Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Jigar said:   1 decade ago
The solo intention behind any business is Profit. "Whatever you do, just do for profit" this is the real mentality of any businessman. In order to get more profit they are starting the business which can make a worthy in turn in future, they are not starting society friendly institutes but they are starting harvesting more customer attention.

ABHI TUM SAB RANDI HO.. said:   1 decade ago
In current scenario business minds are concerned only about how to increase profits and be on top. They are not much concerned about quality and what consumer will suffer from that. So in today's world business of business is only business.

Progress nziyakwi said:   1 year ago
The business of business is not just business but also considering other stakeholders not just shareholders. Bringing value to the customers, employees, suppliers and society in which they operate. Operating ethically will ultimately result in huge profits as it leads to the corporation having a good reputation, customer loyalty, and increased employee morale which in turn leads to higher productivity. Businesses have a responsibility to all stakeholders therefore should create value for all of them. Corporate social responsibility is important for businesses.

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