Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Phelan said:   6 years ago
The business of business is business. Social pressure changes the rules of the game and smart business will adapt for long term success. Improving society can be your business, but it is not the business of business.

Anthony Omega said:   6 years ago
Yes, it is for helping people's live.

Papun padhan said:   6 years ago
First of all, business of business is only business it is not correct why. All of you know business man earn more profit the business but customer and society developments also depend on it. Then is better a business man not only profit but also country developments.

PAwan kumar said:   6 years ago
It is true that every business is started to get maximum profit but for long existence of business, it is compulsory to fulfill other responsibilities toward society and country to make them better.

Every business has its own responsibility and businessman should understand it very well. Any business can get succeed by satisfying the customers by providing them satisfactory products and services. Business is not only a profit for businessman but society and country's development is also depends on it.

Thus saying 'The Business of Business only Business' is not perfect but business is a relation among customers, society and country to make them better.


Gangasagar said:   6 years ago
Always the counting starts from 1 similarly a business start with an idea. It takes a time to implement the idea into planning. Generally, customers expect a product without previous drawbacks & with new improvements.

Business is not only a profit & loss they have to satisfy the customer needs. So many businesses are starting with a customer feed back & they implementing their ideas to reach the customer satisfaction. Explanation & convincing the customer is plays a crucial role in marketing then only business will run in profit. Customers always expect the product with a good quality, warranty, low cost. We didn't get anything at low cost that we have to make understand to the customers than only business runs.

Nagesh said:   6 years ago
In my view, I would like to add some point if first time in business some care has to take then whole life of businessman is settled.

Akanksha said:   6 years ago
According to me, A business of business is not only the business, it is the game of cards how to play in particular situation, to win the game.

Vinayak said:   7 years ago
Businessmen have too many works to do and he is a business tycoon and knows the business of business is not only business it's beyond its faith.

And hard work that between patients and employees. The business is an ambition but a hard vision.

Akshay said:   7 years ago
A businessman is a person who invest his wealth in a venture to gets it successful in future but along with profit businessman have to follow values and some CSR towards society as the business is run on society. So conclusion is the business of business is not only business but also the responsibility of businessman to be the contributor of country's development.

Sunil said:   7 years ago
Business is not only a business but it is a kind of education which no other profession teaches. It enhances the decision-making qualities, increases our awareness, etc. A business starts with an idea but works on planning. Planning to reach the demands of the customer. The customer is the judge of the king, and the business official does every effort in satisfying their king. Every business has a move of profit but prior to that is the satisfaction of customer. So business is not only a business but something more than that.

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