Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Progress nziyakwi said:   1 year ago
The business of business is not just business but also considering other stakeholders not just shareholders. Bringing value to the customers, employees, suppliers and society in which they operate. Operating ethically will ultimately result in huge profits as it leads to the corporation having a good reputation, customer loyalty, and increased employee morale which in turn leads to higher productivity. Businesses have a responsibility to all stakeholders therefore should create value for all of them. Corporate social responsibility is important for businesses.

Shanty Future said:   1 year ago
The business of business is business, this assertion is of the view that in business the major aim is only profit maximization and production of goods and services.
They don't see the relevance of ethics in business. It's about the survival of the fittest. However, it can be noted that for a business to maximize profits there is a need for shareholders. There is the need to follow ethics which attracts customers, creates a just and fair society, creates employment, prevention of pollution and many more.

In our daily, business for a business to prosper there are some environmental benefits that it brings to society, for example, employment creation and programs that benefit the environment that can be developmental.

Dimlpe said:   5 years ago
I am very glad to be a part of this discussion. According to me, the business of business only business is not just making a profit. Yes every businessman desire to make profit but when they do only business so they can not satisfy their customer as we all know customer is the king of the market when we don't know the need of the customer so we can't satisfy them and the most thing is CR customer relation what kind of relation with customer and they create customer loyalty and what kind of strategy we flow in our business.

Nabarun Bhunia said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, business of business is not only the business, it's true that one businessman try to get ultimate benifit from his business, but beside profit customer satisfaction is important. Always he should keep in mind the customers' satisfaction and demands. For long existance of any business, it is compulsory to fulfill the other responsibilities forward society and country to make them better.

Sandeep Paul said:   6 years ago
Hotels, owned by various owners which is considered as business, Cab or taxi driven by a various person, it is their business, restaurants prepare food for a customer, it is also a business.

Oyo rooms, trivago etc. Dealing with hotels means doing the business of other business.

OLA Cab, Weber dealing with cab service doing the same.

Swiggy delivers food at doorstep from a different restaurant. So all these are doing the business of business which is indeed a business because they are interested in making their profit.

Hence proved that business, business is only business.

R.D said:   7 years ago
Yes, I strongly believe that Business of business is a business. Let me remind you that the main aim of a business is to earn maximum profit.

As we all know consumer (people) is the kingpin of the market. When a business indulges in CSR activities it creates a "GOOD BOY" image in in the eyes of which ultimately leads to increase in profit.

Let's take a simple example of a hospital. Hospital come under the category of a Nonprofit organization but we all know what actually happens in that NONPROFIT organization.

Thank you.

Tanmoy Saha said:   7 years ago
I do business of businesss which I think actually called business. Because when we really love something then we will do to do so. But its not only defines profit. It defines your responsibility towards your customer, toward each and every person who ever directly or indirectly related with your business. So, its upto you how you will treat this business of business negatively or positively?

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Only making a profit is not a proper business. Business always needs to create a strong relationship with the people with the help of proper management in the work environment which offers more & more opportunities to run the business. As we all know that a gentle behavior with the customers always creates you turn towards you and your business which gives you one more chance to enhance yourselves better to grab the deal with the personalities. Try to make more and more profit doesn't mean that you offer bad qualities, quantities, and high prices it means you ought to offer satisfaction of the customers because if you are trying to give satisfaction to the customers so you will have to keep focus on all those things which are required for a proper business in the market.

Mostly, businessman do forget their responsibilities towards customers in the work environment and they try to earn profit but they become fail after a short distance because responsibilities are nothing but a proper way of working at the work place which teaches us how to deal with the situations to achieve are set targets to grow our business. Feedback is most important to grow the business very fast if you have given full satisfaction to you customers so it is certainly that business will receive positive feedback in the market and that feedback would become assets of your running business which will give the better way of working so that you can achieve more profit than your expectations.

Internal and external both the areas are equally important to manage, because both the areas perform differently at the work place a proper management always gives a piece of mind not only to the employees but also each and every employee in the business. Employees always try to do their best but because of poor management sometimes they don't get proper support for achieving theme of the day and they commit some mistakes while doing business and because of those mistakes, not only company suffers but also customers.

So, over all I'd say that proper satisfaction of the customers is the best way of business because for giving full satisfaction business will have to do all those things which are required.


Suman Banerjee said:   7 years ago
Business of a business is not only a business, which is not only to make profits but also a businessman should keep in mind the customer satisfaction & their demands. One should always think of serving the society by delivering good products in the market. If we do like this then it will help us to grow our business to make a good profit and delivering the best to the society.

Anamika said:   7 years ago
Business of Business is a business but business of business is not only a business. Nowadays, Business has realised its responsibilities towards society and are coming up with the concept of CSR. Now its has shifted its main goal from profit maximisation to wealth maximisation that is achieving higher market value in common stock, ensuring more consumer satisfaction and taking care of their needs. Nowadays consumers have got more awareness and get stuck to a business when it realises and maintains its responsibility towards society. Thank you.

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