Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Dimlpe said:   5 years ago
I am very glad to be a part of this discussion. According to me, the business of business only business is not just making a profit. Yes every businessman desire to make profit but when they do only business so they can not satisfy their customer as we all know customer is the king of the market when we don't know the need of the customer so we can't satisfy them and the most thing is CR customer relation what kind of relation with customer and they create customer loyalty and what kind of strategy we flow in our business.

Shanty Future said:   1 year ago
The business of business is business, this assertion is of the view that in business the major aim is only profit maximization and production of goods and services.
They don't see the relevance of ethics in business. It's about the survival of the fittest. However, it can be noted that for a business to maximize profits there is a need for shareholders. There is the need to follow ethics which attracts customers, creates a just and fair society, creates employment, prevention of pollution and many more.

In our daily, business for a business to prosper there are some environmental benefits that it brings to society, for example, employment creation and programs that benefit the environment that can be developmental.

Progress nziyakwi said:   1 year ago
The business of business is not just business but also considering other stakeholders not just shareholders. Bringing value to the customers, employees, suppliers and society in which they operate. Operating ethically will ultimately result in huge profits as it leads to the corporation having a good reputation, customer loyalty, and increased employee morale which in turn leads to higher productivity. Businesses have a responsibility to all stakeholders therefore should create value for all of them. Corporate social responsibility is important for businesses.

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