Marriage is a social trap

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Ayesha said:   9 months ago
Hi everyone,

I don't think marriage is a social trap for all individuals in society. It is for the people who want to achieve something great through work, something they are interested in, but not allowed to due to the pressure of their families or in-laws. Or due to the new responsibilities they are made responsible for.

If we have supportive families who allow us even after being married and help us through daily responsibilities marriage is nothing like a trap.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Apoorvkirti said:   11 months ago
Good afternoon to all,

In my opinion, marriage is not a social trap. Marriage is a relation between two persons that are connected with each other with a bond, the bond of TRUST, SACRIFICE. It is sacred bond that is performed by seven steps (SAPTPADI rituals) and every step is very important for the Groom and also for the Bride.

Nandita Sharma said:   1 year ago
Greetings everyone,

Marriage is an unbreakable bond of trust and love that should never be equated to a trap, as a trap is a boundary within which one is confined and forced to accomplish tasks with multiple terms and conditions.

But, in the case of marriage, it totally depends on the partners and how they make the best out of it. And yes without any doubt it's true that society would keep an eye on and put undue pressure on the weds to narrate a story of an orthodox companionship and role-plays from both spouses.

Considering this they must provide an answer to that with a reflection of a relationship that gives a lot of optimism in each other's life and becomes a shoulder of rest and advice to one another rather than just being a tag to fit into societal norms.

That's all from my side, it's my view on the topic.

Thank you for listening.

Depor Honal said:   1 year ago
Hello Friends,

Sure, Marriage is a social trap that evolved to survive and procreate a more prosperous social structure and economy. The marriage and family system evolved in favour of women and aggressive superior men.

In modern society, most women enjoy their freedom and try to be independent in their early life and enjoy their youthfulness with the aggressive anger of masculine men. While the other men live in their world taught by the social rules that they should build their lives in their youth and settle for stable life to provide for their families.

The wise crooked independent women when they feel that they are no more valuable than their pals give up their independent life and alure the stable guy and trap them in marriage.

Manish verma said:   2 years ago
Hello friends,

Marriage is a bonding between male and female, in my opinion, I would like to say that marriage is not a trap, it's a good relationship, everybody needs somebody and hence we all get married. If we talk about a girl who has done arranged marriage without her choice and her husband is also not good like he smokes, drinks and does bad activities as well then we can think that the girl is trapped as she cannot do anything since it was a arrange marriage and her husband daily drinks and after drinking he beats her and the girl can't leave him and cannot go anywhere else. In this context, this marriage is called a social trap.

But on the other hand, if you are marrying with your own choice and love, cares for each other a lot, then both are happy and can spend entire life together then it is not said to be a trap.

HARSH Choudhury said:   2 years ago
Marriage is a bonding between Man and woman. Marriage means mentality and physical bonding between Man and woman. When a couple gets married they promised and decided to each other in any situation and any problems.

In my point of view, marriage is not a social trap because in a world everyone needs a good partner in our Life so they can express their thoughts and feelings. In my opinion, marriage is an entering world in this world man and woman decided to together each other in any situation. But in some cases, marriage is a social trap. Because in the world, especially India Children don't have any rights to choose their life partner in some rare case they have right to choose their partners. A good example of a social trap is arranged marriage. In this marriage married with an unknown person, so man and woman their whole life together with each other.

In conclusion, everyone has the right to choose their life partner and take their own decisions.


Indrajit shaw said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,


Marriage means a mentally bonding between a man and woman. When a couple get married, they are promised together to take care of each together in any condition though the condition is bad or good. So, as my point of view, the bonding that create between them during marriage is always take their in life as a long way with each other.

But, another point of view, I will say that marriage is a big trap when a woman or a man forced to marry by their family members without their permission. So, after marriage one of them or both feel that he/ she is trapped between this relationship, called marriage. So, everyone has right to choice his life partner. If it is being forceful then the marriage is being to a trap for them.

Divya said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon everyone.

In my opinion, marriage is not a social trap. Marriage is between two people guide can them in their career paths, explore a different path together. It is an agreement between two people to help each other. The society we will leave requires safety or security for the future. So marriage can be away.

Mohd Nafees said:   3 years ago
A family always worried about their daughter or sun marriage. But they never try to find out what their daughter or son wanted. They just wanted to complete their formalities due to our social and cultural activities. In that hurry, neither boy could found the right match or a girl could found the right match. They both get married and started theirs after marriage journey. Initially, they feel everything going good but after few months actual conflict starts. Where their understanding, thinking, adaptability, responsibility, preferences collided. If a girl a much higher educated then the boy it will be a total mess. And if a boy under-educated then again it will be really hard for both. Now, why this happens. Due to incompatible match. Parents did their formalities but now who is suffering both the partners.

Example: A surgeon girl married to a boy who doesn't have even a bachelor's degree due to family and our society pressure. After few months girl finds that she has done a mistake and the boy is incompatible. She tried hard to keep their family n her husband happy but inside the girl was suffering a lot. Where she needs a true partner who can motivate her who can ask her to dream about the future who can ask her to achieve what would like to achieve in her professional life. But that doesn't happen due to the under-education of the boy because he doesn't know the real power and value of education. The boy started pointing out the girl for her professional duties and about her education. Now the girl starts feeling much down because of no motivation no dreams even though every time listens to negative sentences about her. Now the girl starts feeling really alone in a crowded atmosphere also. That's happening because when she needs a true partner she doesn't have anyone who can help her to come out from such a difficult state of mind. On the other hand, the boy is living his life according to his wish he is doing every possible effort to achieve his goals in his life. Now I wanted to ask everyone what you all suggest to that girl'. ? If still, we all say that marriage is not a trap then please suggest a way to that girl' so that she can start living her life with the right dream.

According to me, we should not push our kid's for marriage because of our society and culture. But we should push our kid's to dream High and find a happy life for ourselves.

Ashly poly said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, When we did not like whom we marry it will be a social trap otherwise it won't be. 25, 26 is apt age for girl's marriage. Never force anyone to get married. It becomes a very social trap. Men and women are equal but in practical, women are under men. It should change. Never force a girl to get marry in her little age. It will be a very bad thing.

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