be given right to choose their partner.

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Rinshu Kumari said: (Jun 20, 2018)  
Hi !

I am Rinshu.

I think in this age we can't say that marriage is a social trap. Some year ago it was right because no one had right to choose his/her partner by his/her own choice but now every one can choose partner by own choice.

I think marriage is meeting of two heart, two family not a social trap.

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Sangeeta said: (May 17, 2018)  
There are some points according to Indian scenario.

1. The marriage is not a trap because we choose to go in a relation.
Definitely not in a country like India where approx 80% marriages are arranged. People have very short time know each other but only for formality. Marriage is already decided by Others.

2. What about if you are in love with anyone and your family is against that.
Yes, It's the story of many people here. Then they try to marry you aka trap you with another.

3. How many people get chance to choose their partners according to their taste or how many get enough time to wait until they find their right one. VERY FEW.

4. Marriage is a bond of 'two families' regardless the happiness of 'two souls'. Its a social contract in the names like Holy. Sacred.

5. What about the future of the girls who are not educated well or not get chance and then married by families in the hope of rest life spending with her husband 'safely'. Then if they are divorced or widowed how a girl will survive. What guarantees that she will remain respectful in that home where she was sent as a bride to be safe.

Neither she is educated neither she is independent neither she has any right as a bride too after becoming a widow or abandoned. I know this is not every one story or God bless not anyone. But its reality that most girls are married without proper education and then they don't get any chance of education after marriage.

Then. In my opinion. Forced or marriage in a hurry is a TRAP. Definitely.

6. It's not necessary that only person chosen by your parents is your soulmate. You have already chosen. Society gets this wrong. because you are not meeting society status. Society forces family. Family forces you. And then You Are Married In A Holy Foundation. Mostly happens this. I will not recite here the Religious stuff here like its holy.

Saying reality according to the present time.

7. Many people have the misunderstanding that marries their daughters will get them a safer life. You Are Wrong. I have an incident here.

A girl was married in the middle of the school. In the hope of good. Safer. Life. Family thinks. But her husband died. In our rich and great culture. Dying husband is a wife mistake. So she was also considered bad. She had a son. Nobody is supporting and neither she has enough education to live with respect. What a helpless condition. So before marrying your daughters. Sisters. Please make them educated because marriage can wait but education can not. Thus marriage becomes a trap. Because marriage prevented them from being educated and brings lots of inappropriate customs and superstitions which she can't fight alone.

The Real treasure a family at the best can give to their daughters is the Education and independence. Because everyone's life is not a fairy tale. And Marry Is not the end of Anyone's life.


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NIDHI SINGH said: (Apr 22, 2018)  
According to my point of view, marriage is not a social trap. It fully depends on us to whom we want to marry or not. In today generation everyone is independent about their choices so one can pressurise them to marry that particular girl. It's our decision if marriage is not going in a right path then it's better to leave without thinking about the society because we suffer in that marriage, not the society. Marriage is not a social trap for the modern society but in some places, there are different custom and traditions regarding to the marriage.

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Ho Hwei Ling said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
Marriage is one of the biggest social trap. The other biggest social trap is education.

In a country, the most important thing is revenue. With people, government can obtain taxes from its citizens. Humans, especially man, want to carry on their bloodline. Once the man has offsprings, their children will continue to contribute a means of income for the country after they have grown up. In a marriage, the man will bring home money from their jobs. In the midst of bringing up his children, he is helping the government to bring up the future source of citizens and the future source of income in a way. After working so hard in his job and with his money drained by his family, the man will be too tired and penniless to create nuisance in the society.

Most women choose to get married because of love, security of a family, want to have children. After they have borne the man children, they think that their marriage will last forever because the man will stay in a marriage because of the children. Before marriage, the girl could be the apple of her family's eye. After marriage, her life is relegated to hell. In a modern society, like her husband, she may have to work. She has to take care of her children. If her husband's parents are unwell, taking care of them falls on her shoulders too. Cooking and household cores must be taken care of by her too. Not withstanding bearing nasty criticisms from her in-laws' family. If her husband is a mama's boy, her life is worse off. In short, a woman's life is more like that of a slave after marriage. Having a job takes care of her better than being in a marriage. With her life revolving about her family, she will also not create nuisance for the society.

This is the reason why most country disapproves of gay marriages. The government does not want to lose control of the population chart.

Education conformes the people's brain to what the government wants them to do and prepares them to work in the future so that the citizens will bring in revenue for their country. If the government can brainwash them to vote for them, that is the best. They will stay in power and do whatever they want.

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Hetal said: (Mar 12, 2018)  
We live only once, it is said that human birth is not easy to get. So if you are someone in your 20's you only have more 50 to 60 years of life to live or less than that.

Now compromise, adjustment these terms will take your whole life. If a person wants to be single earn for himself/herself take care of their parents it is a wonderful thought, isn't it?

Old era was different cause today child expenses are a way to much right from birth to education and in some cases their marriages also, it will take lakhs of your hard earn money, which in other cases would be your huge saved bank balance to fulfil all your needs till you die.

If you are getting married thinking that in your old age.

Your children will take care of you then think twice today's generation is busy in there own world (many examples where children have settled abroad and parents are living alone) then what will be the scenario when your kids will grow. Will they have time to look after you. Think about it.



