Is Paperless Office a Reality or Not?

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Bisileesh said:   1 decade ago
Certainly, it is a reality. Because this is a digital world, in which there is no role for papers. The offices with full of records,books and papers became history. Nowadays computers started to rule the world. Then what is the need of papers? I think all the HARD COPIES will turn to SOFT COPIES in near future.

Abhijit Dubey said:   1 decade ago
Ofcourse its a reality,but up to certain extent. We should not be totally dependent on the computer to get the jobs done and it is also the fact that at some points like "appointment letters", Property paper like stamp paper and all, it requires physical existence, logically it would only be faster, but to get the job done it must be physically present at your sight.

Supriya said:   1 decade ago
Indeed, paperless office is a reality. Decades ago, who had thought computer would be so advanced that even a child knows about its whereabouts. The complicated machines we encounter today in our lives,would not had even thought about by our forefathers.

People will face difficulties, get exacerbated upon new paperless tradition, but gradually they will accept likewise other technologies.

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