Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Midhun Sukumaran said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

Before discussing I would like to get your attention to one incident which is happent kerala, ther is actualy a hill station and most of the people living there are labours of tea plants, most of the children of them are causing mental disability. Only reason for that is the pesticides used in the plants. Due to the hike of mental disable children the company had built a special school, so can we call it as social commitment?This is the reality, what they really have to do is stop using of that pesticide but what they really do is helping people after causing serious issues. Now the business of business become a business.

Mantosh said:   10 years ago
I think business of business is not only for business.

IN Today's competitive world every person who is doing a business may be small or large have an elementary idea about the customers they are dealing with. Gone are the days when most of the customers were illiterate and foolish, now a days consumer can easily judge between right or wrong and good or bad, in such a scenario if a particular businessman is doing a business only for business that is for PROFIT BOOKING ignoring the quality of the product then he will the ultimate loser because on broader point of view his product will not be purchased by anyone.

SO, if one want to excel in business he have to respect the business ethics and feeling of consumer. Just doing business for sake of profit booking will not last for long.

Also our government have taken initiative to protect the right of consumer and if in such a case anybody will be cheated he have to pay for it in many respect.

Hence I want to conclude that for development of business and for our better perspective, for our better name and trust in industry and business one have to do business of business truthfully and honestly.

Deeksha saxena said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

I have read all the views written here and now I want to present my views on this topic.

Everyone said that big organizations do so much for the society just like they open schools, hospitals etc.

But since, the only motive of each organization is to earn profit and that's only possible by standing in the society for a long time. Therefore, they can't forget about the society.

That means they do for the society but only for their profit.

Yes, they keep customer's need in their mind but why?

Because if they don't take care of customers then, customers will not buy their product.

This means that they have to do for society whether they want or not because only then they can stand for a long time and increase their selling. And this will definitely be profitable.

So, in my opinion, business of business is the business.

Akshay said:   8 years ago
A businessman is a person who invest his wealth in a venture to gets it successful in future but along with profit businessman have to follow values and some CSR towards society as the business is run on society. So conclusion is the business of business is not only business but also the responsibility of businessman to be the contributor of country's development.

PAwan kumar said:   8 years ago
It is true that every business is started to get maximum profit but for long existence of business, it is compulsory to fulfill other responsibilities toward society and country to make them better.

Every business has its own responsibility and businessman should understand it very well. Any business can get succeed by satisfying the customers by providing them satisfactory products and services. Business is not only a profit for businessman but society and country's development is also depends on it.

Thus saying 'The Business of Business only Business' is not perfect but business is a relation among customers, society and country to make them better.


Sarosh akhter said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, according to me business is not all about profit, because if we seeking for profit only, gradually we lose our customer and each and every business depends on their customer. So we have to deliver good service first to make our goodwill, once we made the goodwill we can earn more. It should be the responsibility of every business to keep their customer happy.

Honey said:   1 decade ago
Good morning friends. I feel glad to share my thought in front of you. Yes business of business is only business. Business simply means maximize the profit and minimize the lose. If we are earning money then it simply means customer is satisfy with us. Yeah its true we need to do business after seeing what the customer want. If we are doing business without seeing the requirements of customer then the time and money is spend on it goes for wastage.

Vinod tongar said:   1 decade ago
I believe that business of business is the only business if it involves social responsibility and sense of customers need and services. Gaining profit is soul of the business but gaining trust of the customers, make business live long and more profitable in long run. Every consumer have a different mind set at the time of purchasing but they have common expectations and views in terms of post sales services. Giving better services and making customers happy can be a key of success and is a contribution towards good and satisfied society. Hence in my view business of business is the only business is not a good idea in long term running.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Only making a profit is not a proper business. Business always needs to create a strong relationship with the people with the help of proper management in the work environment which offers more & more opportunities to run the business. As we all know that a gentle behavior with the customers always creates you turn towards you and your business which gives you one more chance to enhance yourselves better to grab the deal with the personalities. Try to make more and more profit doesn't mean that you offer bad qualities, quantities, and high prices it means you ought to offer satisfaction of the customers because if you are trying to give satisfaction to the customers so you will have to keep focus on all those things which are required for a proper business in the market.

Mostly, businessman do forget their responsibilities towards customers in the work environment and they try to earn profit but they become fail after a short distance because responsibilities are nothing but a proper way of working at the work place which teaches us how to deal with the situations to achieve are set targets to grow our business. Feedback is most important to grow the business very fast if you have given full satisfaction to you customers so it is certainly that business will receive positive feedback in the market and that feedback would become assets of your running business which will give the better way of working so that you can achieve more profit than your expectations.

Internal and external both the areas are equally important to manage, because both the areas perform differently at the work place a proper management always gives a piece of mind not only to the employees but also each and every employee in the business. Employees always try to do their best but because of poor management sometimes they don't get proper support for achieving theme of the day and they commit some mistakes while doing business and because of those mistakes, not only company suffers but also customers.

So, over all I'd say that proper satisfaction of the customers is the best way of business because for giving full satisfaction business will have to do all those things which are required.


Nabarun Bhunia said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, business of business is not only the business, it's true that one businessman try to get ultimate benifit from his business, but beside profit customer satisfaction is important. Always he should keep in mind the customers' satisfaction and demands. For long existance of any business, it is compulsory to fulfill the other responsibilities forward society and country to make them better.

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