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Praveena said: (Jan 19, 2018)  
In my point of view, marriage depends on individual opinion. Everyone has an identical thought some of them think that marriage is a social trap just because they want their life to live as single with no responsibility and enjoy their life as her/his own way. Marriage is not a trap when the two of ppl has a mutual understanding to live with love and care thus creates person to more responsibility in a society. When the person is not get married the society will sea the person as either they think person doses do not have the attire to get married or the person is ignorant. Marriage only gives respect to the individual in a society.

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Karishma Richard said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
Good day, Marriage is bonding between two hearts. It is not a social trap but for a few it might be a social trap. Marrying the right person is not at all a social trap. Support from partners is must. But for few, it is not recognized. So everyone must be married only at the right age (25). We need some maturity to attain that stage. Marrying at that stage is good, because at that stage we have enough patience, knowledge, experience too. So, we understand our partnered need, We also earn money by our own. So marriage is not a social trap.

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Barkha Manral said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
Hi friends.

What actually social trap we are considering here? We all might be judging it according to our opinions and in the same way in my opinion, this trap making depends on individual might some called it as trap might for some it is a beautiful phase of life.

In the human society, every relationship will bound you so it depends on you whether you want to get in that trap or feel soulful with that ones.

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Sachin Sainthiya said: (Oct 22, 2017)  
Late Marriage vs Arrange Marriage.

Hello, friends According to me, arrange Marriage is the best.

The Girls, when get married at the age group of 15-17 can have enough time to learn different households. Their mother in laws should cooperate in their regard and let her have the room of learning different households like cooking and cleaning freely and don't input an extra burden onto her shoulder. In the same way, Boys can have enough time to become successful in their career. The would not need to earn a livelihood at their early age because their father is already earning enough to run the families.

Getting married early lets a boy or girl enjoy the chance to understand the partner in a better way. Of course, both of them would have more time to know the habits of each other and develop a better understanding of a return.

The life of teen couples remains full of excitement the activeness, thus they can definitely have better chances to know each other and adopt the habits accordingly this gives rise to the highest level of cooperation in their successful married relationship.

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Srishti said: (Oct 16, 2017)  
DEFINITELY! I strongly agree marriage is a social trap.

Tell me why do we have to involve government in our personal relationship. If someone really wants to be with someone why do we need a legal stamp on it? Getting legally married only motivates people to cheat their partner if they love them. Wouldnt it be simpler to just leave the one you don't love, only if you weren't legally with them. Some women stay with their so called life partners just because they don't want people to talk bad about it if she leaves. Same goes for a few men too. And and and. If you really love someone you don't need a tag, they'll always be around you if they want to. If not, they'll anyways leave or if leaving seems difficult they'll for sure cheat or live a depressing life. Wish the concept never existed.

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Chhabi said: (Oct 8, 2017)  
Marriage can't be termed as a trap. No one can be dragged into any kind of relationship without his or her consent. If you really don't want to get married, stand for it. Let there be peer pressure! The reality is that most of the single men or women enter into a loveless marriage either for fat dowry or some other kind of benefit. Marriage is very important for every man and woman as you need someone of your own to understand, to love and to be loved. For every relationship you need to work hard to make it permanent. Without a life partner life will be charmless, directionless, lonely and depressed.

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Abhisek Swain said: (Aug 16, 2017)  
Marriage is a bonding between husband and wife. It is based on affection trust etc. Married life helps in old days as our chidren take care of US.

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Vishakha Khanna 9class said: (Jul 31, 2017)  
I think marriage is not a social trap as everyone wants to have some children who care a lot for his parent and to do so the person has to fulfil the needs of his family. Marriage creates a man responsible and teaches the love for his wife and children. No one can spend his life with loneliness everyone wants some enjoyment in his life to think so that the person live his life a lot. So marriage is not a trap it is just depend on how responsible is he aboit marriage.

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Munaf Khan said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
According to me, marriage is not a social trap. Because marriage teaches us to live life in a good manner and a proper way.

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Jigar said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Hello friends,

As my point of view, marriage is not a social trap because even gods also get married like Lord Visnu, lord Krishna, Lord Ram etc. We are earning money for what ? for a good settled family, full fill our children's or parent's requirements. After marriage people get sincere towards work and life because of lots of responsibilities of our wife and children's.

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A-S-R said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Marriage is a not a social trap a/c to me, but this is a guide for living life in a good manner and right way without board ness. Marriage teaches you responsibility. When you married then feel about love, souls, and have a confidence about anything because this time you have two (husband & wife) mind for understanding any problems and solution of them.

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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Apr 1, 2017)  
Namaskar friends.

There is an ethically talk that marriages are made in heaven, After marriage, two souls, two minds are coordinate with each other. But it is strong enough by building faith, proper understanding, mutually preferable decision, dependable with each other i.e. a relation with supporting to extract the outside stress that may destroy the relation which becomes a trap. So marriage is not a trap but a bond which is generated by the support of family, self and society. It becomes strong when all agree to be do so.

So, in my point of view, marriage is not a trap,

Because marriage is a chariot, then it has two wheels one is husband and other is wife. The relation becomes strong when both have strong by the blessing of elders blessing and blessing of god.

Thanking you.

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Happy said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
I don't think so. Because of the marriage, one get a better half who could help in different and problematic situations like a friend. He or she will be more enthusiastically activated in his or her work because of the support of both his law's family and also his or her own family. Although one feel safe and pursue their wishes and hobbies every after the marriage with better half happily.

