Marriage is a social trap

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Ekta said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is a bonding between two people, two family, two society, two cultures, which should be handled with care, understanding, trust and love. Failing to which may become a trap for them. Two people (family) always there for each other, in good as well as in bad situation, handling all the pros and cons of life. But like every coin has two sides, it may have two sides either.

If the partners are caring, understanding, have trust, love each other, have trust, then its a perfect bonding.

But when it is affected by dowry, money, status, cheating, fraud, misunderstanding, ego, wrong attitude, selfishness. It becomes a trap.

AJAY AGARWAL said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

According to me marriage is not a social trap because marriage makes our life complete, it brings in a sense of responsibility towards our family, at this point of time we realize that we need to bring a sort of stability in our life.

Marriage is not only an engagement of a man and a women, but both the partners take vows to support each other though out their life, be with each other at all the circumstances be it good or bad. One is always very close to us with whom we can share our deepest feelings.

Marriage is also a meeting of two families their culture, traditions, festivals.

A successful marriage makes a happy family, which in turn makes a peaceful society and finally a developed Country.

But marriage becomes a social trap when it is done only for a compromise, for money, for some sort of sacrifice or when there is not respect for one's feelings and emotions and their family.

Shagun said:   1 decade ago
I don't think so marriage is a social trap as it is up to you weather you want to marry or not it is a beautiful relationship and one should respect it. It gives us social respect and a chance to spend our life with someone special. It may a trap for those who want to live there life out of there freedom, but it should be kept in mind a bird always flys back towards his family even after spending whole day outside. And moreover its hard to find people who will actually stand with you till your death.

Joy said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is a scared bond between not only two person but also between two families even between two cultures and religions.

It is so sacred that in every religion the marriage rituals are performed in front of the respective gods. It redefines a relationship between two person such that they remain with each other in all the ups and downs of each others life.

Be it a love marriage where there are new discoveries in the already familiar relationships or a arranged marriage where there is a start of a whole new relationship, marriage is the most memorable experience of life which separates human being from the biological reproduction in animals.

But, in today's hectic life where is the time for "discoveries in relationships". The general intolerance in our society is having its impact on marriages as well, and we are seeing more and more divorces. For these people marriages have become a social trap.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, because after that people don't remain alive anymore.

These separations have a highky negative impact not only on the to person but, also on their families, their children and the society on a whole.

The children of separated parents, are subjected to a unbalanced life for no fault of their own. They become frystrated.

We have seen many celebrity marriages too having an abrupt and unhappy end. Yhe very recent being the one between kim kardashian and kris humpries which lasted for 72 days only.

Again, when there is no relation between two people, forget husband - wife relation, they are two completely different people forced to stay under one roof for social obligations ie. Fear of being a point of discuusion that is when marriages become a socila trap.

But, we have to undersatnd that any marriage needs time, patience, compromise and care for each other from each other to sustain.

Hemu said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, marriage means "a journey of life with two souls". Everyone in this world wants to love and to be loved. So, marriage means entering into a beautiful world if two beautiful souls happily decided to be with each other in the rest of their life. Marriage means two souls having the ability to have patience and to contribute equally to make it a great life.

Marriage brings lots of qualities to a person to share, to care, to adjust, to love and to have patience.

So, according to me, marriage is not a social trap, it's up to you. It's completely up to you that you want to marry or not in your life.

Marisham said:   1 decade ago
I completely believe that marriage is a social trap ! I would like to raise some questions, which I think most of you would agree! Why the person marry anybody in pressure for the sake of society in which we recite? What if the person does not want to have a soul mate and would love to spend his/her whole life for his/her parents? Why is there such a rule/custom made by our own society for d so called marriage concern? Why is a person considered dependent to lean upon somebody, he can also live independently on his own terms ?

'COMPROMISE', 'UNDERSTANDING', 'ADJUSTMENT' etc etc. Why to bring such complicated terms in our lives. We get life only once, I think people are born free and should have right to live and let live others free,

Marriage is a total waste of time, money and still in the worst case I can never see myself compromising each day of my life for anybody!

