Marriage is a social trap

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Anuj said:   1 decade ago
Who say marriage is a social trap I totally disagree. Marriage is a very necessary part of society but as coin have two side now days marriage also have two side 1-posive side 2-negative side. Positive side as everybody know marriage help to make bond between two families, between two person. But there some cons come in it like Dowry. It is biggest curse for our society. Due to this daily the dream of many brides break. They commit to suicide, divorce became common in society. So I just want to say marriage is not a trap. Its cons make it trap.

Qqq said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion the Marriage is not a social trap Marriage is necessary part of society. Dowry is not compulsory to been given as In olden days wealthy people because of love and effection towards their child they used send child with lot of gold orniments and money so that their child be happy at their mother in laws house in that ways people started giving dowry now today dowary has become comp;usory it is effecting the middle and poor class people The only way to control is to educate people marriage is not only bonding between two persons but also whole family In India marriage are given great importants were forieng countries are showing interest towards our marriage system.

Marriage gives us security, faith, trust and happences.

Laveena said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view marriage is not a social trap.It is the greatest gift gifted by god to every person.Actually getting married is a fruitfull thing but in some cases because of certain reasons it's becoming a trap.Dowry,misunderstandings,hidings,not respetcting each other etc.,will lead the marriage into a trap.

Bonding up with new families,getting a partner for sharing our feelings,getting a liscence for giving birth for someone to enjoy this nature etc..will lead the marriage into a fruitful life..


Joy said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is a scared bond between not only two person but also between two families even between two cultures and religions.

It is so sacred that in every religion the marriage rituals are performed in front of the respective gods. It redefines a relationship between two person such that they remain with each other in all the ups and downs of each others life.

Be it a love marriage where there are new discoveries in the already familiar relationships or a arranged marriage where there is a start of a whole new relationship, marriage is the most memorable experience of life which separates human being from the biological reproduction in animals.

But, in today's hectic life where is the time for "discoveries in relationships". The general intolerance in our society is having its impact on marriages as well, and we are seeing more and more divorces. For these people marriages have become a social trap.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, because after that people don't remain alive anymore.

These separations have a highky negative impact not only on the to person but, also on their families, their children and the society on a whole.

The children of separated parents, are subjected to a unbalanced life for no fault of their own. They become frystrated.

We have seen many celebrity marriages too having an abrupt and unhappy end. Yhe very recent being the one between kim kardashian and kris humpries which lasted for 72 days only.

Again, when there is no relation between two people, forget husband - wife relation, they are two completely different people forced to stay under one roof for social obligations ie. Fear of being a point of discuusion that is when marriages become a socila trap.

But, we have to undersatnd that any marriage needs time, patience, compromise and care for each other from each other to sustain.

Vishal said:   1 decade ago
Marriage is the biggest social trap which ironically people themselves get into out of stupidity. Marriage is not compulsory, its just a choice being choosen by people who trust law more than love. God created genders and the priests created marriage. Also the amount of useless expenses thay incur in showing of their marriage just shows their sick mind. How can your spendng money on wedding day gonna help the days after marriage? Thats why its said "If marriages are made in heaven then whats made in hell? The answer is the days after marriage" :-)

Sachin said:   1 decade ago
Hello there..
I hv read all the comments mentioned before and some of them were very perceptive. What I think that the marriage is not a social trap. If you are calling it a trap that because after the marriage the girl is not allowed to work in offices, she is forced to remain housewife. So i think that is not correct. One individual is not allowing this wife to work outside then it is his personal opinion. If u r saying it is trap because the career of a woman gets destroy coz of marriage then it is also incorrect. there are many examples of women who hav still contributed to the society, even being married. The late Savitribai Phule, Kalpana Chawla and even the actress who still continue with their work after getting married. So, summing all these points i only come to the conclusion that the marriage is not a social trap.

Asim Dinda said:   1 decade ago
I think marriage is not a social trap. It reminds us that we are quite matured now. Still before the marriage we are free, we live our life but now it is time to take extra responsibility. It leads us to be a very good person, responsible.

Those people who could not compromise with his or her life partner marriage is a social trap for them.

Raghvendra said:   1 decade ago
I agree that marriage is a social trap. It spoils the life of the both male and female. Why to marry and be economically and physically dependent on other. Its better to enjoy your freedom. Why to share it with anybody who even don't understand you ?

Shagun said:   1 decade ago
I don't think so marriage is a social trap as it is up to you weather you want to marry or not it is a beautiful relationship and one should respect it. It gives us social respect and a chance to spend our life with someone special. It may a trap for those who want to live there life out of there freedom, but it should be kept in mind a bird always flys back towards his family even after spending whole day outside. And moreover its hard to find people who will actually stand with you till your death.

Kumar052 said:   1 decade ago
No marriage is not a social trap but it is the requirement of the society. It is helping our society to make stable. If there will be nothing like marriage then society will become unstable which will be very dangerous for every one.

Marriage only a best way to generation to generation. And also our ancestor after long years of experience got its a best option and that way we adopt these tradition.

And we know that if we don't have these thing in our society then what side effect our socity will be. Marriage is only for security of of society not a social trap.

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