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Dennis Figueiredo said: (Feb 1, 2017)  
I agree with the quotes of Leonardo Da Vinci "Marriage is like putting your hand in a bag of snakes in the hope of getting an eel".

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Viraj Anand said: (Jan 28, 2017)  
It depends on the way how each of us perceives marriage. Marriage teaches responsibility to a person. It is a traditional step where each of them takes oath to live together. But on the other side, yes It can also be a social trap because of the enormously increasing matrimony websites making this entirely commercial.

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Pranay_Kabra said: (Dec 9, 2016)  
Calling marriage a social trap is a complete disrespect to our traditions & society. Today, marriage only happens with the mutual agreement. You choose your partner. It's a phase where you experience a whole new world. Love, passion, responsibility, a person to depend on. No one feels happy when they are lonely. Loneliness is sad, it's consuming. Having a partner to share all your happiness, your sorrows, your ups & downs is what helps you to get through the tough situations and enjoy this beautiful life. Marriage is one among the most beautiful things of this life as long as you remain committed, loyal & loving.

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Sandeep said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
Hello, friends. In my opinion, marriage is a trap. Because after marriage your life totally changes, there are a number of things which you have to do which you NVR wanted to do. If we talk abut a boy, his life just becomes like a bridge because he always hangs b/w the parents and his wife. If we talk about the girl, her life also becomes like the fake world she is having two parents but no one treats her like a real daughter. But in short, I just wanna to say it's our society only which making this relation i.e. marriage as a trap for both boy and girl.

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Khushbu said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
According to me Marriage is a binding and bonding more of love, trust and commitments towards each other less than stress, frustration and screwing up from the partners. There are many examples where marriage can become a social trap and life can become not less than hell but that also depends on a couple who are married as they should have the sense of understanding, faith, loyalty, trust, love and responsibility and even value and adore each other. But if any of them is not happy with each other or doesn't want to marry then it can become a social trap.

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Vikas Bharti said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
I strongly disagree with marriage being considered as a social trap. Calling it a trap will be disrespect of this pious relationship which is seen with respect around the world. It is only done after mutual agreement between the two male and female. It is done in order to bring stability in life along with harmony. Living life alone is miserable, everyone loves company. And if your companion is your life partner then what is another good thing. It, on the other hand, provide you with more freedom by managing one part of your work and giving you extra time for yourself.

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Chandrasekhar Meruvu said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
Everything in this world has merits and demerits,


1) In most cases, Marriage is not a social trap, Its self-trap (Self-Decision).

2) Sometimes you feel like you miss your freedom.

3) Weekend parties with friends will not exist.

4) Before Marriage Life=Work Pressure, After Marriage Life=Work Pressure+Partner Pressure.


1) There is a Saying that " Problems will Reduce by sharing" so we can share our problems with our partner.

2) Responsibilities will Increase, so Business people can experience dealing a different kind of situations.

3) Our mental Stress can also be removed by some activities. We can also get them without marriage, but they are not much safer.



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Soham Sen said: (Jul 6, 2016)  
There are two groups of people in this world. The person belonging to the first one decides to stay independent for most of their lives or throughout their lives. The second group consists of four types of people, one who consciously decide to spend the rest of their life with the person they love and they live happily throughout their life, another one who marries his/her loved one but their relationship start to become sour because of misunderstandings and then they break up, another person is forced by the society or their family to marry an unknown person and asked to adjust or compromise if things don't go right, the fourth person is lucky to have an arrange marriage with a person whom they start liking later on after spending considerable amount of time together.

In my opinion, marriage is not a trap but rather a choice. No other person should decide with whom you should spend the rest of your life. One should not crumble under society's or family's pressure or else he or she might regret it for the rest of the life or have to undergo pains of filing a divorce. If marriage is a trap, it would take a very stupid person to go near it.

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Priya said: (Jun 25, 2016)  
I think that marriage is not a social trap. It's a mutual decision of not only two individuals but of the two families. Though it is percieved as a social trap but is rather a beautiful phase in one's life. With marriage comes a lot of responsibilities as well as a lot of joys.

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Deepak said: (May 13, 2016)  
Marriage cannot be said as a social trap.

One has to marry to have a partner in their happiness as well as sorrows, to share success and failures. There is a huge difference between a house and a home, we all have heard that House becomes Home when a family settles in it.

We should remember that Even Adam wasn't sent alone Eve was also send by god. So All Adam's have their Eve, it's not a social trap, it only depends on after marriage how it works which gives the feeling of a trap if it's not successful.

Marriage is a law of nature, which cannot be judged as a trap.

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Hari said: (Mar 30, 2016)  
Marriage is not trapped. But it's always our choice whether to marry or not. There are so many singles in this world. Living as single is social stigma it's not great or worse just different way of life.

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Sonu said: (Feb 29, 2016)  
Hi friends.

I would like to tell about marriage life, then we will decide yet marriage is a social trap or not?

Every person wants to marry for sharing their feelings and problems. But sometimes peoples like only dowries, money etc.

Before marriage, we have freedom from parents, but after marriage, we do not have freedom to do anything. Because it affects our family life only if it is good or bad things.

In my point of view, if you are adjusting to your partner yet you will 100% success aid in your marriage life.