ADITYA KUMAR said:   1 decade ago

Initially I was not a believer of love, true love is the complete attachment of two soul, I don't understand how people can live without marrying whom they love, I will request to every one please feel the essence of love, if not yet loved wait for real love, and only marry whom you love, no doubt you will be be happy. One thing should not be forgotten that where there is no miner quarrels the relation is not moved by heart it's by mind, so don't bother of that, BE A TRUE LOVER, YOUR BASE OF LOVE SHOULD NOT BE PHYSICAL, IT SHOULD BE EMOTIONAL.

Sandeep said:   8 years ago
Hello, friends. In my opinion, marriage is a trap. Because after marriage your life totally changes, there are a number of things which you have to do which you NVR wanted to do. If we talk abut a boy, his life just becomes like a bridge because he always hangs b/w the parents and his wife. If we talk about the girl, her life also becomes like the fake world she is having two parents but no one treats her like a real daughter. But in short, I just wanna to say it's our society only which making this relation i.e. marriage as a trap for both boy and girl.

Shubham Agarwal said:   9 years ago
I think as all said marriage is not a social trap I totally agree with it. According to me marriage is the greatest feeling in your life. It gives you a life partner who always with you at every point of time. You have someone who understand you. You share your problem with him/her. After marriage your family will enhanced. You faced many challenges in daily life which is useful to live your life happily. I learn many things like social responsibility.

It will be a trap if you don't know the meaning of marriage it is lovely relation. Women have the same rights like mane. But same man does not understand that. They think women are nothing. Every should have there ego, ego is good but there are two types of ego positive and negative. Always have positive ego. Some people does not give respect to women. This is not good.

A another point I like to add in this discussion that child marriage is a social trap. In ruler areas child marriage is done. Which is very bad thing. Marriage is a relation of feelings and responsibility and if you are not that much mature to take that responsibility how you survive in society they destroy two life.

Sangeeta said:   6 years ago
There are some points according to Indian scenario.

1. The marriage is not a trap because we choose to go in a relation.
Definitely not in a country like India where approx 80% marriages are arranged. People have very short time know each other but only for formality. Marriage is already decided by Others.

2. What about if you are in love with anyone and your family is against that.
Yes, It's the story of many people here. Then they try to marry you aka trap you with another.

3. How many people get chance to choose their partners according to their taste or how many get enough time to wait until they find their right one. VERY FEW.

4. Marriage is a bond of 'two families' regardless the happiness of 'two souls'. Its a social contract in the names like Holy. Sacred.

5. What about the future of the girls who are not educated well or not get chance and then married by families in the hope of rest life spending with her husband 'safely'. Then if they are divorced or widowed how a girl will survive. What guarantees that she will remain respectful in that home where she was sent as a bride to be safe.

Neither she is educated neither she is independent neither she has any right as a bride too after becoming a widow or abandoned. I know this is not every one story or God bless not anyone. But its reality that most girls are married without proper education and then they don't get any chance of education after marriage.

Then. In my opinion. Forced or marriage in a hurry is a TRAP. Definitely.

6. It's not necessary that only person chosen by your parents is your soulmate. You have already chosen. Society gets this wrong. because you are not meeting society status. Society forces family. Family forces you. And then You Are Married In A Holy Foundation. Mostly happens this. I will not recite here the Religious stuff here like its holy.

Saying reality according to the present time.

7. Many people have the misunderstanding that marries their daughters will get them a safer life. You Are Wrong. I have an incident here.

A girl was married in the middle of the school. In the hope of good. Safer. Life. Family thinks. But her husband died. In our rich and great culture. Dying husband is a wife mistake. So she was also considered bad. She had a son. Nobody is supporting and neither she has enough education to live with respect. What a helpless condition. So before marrying your daughters. Sisters. Please make them educated because marriage can wait but education can not. Thus marriage becomes a trap. Because marriage prevented them from being educated and brings lots of inappropriate customs and superstitions which she can't fight alone.

The Real treasure a family at the best can give to their daughters is the Education and independence. Because everyone's life is not a fairy tale. And Marry Is not the end of Anyone's life.


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