Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?

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Rax said:   3 years ago
Music is a geometrical series of words and sounds if we just mess its order then we find only noise. Sound & words have a dirrect connection to our feeling so first, we set these words to make a sense & feeling full but now after setting them we are mixing it where we are going.

But it depends only on people' intrests.

Rashi Pal said:   3 years ago
Actually, in my opinion remixing of music is not a better option because original song or music has the capability to make a person calm but it doesn't mean that remixing of music is totally bad sometimes good artists like Arijit Singh, AR Rehman etc has the capability to make a song or music better than the original with the help of remixing and some small but talented artists also make a good song like little Shah Rukh Khan song.

So, the conclusion is, remixed music can never replace the original music but sometimes remixed music can be better.

Thank you.

Sumit said:   3 years ago
Remix in songs become a trend in music industry and most of the youths like it more. But it has both positive and negative aspects because it makes dull and boring songs melodious and sometimes it wedded out the originality of songs.

SHEKHAR SINGH said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, the basic aim of remixing music is to draw the attention of youth. Many content creators, YouTubers are also doing this so efficiently and earning not only wealth but fame also but to be very honest this remixed music can't replace the old melodies. Old conventional music will always remain in heart of every people.

Nayan mishra said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to my point of view, remixing the song is not good, because by remixing the song we are just eradicating the feeling of old times evergreen songs, and just to advance it on the basis of our own interest and indulges few extra words in a Zig Zag way. And we are also disobeying our elder's emotions for old songs that were enchanted for our elders. And there were so many songs that were related to nature, culture, and beautifies the olden era. So remix of the song is not good.

Vivek Jagvanshi said:   3 years ago
As we know, we are living in the 21st century, everything has been changed so the trend of music also has been changed.

Today's generation such as children prefers to listen the remixing songs. Most of the people want to listen to remixing songs at the time of the party.

But according to the senior citizens, remixing is not good. They think that it is decreasing the feeling of the original song. Because they listen to music only peace and calm.

Amit chaudhary said:   3 years ago
Remixing in songs is a trend at present time. But, I want to say that it is not good for our precious life. It removes our concentration on the songs. It is un-useful in serious songs so it is not good for us. Remixing in songs is not proper in every song due to see the efficiency of the song.

Thanks to all.

Shree Ram sharma said:   3 years ago
We all know that time is changing now so as time is changing as a trend are also changing similar. It is said that a person should not change with nature nither it can be harmful to a human. As we saw, a lot of earthquakes and many disasters just because of human change. So according to my point of view, we shouldn't remix any song because it changes the whole feeling of a song. It makes any song noisy and aggressive. But the original song is known for calmness. By the help of the original song, we can feel relax. The original song is also benefits for old people because they need calmness in Their last time which is not possible in remix song. In the last, by this conclusion, we can say remix song is not a better option. That's all.

Anil said:   3 years ago
In my point of view, remixing is good because it is a new way to change old fashion to new fashion. Some people like to listen to old song and some listen to remix song it is own choice. It gave a life in an old song.

But in some cases, remixing gone wrong b/c it reduces the power of song so it all depends on how remixing is.

Aman Yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone!

As we know that there many types of songs available in this present time, but if we observe the past time, before some decades ago, we find that there were not many types of songs, the types of songs was limited.

There was a trend of classical music, but nowadays people have a lot of options to create or make music, they have many types of electronic instruments and they can easily recreate the music, they are not changing the actual lyrics of songs but people are doing some experiments on songs, they are changing the tones, bass, using the equalizer, and many other things, tHis is also an art. So I can say that this good. And it is very good for those people who are creating the remix music because they don't need to focus on lyrics and other things, and youth also like it very much.

But there is another fact that it is changing the meaning of music and songs because singer and lyrics writer is working hard but remixer is getting the benefits.

But it is good!

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