Let tell me, tell me marriage is a social trap?

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Patrick said: (Feb 19, 2016)  
In order to talk about marriage, people use to talk about marriage is that a marriage is like a sweet who takes would repent who does not take also repent, my point of view it's not a trap, getting a marriage is the best way to reduce your hardships.

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Sutapa Mitra said: (Feb 5, 2016)  
Marriage are made in heavens. But sometimes it is not true what the sayings is all about. After marriage some complications may arise. Then it transforms into hellish conditions. But to be optimistic marriage is such a bond that connect two people and they protect the other one in each and every condition.

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Smruti said: (Jan 8, 2016)  
Hi, in my point of view marriage is not a social trap. Because god has already gifted us this things. It is the connection between two people, two souls, and two hearts. Marriage is such a powerful things it helps to the partner in each and every time. I think its completely wrong marriage is a social trap. It depends upon the persons how they will taken it.

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Renuka Baby said: (Dec 10, 2015)  
According to my point of view, marriage is two souls are combine. So husband respect wife's ideas and wife also do that. Because every one had a their own ideas and own interest whether love or arrange don't bother about that love is important in that relationship.

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Preet said: (Nov 26, 2015)  
Marriage is a bond between two soul, to get married is a symbol of love for those who really loves each other. But there are some marriages having no love, they only does compromise then it is called as trap. Marriage is not trap but it become trap when we make it worst by misunderstanding.

During marriage two family are come to the bond. Marriage helps 2 know about our responsibilities towards family and society. If he/she is comfortable with their partner then they should get married. And think positive about your relation rather than just thinking of it as marriage is a social trap.

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Mounikareddy said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
Hi friends.

In my point of view marriage is not at all a social that all depends on the way we think. In our olden days they respect to the marriages and they were bound to that relation ship they respect more than us. When one got married they both have to respect their ideas and views. In some families wife dominates husband some case reverse then then the problem raises among them.

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Yash Jain, said: (Oct 6, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

Getting married or not is totally a personal decision, if two persons wants to spend their rest of life together and want to get tied in a bond in front of the society then marriage is a great option. Also because of different situations in life one gets diverted and take wrong decisions for e.g. due to a dispute a person starts thinking of breaking up with that person, however this is a decision of running away from a situation, marriage is a bond that reminds the person of the responsibility they have towards each other specially in the difficult situations in life.

Also marriage keeps a person focused and not get involved with any other person due to distractions like money, sex, physical beauty etc. a marriage also creates a legal relationship in front of the government and helps persons being together will being together with someone.

Still, to marry or not is totally a personal decision and one should only marry when he/she is sure of accepting the person and spending rest of their life together. And in case they come to realise that situations become worse and there in no sense in being together, then they can go always go for a divorce too.

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Shubham Agarwal said: (Sep 30, 2015)  
I think as all said marriage is not a social trap I totally agree with it. According to me marriage is the greatest feeling in your life. It gives you a life partner who always with you at every point of time. You have someone who understand you. You share your problem with him/her. After marriage your family will enhanced. You faced many challenges in daily life which is useful to live your life happily. I learn many things like social responsibility.

It will be a trap if you don't know the meaning of marriage it is lovely relation. Women have the same rights like mane. But same man does not understand that. They think women are nothing. Every should have there ego, ego is good but there are two types of ego positive and negative. Always have positive ego. Some people does not give respect to women. This is not good.

A another point I like to add in this discussion that child marriage is a social trap. In ruler areas child marriage is done. Which is very bad thing. Marriage is a relation of feelings and responsibility and if you are not that much mature to take that responsibility how you survive in society they destroy two life.

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Aarathi said: (Sep 28, 2015)  
People should get married only if they feel like getting married. They shouldn't do it as an obligation to society or their families. If he or she feels like to be with their partner for the rest of their life and wants to get married, then it wouldn't be a trap. But if they are doing it for the sake of others, traditions or societal pressure then of course it would be a social trap.

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Kumar said: (Sep 11, 2015)  
Definitely marriage is not a social trap. Because it's a connection between two in their hearts small small problems can rise in the life. But they are the part of the life. If there is no trouble in our life there won't be any understanding between a pair. Problems can change a persons life in a good manner as well as bad also.

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Sajo Samuel said: (Sep 7, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, no one thinks that marriage is a social trap. As we all know that there is a saying that "marriages are made in heaven". In reality, marriage is a personal commitment, relationship and bonding between two people. But of course, it is the responsibility of a woman to build her family in such a way that she makes that family in a unique way and it is also the responsibility of a man who takes his family to a stage from where it looks like an ideal one throughout the society. So, I think that marriage makes our life memorable and beautiful if no one forces to one's interest.

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Debanka said: (Aug 22, 2015)  
Marriage is not a social trap because everyone is fond of a partner for life. Its very hard to spend life without a partner but there are certain cases it seems to be social trap girls of our society especially are targeted to get married even they have not achieved puberty. Especially our elders they have the vision to get there family daughters to marry as soon as possible I agree marriage is a pure relationship.

But we should not target innocent souls to be in a circle of such big responsibilities as marriage when they don't know what it is all about.

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Lokesh Kumar said: (Aug 7, 2015)  
Yes, I am agreed with @Rocky as he said that we are treasure of our family. We are today because our parents got married. It's not matter if they have disturbance for taking some reasons for a moment but after sometime it gets become settle. Our parents be happy by seeing us because they got us after marriage.

