Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?

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Mike Trout said:   6 months ago
I have no problem with remixed songs if copyright law is maintained. Conversely, the original mix is typically my favourite is what I fell in love with, and foolishly expected to play when I loaded a playlist, that I spent significant time creating.
Legally, music subscription services like Spot and Pan. Have their legal bases covered in the finer print; to add, change, delete, per their discretion or lack of. Legally, it's not a bait-and-switch case. Emotionally, it's disappointing.

The simple solution to the problem is; Give the customer the choice to hear the original version and/or the remix! Business success, long term, depends on satisfied customers. Stray from this principle; tomorrow you may be a savvy competitor's appetizer.

Ashok rulaniya said:   7 months ago
Remix songs are made to feel energetic and refreshing.

So, It is difficult to judge whether the remixing is good or bad.

Ayush bajpai said:   7 months ago
I want to express my thoughts in this given topic.

Hello everyone.

Remix in music is a good initiative to mould a song in a different way and it makes a dull song an energetic form.
Remix songs are made to feel energetic and refreshing.
But there is a negative impact of remix music because when you listen to remix songs repeatedly you feel irritated. So, some of it can irritate you because of its beats and loud base.
Thank you.

Master__sachin said:   1 year ago
1. The song lost its originality.
2. It is more energetic.
3. There should be new content rather than copying the old one.
4. It does not connect us emotionally with the song.
5. By remixing they are just spoiling the song.
6. Remixing does not take that effort.

Tushar said:   2 years ago
It is a good step to make a song baseful and high beated. Because every youth only want (The song that energet them) something new. Remix music is a form of melodies music that helps you to be free from anxiety, stress, depression. It also spread happiness and joy in a person life.

Remixing of music is a good quality to held a person emotionally and mentally.

Airmen sumit yadav said:   2 years ago
I want to express my views on the given topic - remixing in music good Or bad.

It is difficult to judge that remixing is good or bad!

It gives a new form to a song. Remixing changes the old songs into energetic ones. It helps to remove our stress and tension.

But we cannot neglect its disadvantage like it ends the originality and feel of songs. Sometimes many songs have its deeper meanings and feelings but due to remixing it cannot reach to the audience.

Remixing need high volume it affects our hearing ability.

In conclusion, I want to say that remixing is an old product in a new package. It helps to remains old songs in trends.

Vikas Singh said:   2 years ago
I think that remixing is good because in the modern era many youths want some bass and high beat song that helps them energetic.

Remixing also makes the work of creators very easy as they have to only focus on bass, not on lyrics.

There will be no any harmful effects of remixing songs because the older songs still are available to listen, if one wants to listen then he may switch to the older one.

Aayush bajpai said:   3 years ago
According to me, remixing old music has both positive and negative impact, the word remixing means add on of new catchy lyrics and tunes which may b good or may b foul, generally the foul language lyrics music is adopted by youths of our generation, which are somehow disobeying the feelings of elders, because they are making that old beautiful song with foul language just for entertaining youths, but remix has some positive impacts too like some old song was not much famous that time, so they got an identity. Now we go and search for the old version of music but according to section 2 p of the Indian copyright act of 1957, we must have the permission of the creator who has spent their time for that masterpiece.

RINKU DAHIYA said:   3 years ago
According to me, remixing of music is interesting for someone and it can be irritable to others. Everyone has their own point of view.

The older people can not bear this remixing even a second (exceptions also present) due to bass used in these type of songs which disturb their mental health. So in this regard remixing of music is bad.

But some youths (not all) love this remixing because it creates interest in them to listen to the old songs also. Although it gives the opportunity to music lovers to recreate a song according to their own interest and also earn money by this practice.

Remixing also makes dull listening to songs sounds very good. But also makes peaceful and heart touching songs (like of Arijit Singh) irritating and barbarous.

Every coin has two aspects, this one has also.

Vivek Kumar said:   3 years ago
Remixing music is not good because it reduces the quality of original song and the level of the song is decreased before past time song feel calmness and freshness if we heard the song remix song are not a good idea because it shows our weakness of music site it shows the lack of thinking of music writer they do not think deeply and last I conclude that new song invention better option than remix song people are boring seen recreate son thank you.

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