Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?

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Binu said:   10 years ago
Hi to everyone.

According to me nothing re invented is bad, its just the way of looking at the things. Its our mind which portray anything to be good or bad. Its our reflection which is making things look bad.

How could a new music be a bad idea to the old songs.

It gives new life to the old songs. Now its up to you whether you go for the older one or go for the remix one. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO FOR THE REMIX IF IT IS HARMING YOUR HEALTH. See its about choice, AND WHICH IS IN OUR HAND. SO DON'T STOP ANY NEW IDEA FROM BEING IMPLEMENTED.

It is the creative mind which is showing us that the old song could also be presented in a new fashion. And so our youth would also hear it, we can have the idea of good lyrics. Which we might be missing because of our lack of interest in the old music.

See the old trend of music was for those people, that was their taste. BUT AS THE TIME CHANGES, THE TASTE TOO CHANGE. So it would be a good one for listening a song in more than one way.

And we can also learn from it that we are having multiple ways of doing any task. But the thing is we have to find it suitable for our customers, audience etc.

Thanks for reading.

Koyel Chowdhury said:   1 decade ago
Remixing an old song is acceptable as long as it does not hamper the taste and essence of the original music. I find most of the people having the misconception that the young generation could be influenced only by remixing old songs and adding lots of loud music into it. But the fact is, there are many youngsters who have a ample love and taste for good Indian music. The music of RD Barman was rocking enough on those days. Every song has its own sweetness and according to me addition of loud music does not add any other extra glamour to the song. The original feel of the song somewhere gets lost in the midst of such loud music. Nevertheless, remixing of old songs like "Saiyaan dil mein AAna re" or "Mera Piya gaye Rangun" have made these age old songs come more familiar to the youngsters.

To conclude, creative remixes that do not hamper the originality of the song could definitely be entertained but imposition of vulgar scenes and abusive words as a part of the remix strategy surely spoils the essence of the original composition.

Aman Yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone!

As we know that there many types of songs available in this present time, but if we observe the past time, before some decades ago, we find that there were not many types of songs, the types of songs was limited.

There was a trend of classical music, but nowadays people have a lot of options to create or make music, they have many types of electronic instruments and they can easily recreate the music, they are not changing the actual lyrics of songs but people are doing some experiments on songs, they are changing the tones, bass, using the equalizer, and many other things, tHis is also an art. So I can say that this good. And it is very good for those people who are creating the remix music because they don't need to focus on lyrics and other things, and youth also like it very much.

But there is another fact that it is changing the meaning of music and songs because singer and lyrics writer is working hard but remixer is getting the benefits.

But it is good!

Arpit said:   1 decade ago
Remixing is not a really bad idea, after all, its just something creative, something innovative. Just as spices add flavor to the food, remixing, in my opinion, does exactly this to music. Its good to hear a song, maybe an antique, or a latest one in a different way.

But excessive remixing scraps out the soul of the song. I mean, its not that you make a remix of any song. Like a soulful, serious song, on remixing may not sound that good as compared to the original version.

Nowadays, there is a blind craze for remixes and so the music albums include remix version for almost every song, unmindful of the very essence and feel of the song.

But we can't be too conventional towards any change. We need to keep pace with the fast changing world scenario. And so remixing should be encouraged to an extent up to which it is not MONOTONOUS. We just need a bit of COMMON SENSE to come into play.

Namrata said:   1 decade ago
I agree with what ammu said. Remix is enjoyable if the tempo and the feel of the song is not lost in the remixed version. The recording of the old songs was done obviously in non computerized studios and when we hear that stuff in our iPods and cell phones, the song will not be having soothing effect, so in that case remixing is appreciable where the song is rerecorded with all new voice and beats. Eg-i believe that most of you've heard "wo chali, wo chali', composed (remixed) by Bombay vikings where only first two lines have been taken from the original track and then the lyrics of the song changes to English. This sort of remix is appreciable. Having said that, remixing new songs is sometimes nice, but as said by others, most of the times it irritates and the original's track's melody is lost and what remains is only rocking and grooving beats.

Shivam Shukla said:   1 decade ago
Sometime it is good because it revives some old songs which are almost forgotten but are such classic one such that they should be remembered throughout. On the other hand the dance and scene which we call glamor is added which deteriorate the classic beauty of the song, while when we use to compare those songs with old one the guys who were familiar with old songs tend to avoid these remixes because they don't like the fast beats and the kind of glamor which is added to it.

Others who were unaware of those songs use to like them because they are with surety that the quality is good and all that what present generation want is there in those. So it is good at one point but bad at other, considering all the aspects of this we can say that it's generally liked by present generation while musician of old times don't appreciate them much.

Mithun Behera said:   1 decade ago
According to me remix is not a good trend in music because you know the old song which is very pleasant to listening because there are some way and rule of the song if some one listen at sorrow mood he can found the peace but the remix song only gives us enjoy that means when you are at enjoy mood you can see you can not listen the remix song at the time of danger, and other sorrow mood but, you can listen the real song and not re-mixable song at the time of sad mood so you can also see the old song also now we listen so more but we listen the remix song when it is comes to the cinema hall but when other remix songs comes to the market I thing we refuse the old remix so you can easily say the old music which is not remix that song is now also the people listen and tomorrow also the people will listen so remix is not proper trend music.

Ammu said:   1 decade ago
Friends all said your opinion on remix which sounds good. I like to share my view on it, each thing when took for discussion has two effects both good and bad. Likewise remix found to be approachable nowadays by youths who have eagerness towards western and it provides opportunity for growing musician who took old songs lyrics alone without searching for newline and making that to remix by inserting high tempo. Some old songs in high tempo will be good whereas in another it may irritates the classic singers if high tempo doesn't suit it. Melody is always hear able because of its slow tone. Where remix is always enjoyable since its rocky. Finally one thing to say that we cannot hear remix songs under high tension to become cool and we cannot hear melodies during most enjoyable moments to become memorable.

Harry said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends!

Nowadays Remixing is the recent trend. Every film has a famous remixing song. That only the particular recognized by the people. In addition to, they are also ruined the originality of the songs. "Old is gold" no one can generate sweetness of the song. Those songs are emerging feelings from our heart.

Remixing also spoils the creativity of a person. For example, a famous song is remixed from a from song. There is no need to any lyricists and music also. They just copies from the old version. And applied to the new version songs. But only some of the people are enjoying such kind of songs. Whenever people heard the Remix song they are feel like very Boring. People want to hear a new songs with the help of high technology instruments. Finally, Remixing is not good for future Cinema.

RINKU DAHIYA said:   3 years ago
According to me, remixing of music is interesting for someone and it can be irritable to others. Everyone has their own point of view.

The older people can not bear this remixing even a second (exceptions also present) due to bass used in these type of songs which disturb their mental health. So in this regard remixing of music is bad.

But some youths (not all) love this remixing because it creates interest in them to listen to the old songs also. Although it gives the opportunity to music lovers to recreate a song according to their own interest and also earn money by this practice.

Remixing also makes dull listening to songs sounds very good. But also makes peaceful and heart touching songs (like of Arijit Singh) irritating and barbarous.

Every coin has two aspects, this one has also.

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