After marriage we share our problems, emotions, difficulties, trouble and future responsibilities. If we don't marriage, we cannot get anything. But, partner should be true. If your partner is not loyal, you will get ruined.

The people imagine this as a curse and it is if your partner is disloyal. In my opinion we should marriage after choosing a true partner.

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Shraddha said: (Jun 30, 2015)  
I think marriage will be a social trap if partners are towards each other. Otherwise things change when the partners feel that they must abide by some social rules as has been maintained by their elders.

If the partners want their marriage to be a personal affair then social etiquette need not be maintained and things would not turn out to be a social trap. Many would scorn at them. But they are stand up for each other and are strong themselves. So all social scorns turns into mere dust.

However if the partners feel that they must take their marriage to that social level then things really change and that results into social trap for both the partners.

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Kamran said: (May 30, 2015)  
Hi friends,

After read a lot of component on this topic its a ridiculous if anyone say marriage is a social trap.

I totally oppose it. How marriage can be a social trap? However there is a lot of misunderstanding in marriage life, but its does not mean that its a trap. Marriage is a just a new life of any individual, it comes with lot of desires, happiness, emotions.

On the other hand if we see the cons of marriage life, there is some cumbersome also which is just due to lack of comparability, understanding, patience.

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Anisha said: (Apr 17, 2015)  
In my view sometime marriage is a social trap. Ya, it's totally depend on people. There should be some social rule. That without taken permission from bride & groom no one can tie them. After 18 many of family want to marry their child as soon as possible. It is not good.

They didn't think about their child future. They think if our daughter getting married soon, They (family) are free from a big responsibility. We need change this type of thinking.

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Raju said: (Mar 13, 2015)  
According to me marriage is not a social trap. It depends on the person as to whether he|she takes marriage as a trap.

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Neeraj said: (Feb 25, 2015)  
According to me it's really not a social trap it's all depend on how we are going to take and lead. If family getting along well in relationship obviously concurrent soulmate of respective family perhaps the same on each other. Marriage is lifetime event which decide the rest of life to lead in peaceful way by getting right partner.

Don't crap by saying it as trap it is heavenly matching made by our experienced folk. As we are much younger than our parents in experience as well as in age it is hard to decide in marriage matters. Now a days love marriage are not as long lasting relationship as arrange marriage.

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Deepak said: (Feb 9, 2015)  
Its up to a person how he takes marriage. If he feel it is trap then it will remain trap for him forever. It is purely satisfying each others needs these are social, economic, physical, natural and so on. People exaggerate this subject and take it to different level.

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Divya said: (Jan 19, 2015)  
In my point of view, marriage is not a social trap because it is a relationship of between two families. It is very helpful to society also. In society we get new relationships and new friends etc and it is very helpful to human beings also. Everyone want a support to their life so we need to marry.

Thank you.

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Bidyut said: (Dec 24, 2014)  
No. Marriage is not social trap:

1. The persons entering into the relationship are bind physically and emotionally thus routing the couple to establish a spiritual relationship, which outweighs the physical relationship. An emotional wavelength of individuals has to be altered, to sustain the relationship which sprouts and spreads sporadic joy forever in their life.

2. The feeling of being binded with a person makes another feel strong that he has a soul mate, with which he can share everything. Sense of belonging inspires the individual to perform their obligations in social and professional areas.

3. Rituals and customs establish public relations with friends and relatives that keep an individual strong psychologically.

4. On health perspective, having only one committed partner will keep a person away from the contagious diseases communicated through physical contact.

5. The marriages are thought for the sake of life because of which the divorce rate is as low as 1.1% and it assures the compensation like dowry and ensures the social, astrological compatibility of the couple and make sure that the bond is going to attain permanency. Indian marriages especially have such a great combination of individual and social bonds.

Yes it is social trap:

1. Certainly marriage is a social trap which a family expects their children to fall in which depletes the total individualistic features by sweeping out the personal freedom.

2. A man is a man first, and then he is a social being. In fact there exists as difference between a person and himself, as there exists the difference between a person to the other person. So how can one simply get into a relationship for which no one can guarantee how the feelings, situation change in the future, which may seek high mortal freedom.

3. Apart from this, there exists domestic violence, dowry system, caste, religion, color and height matching, individual differences which leads to personal dissatisfaction that decompresses personal freedom and kills the valuable life time inspiring to psychological disorders and gets humiliated by the partner, which gives an opinion that marriage makes a man disrupt.

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Srinath Krishnan said: (Dec 20, 2014)  
Hello guys,

I think marriage is not a social trap. It is actually the most important part of every human being. Some religious book suggest that life of a person will not be fulfilled until he/she gives birth. So for obvious reasons marriage is a vital. It all depends on the level of understanding between the couples.

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Tarun said: (Dec 11, 2014)  

Marriage is not a social trap but it feels like one when it is rushed into either due to parental pressure or just because you have attained the marriageable age and you are expected to do so. Without the right partner, a marriage can many times seem like a social trap.

Patience is the key here. Wait for the right one to come along and give it some time. Know them, their ideals, their likes-dislikes, their social thoughts and if you feel compatible with each other then go for marriage. Marriage can be a beautiful thing when done at the right time with the right person.

