Is the Business of Business only Business?

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Akshay said:   8 years ago
A businessman is a person who invest his wealth in a venture to gets it successful in future but along with profit businessman have to follow values and some CSR towards society as the business is run on society. So conclusion is the business of business is not only business but also the responsibility of businessman to be the contributor of country's development.

Sunil said:   8 years ago
Business is not only a business but it is a kind of education which no other profession teaches. It enhances the decision-making qualities, increases our awareness, etc. A business starts with an idea but works on planning. Planning to reach the demands of the customer. The customer is the judge of the king, and the business official does every effort in satisfying their king. Every business has a move of profit but prior to that is the satisfaction of customer. So business is not only a business but something more than that.

Rohit jurel said:   8 years ago
My opinion is favor of business although service is important in our life but for a successful man and winner in life business is more important business is not business for a business man.

PRIYANKA.HK. said:   8 years ago
In my view I like to add up some point. Business is the place where we going to learn more about the business as well as risk management. Business is business is not only business because it gives importance to stakeholder that is employees government financial institution etc.

And first priority goes to customer because customer is a king of the market if business organisation is ready to satisfy the needs and demand of the customer he can live longer time in the market. Business must not be profit motive.

Sandip K said:   8 years ago
For a business person customer is god and its first priority like employees are also strong point even a backbone for him. Like business, you should think about both of those along with turnover and your organization. We are in software business and always tends to give the best service and production, which is the only key to get success.

ANIKET BHOJANE said:   8 years ago
Business is an activity of leader to perform his leadership in respect of making profit with the fulfillment of ethical value and social responsibility towards internal as well as external factor of business.

Ravi kishore said:   9 years ago
In my view business is not only business because business is depends on the customer and we want to be honest with customer and we have to satisfy their needs first and now a days customers are very clear about their needs so we have to be customer friendly and than the profits and I am sure that we can get profits while being honest with customer.

Appaji said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, please let me share my views in the present context, which is business. If we consider business as a book. The front page of the book says "business of business is not just business" but to be precise when we read the book completely the conclusion will be like "business of business is only business" some may not agree with this. So think, if some wants to start a business, what would be his/her 1st priority.

And the fact begin the answer given will be to earn more than I spent. That's what business is attracting the consumer by cover page and earning their profit by end of the book. It becomes quite complicated when argued. But in today's real world, the business of maximum number of businesses is just business.

Thank you.

Nikhil said:   9 years ago
Hello Friends.

In my opinion business of business is business. I wanted to justify by saying my real life business situation. I am tutor, when I started saying tuition there were only 4 students. Then I made a strategy that if the students get less marks then I will give them the free tuitions, everyone were attracted and joined my tutorials. They believed me and this strategy.

Gave me a huge success.

Mantosh said:   10 years ago
I think business of business is not only for business.

IN Today's competitive world every person who is doing a business may be small or large have an elementary idea about the customers they are dealing with. Gone are the days when most of the customers were illiterate and foolish, now a days consumer can easily judge between right or wrong and good or bad, in such a scenario if a particular businessman is doing a business only for business that is for PROFIT BOOKING ignoring the quality of the product then he will the ultimate loser because on broader point of view his product will not be purchased by anyone.

SO, if one want to excel in business he have to respect the business ethics and feeling of consumer. Just doing business for sake of profit booking will not last for long.

Also our government have taken initiative to protect the right of consumer and if in such a case anybody will be cheated he have to pay for it in many respect.

Hence I want to conclude that for development of business and for our better perspective, for our better name and trust in industry and business one have to do business of business truthfully and honestly.

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