Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?

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Shivam Shukla said:   1 decade ago
Sometime it is good because it revives some old songs which are almost forgotten but are such classic one such that they should be remembered throughout. On the other hand the dance and scene which we call glamor is added which deteriorate the classic beauty of the song, while when we use to compare those songs with old one the guys who were familiar with old songs tend to avoid these remixes because they don't like the fast beats and the kind of glamor which is added to it.

Others who were unaware of those songs use to like them because they are with surety that the quality is good and all that what present generation want is there in those. So it is good at one point but bad at other, considering all the aspects of this we can say that it's generally liked by present generation while musician of old times don't appreciate them much.

Vignesh Bharathi said:   1 decade ago
The concept of remixing is good and it is necessary in todays situation. nowadays this concept destroys the original theme and morality of older songs.To improve their name and fame these songs have been damaged. the art of creation is good but at the same time we should not disturb or damage the already existing one.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
NO, Obviously its not a good concept, remixing causes a loss of originality. Now a days remixing is nothing but adding the Rock Music with old songs. You can find easily that each remixed songs contains only the Rock music not a simple or slow music. If you say that many peoples likes the remix songs, so i want to clarify that peoples likes only the Rock music with high bass and high frequency. if peoples want such kind of music so why the remix songs only, develop the new songs with such kind of stuffs at least our old and popular songs will not lost their originality.

Foram said:   1 decade ago
there is one benifits that it reminds old songs which are almost forgoten.but it lost sweetness of the original songs. but this not case each time.sometimes remixed songs are better than old one as their lyrics suit in fast music rather than slow music

Ajay bansal said:   1 decade ago
it is very good concept, because mainly songs are listened for enjoyment, and type of enjoyment depends on mood, so some type we become very happy, and to enjoy that moment we need remixes as fast music, and sometime to get relief from stress we need soft music or old music, so there should not be any problem with them.

Kapilr said:   1 decade ago
Look my dear friend ajay! Here we are discussing about the Remixing is a good trend or not, we are not talking about the mood of individuals.

Who told you that when peoples are in good mood they require remixes songs only & how you can decide the mood of peoples. Fact is old songs are not composed by Electronic musical devices, they are composed by different type of our ancient instruments which is still very melodies. So why we remixed the songs, did you heard one thing- "old is gold". I think there is no need to exhaust the reputation of old songs just for high frequency musical beats.

If people wants high beats compose new songs that's it.

Ashlesha said:   1 decade ago
I completely agree with kapilr as i think remix is just the new form of music modern music. Although i stress that our ancient culture should be preserved. In the end i would like to conclude that remix is not a bad trend in music just as industrialization is not bad!

Ankur Soni said:   1 decade ago
My dear friend kapilr I don't agree with your point. Remixing is done just to make song more enjoyable. It doesn't stops you from listening old songs. So whats the big deal. I take an ex to explain my point. Our TV has lots of bad stuff that's being displayed but it doesn't forbid u to see good things.So remix doesn't force you to listen them, you can always listen original version. They are just to make song a bit enjoyable for those who like BASS.

Varun said:   1 decade ago
I would like conclude that remix of olden songs is good. Due to this some old songs are get popular. Some times we lost sweetness of the original songs, but this not case each time. Sometimes remixed songs are better than old one.

Ranjini said:   1 decade ago
I don't prefer this remixing it destroys the originality and beauty of the songs. It actually destroys the hardwork of our great old musicians.

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