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Jitendra Kumar said: (Nov 20, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

As per my point of view, Marriage is not social strap, because a happy life required only one thing that is called satisfaction. And about marriage this is the relation of purity which will be maintained with understanding, some respect and sharing caring with love-ones.

Yes, it is also true that this relation some time got destructed with some misunderstanding. But real value or worth of relation, depends how effectively you choose to settle it down.

The imagination of people which lead happy and boring or trap life & the same will be having different means for everyone. This could be overpower with satisfaction. The real worth of life depends on it.

Jai Bharat.

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Maduri said: (Nov 16, 2014)  

According to me Marriage is not a social trap because it is a wonderful relation between two persons which lasts forever. It depends on the understanding power of the two persons and how they can adjust themselves in difficult situations.

But, nowadays many people do marriages for the sake of money etc and this is causing misunderstanding between the two persons and later divorces are happening due to it because they are not trying to understand each other they are only feeling great than the other person so this problem is coming.

So, if both person is understand equally this problem will not come and both of them can understand each other's feelings also.

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Lakshman said: (Nov 13, 2014)  
Yes I do think that marriage is a social trap. I do feel this because I have seen the people.

Those don't like each other and they are living together for the sack of marriage. I not pessimistic about marriage, I my self a part of big family but what I do feel that most are people living together just for their children and marriage.

They don't really love to each other and they are living with each other for the years, it's ugly to be someone as a husband as a wife if you don't love him or her, for example if you have to be with your classmate for the 5 days with whom you don't like to share your time, it will be just a hell and according to me lot of people are in that hell just because of marriage.

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Pushkar Mishra said: (Oct 25, 2014)  
Marriage cannot be a social trap only if people can understand the real meaning of marriage. It is one of the beautiful relationship in which to people become everything to each other.

It depends on Wed individuals how they deal with different difficult situations in their relation life could me more beautiful if both have equal respect for each other and consider each other equally important in life's decision. It's we who makes easy things complicated.

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Viswini said: (Oct 18, 2014)  
I think marriage is not a bad thing. Because parents can't be with you all the time. So we need someone to support us. Living alone is not safe especially for women in our society. Marriage brings some responsibility towards family and also society.

Life is a trip. It will be more enjoyable if you are blessed with a sincere partner. Find that partner and enjoy each moment in your life. Because value of relationships can't be measured by an instrument.

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Bhupendra Sharma said: (Oct 10, 2014)  
Marriage is not a social trap, it made by us as a trap we prefer that woman should operate on man's command. She also have feelings, pride and self respect. People oppose dowry but they take it, frankly dowry is like gum which stick on our hair and never gonna removed so forget about this. But both the partner should care each other, believe in each other but also take care about giving some space to breath to get touch with himself or herself.

Woman also take care of her husband my practical experience said that now days girl work under her own mothers command and try to separate man from things which he love (its my practical experience what I am seeing right now) so girl need to understand the feeling of men and same thing apply for man. Marriage is pious bond not be based on compromise, if you live your life with love its become best thing. Woman is not slave she can do anything what she wanted and husband should support this if its right.

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Abhilasha said: (Oct 6, 2014)  
Yes I'm agree marriage is a social trap, its my personal experience because of marriage my career stopped I was a successful engineer in an MNC and before marriage everything was discussed that I will not quite my job in any condition but now these people get changed in forced me to quite my job emotionally and sometimes forcefully. And now there is no hope even my hubby too resigned for gov exams preparation and still his preparation is going on.

What should I do?

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Krishnaa said: (Oct 6, 2014)  
Marriage is not a social trap rather It is a beautiful relationship between two souls, two families. No one is self-sufficient unless he/she becomes saint and leaves the social life. One needs support from his partner many times in life, no one else can give it. So it's a unique relationship. Some deepest feeling and emotions can be shared only with a partner, not even with parents.

It's a good part of it that it abide by law. I think it is necessary to abide by law. Otherwise more we'll have more cases of divorce. One takes responsibility to be with his/her partner in every ups downs of life in presence of family. If any does fraud that he/she can be penalized by laws.

Human is a social animal, until he lives socially he needs to have partner who remains with her lifelong, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

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Pritam Kumar said: (Oct 2, 2014)  
I don't think that marriages in Indian culture is a social trap at all, because we can't imagine our existence without this beautiful relationship which is not just a relationship but also a social responsibility after all. Which gives us the family, the society, the people around us the social environment in which we enjoy our life.

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ROHINI CHAUDHARI said: (Sep 24, 2014)  
According to me, Marriage is not social trap, because marriage is a heartfelt bonding between two persons. It is a bonding & understanding between two persons, also their is a caring among them. In any situation one can understands the his/her feelings & thinking.

In short, I want to say that marriage is not at all a social trap. It is a always our personal decision.

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Swati Priya said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
According to my view, Marriage is not a social trap because it makes any person's life happy by making some new relations to the other family. It brings love, responsibilities and care in one's life. To spend whole of the life alone, without life-partner is very tough and scary. And also as we belong to Indian culture, Marriage is one of the most important cultural process which should happen once in everyone's life. Its a part of the life.

