Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?

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Khushboo Jain said:   4 years ago
Remixing nowadays have become a trend in music and it is mushrooming really very fast.

Sometimes it gives a beautiful life to the boring and dull songs but at times, it ruins the essence of songs. And these days, all the retro songs are being remixed so frequently that it seems the day is not so far when every retro song will have its duet in remix form.

One advantage of remixing is that the composer does not have to think of the lyrics and by just taking the copyright of the particular song and remixing it can earn lots of money!

Today's children like more of remix music than slow and smooth music. And moreover, they too become the central attraction for any get-together.

But according to the senior citizens, the remixing have completely changed the literal meaning of retros.


Binu said:   10 years ago
Hi to everyone.

According to me nothing re invented is bad, its just the way of looking at the things. Its our mind which portray anything to be good or bad. Its our reflection which is making things look bad.

How could a new music be a bad idea to the old songs.

It gives new life to the old songs. Now its up to you whether you go for the older one or go for the remix one. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO FOR THE REMIX IF IT IS HARMING YOUR HEALTH. See its about choice, AND WHICH IS IN OUR HAND. SO DON'T STOP ANY NEW IDEA FROM BEING IMPLEMENTED.

It is the creative mind which is showing us that the old song could also be presented in a new fashion. And so our youth would also hear it, we can have the idea of good lyrics. Which we might be missing because of our lack of interest in the old music.

See the old trend of music was for those people, that was their taste. BUT AS THE TIME CHANGES, THE TASTE TOO CHANGE. So it would be a good one for listening a song in more than one way.

And we can also learn from it that we are having multiple ways of doing any task. But the thing is we have to find it suitable for our customers, audience etc.

Thanks for reading.

Aman kumar said:   5 years ago
Some songs have deeper meaning, feelings and emotions involved in it that the music composer want to express it to their audience. In this type of songs remix is a bad idea because it degrading the originality of that song.

Some songs for eg. Party songs have lesser feeling and emotions involved in it and more focus on their music rather than lyrics. In this type of song remix can be done only with the permission of the music director of that song, remix of such song feel refresh and energetic to our mind and body and also give home for music artists to show their creativeness and new innovation.

Conclusion is that not every song is meant for remix. We can't say remixing is good or bad but it depend on selection of the song.

Kumudini said:   8 years ago
In my view remixing is good as well as bad at some extent. Some really melodious and excellent songs are forgotten and new generation even don't know about that song. Hence remixing and re-release of that song adds new flavor in the song and people like to hear them. By again hearing the song people gain interest about knowing that song history. So it is good.

But in some cases that remixing can be go wrong and the real essence of the song is lost. So it is all depends on how mixing is done.

Subrat said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone. In my point of view, the remixing of the song became a new trend nowadays which is not good at all.

Remix of a song somehow decreases the originality of that. In order to add some bass, terrible, flat like equalizer makes the song so dull. Even remix finishes all the feelings of the song in case of all romantic, pathetic and vocal song.

But like a coin, everything has two sides similarly remix system has some merits which provide a great advantage on the new generation. As I have a said it became a trend nowadays, everyone wants something different than original which is done by the remix.

At last, I would like to say you have to adopt all changes in society. It's all about our decision that which one we chose and which one not. THAT'S ALL. THANKS.

Yash said:   6 years ago
As per my views, remixing isn't a bad idea at all. People are coming up with innovative and creative thinking just for the sake of entertainment. We should always appreciate and welcome new ideas. Remixing is nothing but an old product in a new package.

Vaibhav Sakhare said:   7 years ago
According to me, the remixing of the song is a good trend, and there is no contest between old song and remix song.

Because it upon the people interest what they like. If someone like old songs he/she can listen old and If someone like remix songs he/she can listen old but what about the people who like both old and remix songs?

So, I think remixing is a better way to alive the old song in an advance way.

Ajmal babu said:   10 years ago
If you hear a song born in 1950's you can't hear much musical instruments, but in 70's there was an explosion of electrical instruments and it is continuing. So what basically remixing doing is giving 50's song an opportunity to new music, for which it was not lucky when born. Also now a days who LISTEN old songs? perhaps your parents or grandparents that too rarely. By remixing we are giving old sing an opportunity to fit in TIME.

Airmen sumit yadav said:   2 years ago
I want to express my views on the given topic - remixing in music good Or bad.

It is difficult to judge that remixing is good or bad!

It gives a new form to a song. Remixing changes the old songs into energetic ones. It helps to remove our stress and tension.

But we cannot neglect its disadvantage like it ends the originality and feel of songs. Sometimes many songs have its deeper meanings and feelings but due to remixing it cannot reach to the audience.

Remixing need high volume it affects our hearing ability.

In conclusion, I want to say that remixing is an old product in a new package. It helps to remains old songs in trends.

Rashi Pal said:   3 years ago
Actually, in my opinion remixing of music is not a better option because original song or music has the capability to make a person calm but it doesn't mean that remixing of music is totally bad sometimes good artists like Arijit Singh, AR Rehman etc has the capability to make a song or music better than the original with the help of remixing and some small but talented artists also make a good song like little Shah Rukh Khan song.

So, the conclusion is, remixed music can never replace the original music but sometimes remixed music can be better.

Thank you.

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