Marriage is a social trap

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Ashly poly said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, When we did not like whom we marry it will be a social trap otherwise it won't be. 25, 26 is apt age for girl's marriage. Never force anyone to get married. It becomes a very social trap. Men and women are equal but in practical, women are under men. It should change. Never force a girl to get marry in her little age. It will be a very bad thing.

Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar, Today my topic is marriage is a social trap.

I think in my point of view, I Am not agree with this statement but it is the misconception of people thinking that marriage is a social trap as we all know that marriage means a meeting of two beautiful souls with each other to live a happy life, but many people think that it is like a prisoner in prison. All person wants to love someone that he/she likes and he/she wants to be loved that they want.

Marriage means a lots that to care, to love, to adjust etc for living a happy life with spouse.

At last, I want to say that it is not a social trap, rather than thinking that we have to spread the love with our soulmates, family and society.

Thank you.

Noma said:   3 years ago
Communication is the key. It's hard for the man of the modern world to be clam, acceptive, patient and venerable at the same time before other individuals and especially if one of the participants is shy and introverted at emotions. Thus being all in all in the commitment and communicating to the partner rightly and repeatedly about everything may be good or the affecting side makes it a comfort zone rather a Trap!

Hemu said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, marriage means "a journey of life with two souls". Everyone in this world wants to love and to be loved. So, marriage means entering into a beautiful world if two beautiful souls happily decided to be with each other in the rest of their life. Marriage means two souls having the ability to have patience and to contribute equally to make it a great life.

Marriage brings lots of qualities to a person to share, to care, to adjust, to love and to have patience.

So, according to me, marriage is not a social trap, it's up to you. It's completely up to you that you want to marry or not in your life.

Radhika Tarika said:   4 years ago
We can't say that marriage is a social trap marriage is depands on persons and depands on our behavior. Marriage is not only bonding between two persons it also bonding between two family which should be handle by love, care and mutual understanding.

Shrujana B said:   4 years ago
This is true. If two people want to be together, why do we need it to be legal or illegal? in other words, why involve the government?

Marriage is not the only way to bring two families and two individuals together. Instead making marriage legal always brings unwanted stress and personal responsibilities that may turn to bitterness.

Priya gupta said:   5 years ago
According to me, Marriage is very important for society and the country. Marriage is a not social trap it is a mutually decide to spend the while living with the each other. And first of all both boys and girls both a good friend before marriage. After marriage love to each other, that's all thank you, my dear friend.

Anjana said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, marriage is a social trap. In other word marriage is a beautiful thing that two person become as one with their holy soul. However it has many responsibilities to do which might not suitable for both at one time to do it, so they have to do it in order to make themselves happy and to be with each other.

Srushti nawade said:   5 years ago
Hi! my name is Srushti Nawade and according to me, marriage is a social trap.

Because, In the country like India, we don't have right to take our own decisions. The decisions are taken by our parents or relatives.

In an arranged marriage, we can not know the other person, how he/she will be in just a few days.

Every person must have right to take his/her decision because marriage is not a temporary thing. The people have to stay together for their next whole life.

So, my conclusion is every person must be given right to choose their partner.

Rinshu kumari said:   5 years ago
Hi !

I am Rinshu.

I think in this age we can't say that marriage is a social trap. Some year ago it was right because no one had right to choose his/her partner by his/her own choice but now every one can choose partner by own choice.

I think marriage is meeting of two heart, two family not a social trap.

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