Is the Business of Business only Business?

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SachinAgrawal said:   1 decade ago
The phrase "business of business is only business " is very true. Sometime businessmen buy low quality product and sell them by their name. The customer buy that product because they believe in that brand. So business is all about business. Buying and selling is part of business. Customer see there profit, company see there profit. No one is concerned about other they only think of profit.

This happens a lot in cloth market they label the cloth by there tag and sell the the same product you can buy a roadside market there you get cheaper.

If we buy from mall we have to pay more money. Sometimes company buy the clothes from roadside and hang them in showroom there we pay amount 1000 for a piece of cloth which cost only 200.

I agree business of business is only business which make profit.

Subhashini Perumal said:   1 decade ago
From my point of view business of business is not only business the business person should also think about the society as well .. the business man should not think about profit alone he should also have to care about the society only then the business can grow .So the people who buy the products of a company can trust the company's value and the company should be trustworthy for the people to become their standard consumers....So the business is not only business of making profit its beyond money and marketing.

Mohan Rao said:   1 decade ago
If the answer to the above question were yes then companies such as TATA, Infosys, Indigo, Southwest Airlines, WestJest Air, etc wouldn't have been different from their counterparts.

What differentiates every organization is its culture and not its profitability.
Only a strong culture can ensure a sustained growth of an organization even during the uncertainties. For eg Rocket Sales corporation of movie Rocket Singh(e,g. focus on customer service as culture).

The human perspective towards business has evolved over time.
Nowadays people's awareness has increased. Investments are no more attracted solely on the basis of chart patterns, ROI and ROE but also on the ethical base, vision and fundamentals of the business.
Therefore the Culture is gaining importance and maintaining it Should be the business of every business.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
Today's all business are depending only increasing many brands are coming in market and people are using this type of things for low prices. beacuse advertisements also one of the business attraction of our country so people only starting buiness only profit oriented.

Jeyakanthan.b said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view. Business is not only the business, it shows our product quality to our customer needs. It should not hazard to our environment. It should be a equal to every class of society. If we do like this we can improve our society.

Avishek Sengupta said:   1 decade ago
Here the word business is used in in multiple meaning. Most often we common men think that business means no ethics. But it not not true. Most of the successful organization has increased their popularity worldwide by their ethics and values. If it is only business to them means only for profit for them then a business will not survive. They may get money for few years but after that their without goodwill they will not survive in this competitive market.

GeneralLy all good organizations do welfare works regularly apart from their business. They also take care about the environment and betterment of their employees too. So business of business is not only business. It can be succesful if the members of the business work as family and take care of their neighbors :-).

Mohanapriya.m said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view, the above statement saying "business of business is only business" is exactly true. Because nowadays no business men think about the development of the society. They have no worries or care about the common people. Their intention is only on money. They work only for the prosperity of their company or institution. Thus the above phrase is an awesome match for today's business people.

Abhi said:   1 decade ago
According to my point of view. Business of business is only business is true, atleast for today's era n genration and its only motiv is profit, profit and profit. If we talk about FDI in India then our major industries don't have any problm with this foreign invsment just becaz thy will get profit from the FDI's but our local shopkeeprs oppose FDI why. ? why they oppose foreign investment in retail just because it will harm their business n directly affect their profit. So in this genration there is no place for emotions evryone thinks about his/her persnal profit. So why not these business persons.

Pratibha kumari said:   1 decade ago
Business is not only business. It increase the society value and help in the society. Because if society value increase then business profit will also increase. They can do business on across the state or country and make own reputation. If you talk only profit, its mean you can earn money through crime, cheat etc. But you can not make own reputation in your society. So business is not business. Business means, you do work through employee its means you have ethics. Businessman think if their society become rich then he can also profitable.

Business wants firstly customer satisfaction then he get profit. Many company wants only profit, so they never invest in school, hospital for poor.

Hemant said:   1 decade ago
In current emerging and compitative market no business can able to survive by the motive of profit only. If they think about only profits and not for the customers than society as a whole reject the product and its become a reasoning of the failure of the business.

Concept of CSR is adopted by many companies in all over world only because they know that today buyer is the king of the market.

There are choices for the customers for a similer product. If one company which supply product only with the motive of profit compete with another having CSR policy, surely the later one will be winner.

Business entities are using the resources of the society so they are responsible for society for fullfiling their need by earning a reasonable level of profits.

So business of business is not only business.

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