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BINDU said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, no one thinks that marriage is a social trap. As we all know that there is a saying that "MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN". In reality, marriage is a personal commitment, relationship and bonding between two people. But of course, it is the responsibility of a woman to build her family in such a way that she makes that family in a unique way and it is also the responsibility of a man who takes his family to a stage from where it looks like an ideal one throughout the society. SO, I THINK THAT MARRIAGE MAKES OUR LIFE MEMORABLE AND BEAUTIFUL IF NO ONE FORCES TO ONE'S INTEREST.

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Saket said: (Sep 10, 2014)  
According to me sometime, marriage is a social trap, now a days people are getting married just for status, show off. Resulting divorce, mostly it affects the psychology of their descendant badly. Hence, it is polluting the society. Since children are the future of the country, if they get affected, then its affecting the development of the country.

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Nikisha said: (Aug 28, 2014)  
According to my point of view marriage is not a social trap we can say that it is just like salt. We can feel the absence of salt but can't feel the presents of salt. We need a life partner when we want to share our feelings, happiness, ideas, thinking etc. It is not bonding of just two person only but it is bonding of the two family, two cast, two different culture. In the world each and every person think that someone will become in their life and to hold his/her hand forever and some one make feels that how they are special for his/her and also making their life beautiful.

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B.Monika Keerthi said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Hai buddies!

As far as I am concerned, marriage is a most beautiful, fragile and precious bond that a person ever come across in his/her lifetime. This journey is totally rely in belief. It is the basic ingredient for the successful life. For example, I made a dish, I feel it as mouthwatering dish and tasted it. Here I have three cases.

1. If all the ingredients, masalastuff, food color, its aroma everything mix up in equal proportions, then I say it as delicious dish.

2. If at least one went wrong, I can adjust it somehow by managing.

3. If none of them mix, then I can't taste, I get raged over me for making such a dirty dish.

So this example reflects marriage life-it's all depends on the couple who involved in the bond.

1. If they understand each other, shares their unpleasantly besides ecstatic moments, care for each other. All these make them a lovely pair, most adorable parents to their kids.

2. If at least one case fails, they have to overcome it by spending some time for each other in their busy schedule. They should not let burdens to settle on their happiness.

3. If mutual understanding is not there, it leads to initially anger, then fight, at last world war.

So should not let the marriage a "trap" rather a "tray" with full of love, affection, believing each other, adjustable to situation and finally.


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Manish Kumar said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
According to me I totally agree with this statement that marriage is a social trap.

Because before getting marriage we live our lives according to our thinking and we live freely without having any stress in our minds. We don't have to care about anything and we always being stress free.

But after getting marriage our lives becomes unhappy and we are always in tension of our partner and etc.

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Pallabi Majumdar said: (Aug 15, 2014)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view Marriage is not a social trap, nowadays before marriage parents give their children a prior chance to choose their life partners. All of us need a soulmate in our life with whom we can share our thoughts. We can not live our life all alone. After marriage people really feel that. Yeah its really true someone is there for me.

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Rojalin said: (Jul 27, 2014)  
On my point of view marriage is not a social trap because its the bond created by the two souls, family. Rather on its a bond between the two persons for lifelong, whether they know each other before or not, but after marriage they live happily ever after.

If the marriage is arranged by the family then also its good as the two unknown person will slowly know each other but the main thing is that they should have good understanding power.

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Guptha said: (Jul 19, 2014)  
Hello friends in my words marriage is not at all trap it is going to build a relationship between two persons like men women. This is giving some hope on life and full life safety and love. But I can say by this marriage system people can know about their future responsibilities and also the parents feelings because of before marriage we are not at all caring about our parents words then once we get marry then start thinking on our mind about their parents struggle for giving this all this at free of cost. Finally I conclude marriage is not a trap its responsibility what we have to face in future life.

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Sandipan Nandi said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
Hi all,

Marriage is a holy custom in India. We should marry at some point in time in our life to make our life circle a complete one. But sometimes we see that people think that after their marriage they will be puppets in the hands of their wife and vice-versa. But it depends on the mentality of your partner whether you will be able to spent your life freely or not. Very often we can see that after marriage the life gets changed and we become more responsible.

If we have a good understanding then nothing can trap us not even the society. And if you talk about privacy then a good husband must not disturb the privacy of his wife and that creates a good mental bonding. On the other hand also an ideal wife will also not try to destroy his husband's privacy. So we must not say that marriage is a social trap. If somehow you are trapped after your marriage then it is your individual problem not the problem of this holy institution called "Marriage".

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Vamsi said: (Jul 13, 2014)  
Hello everyone.

I could not understand why people living in India which is rich in its culture and traditions blame marriage as a trap. Marriage plays a very important role in every individuals life. Due to the impact of movies and other social abuses like dowry youth might have corrupted and giving least importance to marriages. Both the youth and their parents should realize that girls and boys are equal in all aspects and should keep full stop to this dowry system so that we can save our traditions and make one's life beautiful.

Marriage acts not only as a social bond between two people but also between their families. It makes the individual responsible towards their family and also towards their society. It shows the importance of relationships which is vanishing in the present society. Better half gives full life of success.

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Hamri said: (Jul 6, 2014)  
Hi friends,

I am Hamri. As a Indian Woman I feel marriage is a social trap for both Bride and Bride groom. Nowadays, technology is developing in a dramatic way. ! Technology is drastically developed in our country. People are changed their living habits are ld also changed No One can believe that India would reach such a position in he world. But Our tradition is not changed at all. People in India, still HAve a good in culture, tradition etc.

