Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Only making a profit is not a proper business. Business always needs to create a strong relationship with the people with the help of proper management in the work environment which offers more & more opportunities to run the business. As we all know that a gentle behavior with the customers always creates you turn towards you and your business which gives you one more chance to enhance yourselves better to grab the deal with the personalities. Try to make more and more profit doesn't mean that you offer bad qualities, quantities, and high prices it means you ought to offer satisfaction of the customers because if you are trying to give satisfaction to the customers so you will have to keep focus on all those things which are required for a proper business in the market.

Mostly, businessman do forget their responsibilities towards customers in the work environment and they try to earn profit but they become fail after a short distance because responsibilities are nothing but a proper way of working at the work place which teaches us how to deal with the situations to achieve are set targets to grow our business. Feedback is most important to grow the business very fast if you have given full satisfaction to you customers so it is certainly that business will receive positive feedback in the market and that feedback would become assets of your running business which will give the better way of working so that you can achieve more profit than your expectations.

Internal and external both the areas are equally important to manage, because both the areas perform differently at the work place a proper management always gives a piece of mind not only to the employees but also each and every employee in the business. Employees always try to do their best but because of poor management sometimes they don't get proper support for achieving theme of the day and they commit some mistakes while doing business and because of those mistakes, not only company suffers but also customers.

So, over all I'd say that proper satisfaction of the customers is the best way of business because for giving full satisfaction business will have to do all those things which are required.


Jayasree said:   1 decade ago
Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms are business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G).

The volume of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions is much higher than the volume of Business to Consumer transactions. The primary reason for this is tin a hat typical supply chain there will be many Business to Business transactions involving sub components or raw materials, and only one business to Consumer transaction, specifically sale of the finished product to the end customer. For example, an automobile manufacturer makes several Business to Business transactions such as buying tires, glass for windscreens, and rubber hoses for its vehicles. The final transaction, a finished vehicle sold to the consumer, is a single (B2C) transaction.

Business to Business is also used in the context of communication and collaboration. Many businesses are now using social media to connect with their consumers (B2C); however, they are now using similar tools within the business so employees can connect with one another. When communication is taking place amongst employees, this can be referred to as "B2B" communication.

Mantosh said:   10 years ago
I think business of business is not only for business.

IN Today's competitive world every person who is doing a business may be small or large have an elementary idea about the customers they are dealing with. Gone are the days when most of the customers were illiterate and foolish, now a days consumer can easily judge between right or wrong and good or bad, in such a scenario if a particular businessman is doing a business only for business that is for PROFIT BOOKING ignoring the quality of the product then he will the ultimate loser because on broader point of view his product will not be purchased by anyone.

SO, if one want to excel in business he have to respect the business ethics and feeling of consumer. Just doing business for sake of profit booking will not last for long.

Also our government have taken initiative to protect the right of consumer and if in such a case anybody will be cheated he have to pay for it in many respect.

Hence I want to conclude that for development of business and for our better perspective, for our better name and trust in industry and business one have to do business of business truthfully and honestly.

Sajid said:   1 decade ago
I think business of business is the only business because if we go some years back the government asked every company to invest 2% of their total revenue in CSR but the studies show no company has spend more than 0. 089% of their total revenue all they care about is profit because if we look at the selection process of best companies in the world the main critaria on basis of which the company is awarded is profit and only profit, in case of selling the products ultimate objective is selling more and more so as to earn more and more profit. Not only selling but the motive of advertising is also making aware the consumers about the product so that they will buy only their products and company will make cash entries in their balance sheets we all know demand is directly propositional to sale and sale leads to profit so all they care about profit even if they provide better quality they charge you for everything quality, transportation, advertisement, and technology. So I would love to say business is only business.

Aparna said:   1 decade ago
None of the relations in the nature or human society can exist if it's not bound to mutual interests. As for even wild animals, tiny bacteria, plants everybody knows about the importance of mutual benefits. Business is certainly carried for making profits but in order to sustain for long time it must oblige itself to customer satisfaction and the demands of the society. Any example of successful business shows that it was able to satisfy amply. So we see that business of business is more than just business.

However while observing the hitherto trends, money that is profit that is the prime motto of business is of top most importance. So even the social work is a disguised form of business held by the business firms. So even ratan tata aims at providing educational institutes or a nano to say. His motto is invariably profit. In this point of view we can say for a businessman its only business but in order to make itself more profitable it has to go beyond business.

Pratyush said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, business of business is not the business, I may sound bit unorthodox but I will justify it. Business is done by the peoples, for the peoples. A successful firm would be that whose employees are happy, if we are able to satisfy the needs of our staffs then they would be happy and consequently they will work more attentively.

In today's market we can see that a shampoo is of 1 rupee and is of 100 rupees also, why the are doing so, the primary objective is to be in the reach of people and accomplish their needs then only a corporate firm can grow, since the firm will grow, therefore economy status of India would also rise. And Plenty of job opportunities will arise swiftly. Ultimately every firm look for the benefits of the organisation which is a good policy, because only then industries can get success. It's not only the achievements of corporate world but the success of Peoples.

Severe Grammar Pedantry Syndrome said:   1 decade ago
Alright, now where do I begin? Look, it is really simple, alright? Even the so called "Big" companies who are pretentiously setting up Schools & other such Public welfare bodies etc are not doing it for free. And trust me when I say this, the only reason they are at all investing in that sector is only this much that they have seen long term profits & huge goodwill deposits in those particular areas. For an instance, a so called 'international school' is set up against a huge annual fees from each student. Yes, it might result in some benefits for the society, but that is only a By-Product of the business deals made out of it. There are no two ways about it. The purpose of starting or setting up a business in the first place is to make money. And that intent keeps getting stronger with every penny of profit made. But sometimes, it needs to be camouflaged.

Gowthami said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends I'm gowthami; I'm happy to share my views about business of business;

Business of business is not only business because the business is running only for profit motive then it will not sustain in this large society and the person who starts the business he should mind the following matters.

In which place we want to start the business.

Its useful to the customers or not and that product has demand or not.

For doing our business we must use the resources of the society. So inturn we must do something for society now a days which the industries are neglecting by using the techniques which harmful to humans, plants and animals. We must consider our staff welfare because they are the pillars to our business, we must concentrate on the quality of our product then only the customer satisfy and get interest to buy it. So business is not for profit motive.

Deeksha saxena said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

I have read all the views written here and now I want to present my views on this topic.

Everyone said that big organizations do so much for the society just like they open schools, hospitals etc.

But since, the only motive of each organization is to earn profit and that's only possible by standing in the society for a long time. Therefore, they can't forget about the society.

That means they do for the society but only for their profit.

Yes, they keep customer's need in their mind but why?

Because if they don't take care of customers then, customers will not buy their product.

This means that they have to do for society whether they want or not because only then they can stand for a long time and increase their selling. And this will definitely be profitable.

So, in my opinion, business of business is the business.

KOUNDINYA DESHIK said:   1 decade ago
Yes business of business is only a business!Let me explain clearly!all were saying that customer satisfaction, social responsibilities etc etc but in this context, for what the customer satisfaction seek to?even customers will satisfy if they delivered a product which is of low hike so as the end users, merchants etc! The term business itself refers business business business, One may say anything infront of market but the background tasks carries everything money money money, no money no satisfaction, no responsiblities, no acceleration!RatanTata might dream every every individual owning a car does it mean he didn't expect any profit in that sales? Does it mean reliance gives full high speed internet connection without any business tactics to BEAM providers? If an individual Think practically, they will definitely realise this!a.

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