Is Paperless Office a Reality or Not?

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Raj kuumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone, my name is Raj.

My views on the paperless office is that in this world where everything is changing rapidly so the paperless office is acceptable and inevitable. Since almost every office work which can be done on paper can be done on a computer or say electronically. This system provides a secure and time-saving method of doing official work. By this we can send a large amount of data from one part of world another part will one click and almost all the office are using this. It reduces the chance of corruption that can be done on paper but by this, almost every one of the documents can be verified electronically. So this is system is good to accept. There are some issues relating to the working extent of this system it can be done with the help of internet and at least general knowledge of working on the computer a d in rural there is a lack of both the facilities. So the government has to work on that issue.

Shahzaman Khair said:   3 years ago
The paperless office is a reality. But it is not possible to apply in large parameters like Industries, Institution and Any govt bodies. Because many times documents is necessary only in paper. Like properties Documents and many other things. So I think paperless office initiative is good. It will help to curb pollution in Environment. But I think Govt should make completely apply paperless initiative and make Awareness program about those who are not much aware of this.

Sakshi Agarwal said:   3 years ago
According to me, the paperless office should be there but it has both negative and positive sides. At one side, it will be developed and technology will enhance with more use as the world is changing into the digital world and it will help in saving more trees and data can be stored more safe and secure with passwords etc. At one time papers will start damaged so I think there should be a paperless office but still some of them not believe in this because yes at one side they have the fear of storing data from being digital and sometimes manual work is more effective because sometimes internet connections or network may stop your work.

So from my point of view, if you have to change your brick office into click office then you should totally upgrade and confidential towards technology more use of technology will help in more effective work.

Subrat said:   4 years ago
Hi there. "NOW WE ARE LIVE IN DIGITAL WORLD". As the topic named "paperless" means there is less use of paper or reducibility of use of paper. Yes, I want to say that "Paperless office" really exist but don't get amazed it is adopted by abroad already but not in INDIA. In the case of paperless, there is a use of "DIGITALIZED PAPER" instead of normal paper. digital paper means if you want to send an application to your BOSS then you write the application in MSWORD and send to him through E-MAIL or whatever you prefer.

Obviously, there will be some benefits than the traditional one. Those are

1. Time consume.
2. Less workload.
3. No complexity.
4. Papers will be stored in an organized manner with the help of Database concept.
5. No physical damage etc.

But some demerits are may occur because "100% perfect does not exist".

1. Backup should be required.
2. Machines (Comp) are required.
3. The employee should learn office work including computer work.

I hope you like my thinking on this topic. Thanks for reading.

Prasanna M said:   4 years ago
According to my point of view, a paperless office is just a dream because nowadays apps and technology updated but people still believe in papers because they don't believe in human because nowadays I have seen this cases I give a small example.

I will take an MBA project as an example universities has given guidance to all students to collect project permission letter and certificate from the company here the company should give a certificate it is papers.

It is impossible in a country like India.

Dhananjay sarangi said:   4 years ago
Paperless office is possible. Initially we will take some to adopt this new format. But, always a change brings a new revolution.

Now, we have time to take decision, we can save our earth.

If we dnt, then ultimately we have to face it's consequences & that time we will have to comply some more restriction even worse than this system.

We should welcome the new changes for our future generation and for the world to survive.

Thank you.

Shubham said:   4 years ago
It is very difficult to maintain a huge database at all times. Sometimes we can arrive at kids and crucial data may be lost in a stack of papers.

Venkatesh said:   4 years ago
Yes, it is possible. The main purpose for initiating paperless office is for saving our precious time.

Every idea will have some disadvantages, without disadvantages there are no ideas. So we should try to initiate it. The ratio of advantage is high for this idea.

Indrajit said:   5 years ago
Hello, guys, my name is Indrajit.

I think the paperless office would be true. Because it is low time consumption. Very easy. Economically and also ecology gives us benefit. Also not have a responsibility to store and save big files. But I there is too many government officers who are serving in the rural area.

Who doesn't have known too much knowledge of computer?

And secondly, India has not had too much secure connection. If this two problem can solve then definitely paperless office will be work.

Naziya khan said:   5 years ago
India has lastest youth population in the world who are having knowledge of online world except the few one. Paperless India is an amazing era when there is no need of keeping bundles of files and heap of papers with ourself although with a just click of a button we can able to grab the information easily and conveniently.

In offices, the work will become easy and effective also saves time. Through gadgets, the work burden of officials will reduce and make their life easy.

Delhi government is preparing to go for paperless offices in all departments. If it will come to reality it will surely benefit the country.

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