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Dolly said: (Jun 8, 2014)  
Hi its dolly, I believe that each of us needs a special a very special person with whom we could share our deepest feelings without any hitch and it's wonderful if the person is always with you. Caring for you, loving you making you feel special and your life wonderful. Its a beautiful bond that completes your life please don't call it a trap. Depends on you how you take it.

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Nageshnnr said: (Jun 2, 2014)  
When Love is unconditional then only it will leads for the two souls to bond together for a life time. In game of life everything has got some rules to play. If we those rules of society or our cultures ; life will be smooth. If you disobey and set your own rules then you need to undergo some suffering it can be just for initial days or lasts for life time also. Consequences cannot be predicted.

The meaning of marriage is different for different class of people in society. Current generation has become sick and girls parents giving priority to.

1) Physical appearance.
2) Monthly salary.
3) Assets the man is holding.

Does this man that a person with all this qualities only should get married ? then I don't think the actual concept of marriage is satisfied.

A guy will prefer girl only if.

1) She looks fair and beautiful.
2) Gives more dowry and basic gold ornaments or assets.

The pathetic situation is the more people are educated more they are expecting.

Friends I request, Those who are going to get married for both guys and girls. Please try to understand what marriage is. Dont try to do business or do shopping.

Good marriages will stabilize the societies. This is major difference between developed countries and India.

In India we are able to see our forefathers or grand grand parents because of this system. I don't say don't give or take dowry, but expect only some has the capacity to give and don't squeeze poor or middle class people.

Middle class people should start revolutionary change by taking oath that guys will not take dowry from poor or middle class families. If some rich families like your profile nothing wrong in they offering you.

Thanks and Regards.

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AJAY AGARWAL said: (Feb 10, 2014)  
Hello friends,

According to me marriage is not a social trap because marriage makes our life complete, it brings in a sense of responsibility towards our family, at this point of time we realize that we need to bring a sort of stability in our life.

Marriage is not only an engagement of a man and a women, but both the partners take vows to support each other though out their life, be with each other at all the circumstances be it good or bad. One is always very close to us with whom we can share our deepest feelings.

Marriage is also a meeting of two families their culture, traditions, festivals.

A successful marriage makes a happy family, which in turn makes a peaceful society and finally a developed Country.

But marriage becomes a social trap when it is done only for a compromise, for money, for some sort of sacrifice or when there is not respect for one's feelings and emotions and their family.

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Rakesh said: (Jan 2, 2014)  
Really it's a social trap because most of them marrying with any sort of understanding between them, understanding the feelings and tastes of individuals play a major role in the marriage so whom your loving wait for those one and get married.

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ADITYA KUMAR said: (Dec 26, 2013)  

Initially I was not a believer of love, true love is the complete attachment of two soul, I don't understand how people can live without marrying whom they love, I will request to every one please feel the essence of love, if not yet loved wait for real love, and only marry whom you love, no doubt you will be be happy. One thing should not be forgotten that where there is no miner quarrels the relation is not moved by heart it's by mind, so don't bother of that, BE A TRUE LOVER, YOUR BASE OF LOVE SHOULD NOT BE PHYSICAL, IT SHOULD BE EMOTIONAL.

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Gajendra Malik said: (Dec 16, 2013)  
I think that marriage is not a social trap. It is a true relationship between true minds. It is also a good understanding between two couple. In every moment of life it helps a person need a partner to understandings his felling. The same matter in case of a girl.

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AjayG said: (Oct 5, 2013)  

I think, marriage is very special friendship in between the two people. There will be one stage in everyone's life that he/she needs a partner to share his/her happiness, sorrows, feelings, etc. There are some situations in life which he/she can't handle without a partner.

Also there should be mutual understanding between the couple. No one should underestimate other and try to adjust with each others likes/ dislike by doing this life will become very beautiful.

And "marriage will not become Social Trap".

Thank you.

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Ankush said: (Oct 2, 2013)  
Marriage is delicate custom in our society. If we handle it well then it's best thing ever happened in your life but if you do not take care of it nicely and carefully that will become curse you will have to bear forever.

And hey Nobody is forcing to marry anyone. You have freedom to marry whomever you want and at whatever age you want. If you think that it is trap then don't go into it.

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Saumitra Pathak said: (Sep 12, 2013)  
Hello Friends, I agree to all of you.

But I will greatly support to @Ekta who said that Marriage is a bonding between two people, two family, two society, two cultures, which should be handled with care, understanding, trust and love.

According to me, it is the part of management of life. It is great feeling & experience of life which requires understanding & management with partners thinking, their need and also with their past & future.

It helps to youth to become responsible.

If marriage becomes social trap then only the lack of education becomes the reason behind it. Because the criminal cases related to marriage are always founded within the people which are uneducated.

So only because of them, we can not say that marriage is a social trap.

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Anitha said: (Sep 10, 2013)  
Hello everybody,

Marriage in fact is not a social trap, but it is a social protection to a girl to live in the society. Now a days, it is so difficult to live alone for a girl, even though the confidence and the boldness allows her to live, there is a time where everything fails in one or the other situation.

Marriage is also a safer zone for guys. If taken up with true understanding without any egos, complexes etc. Marriage as said by our ancestors, are made in heaven which continues to live in earth.

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Marriage is a social trap

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