Is Paperless Office a Reality or Not?

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Venkatesh said:   5 years ago
Yes, it is possible. The main purpose for initiating paperless office is for saving our precious time.

Every idea will have some disadvantages, without disadvantages there are no ideas. So we should try to initiate it. The ratio of advantage is high for this idea.

Indrajit said:   6 years ago
Hello, guys, my name is Indrajit.

I think the paperless office would be true. Because it is low time consumption. Very easy. Economically and also ecology gives us benefit. Also not have a responsibility to store and save big files. But I there is too many government officers who are serving in the rural area.

Who doesn't have known too much knowledge of computer?

And secondly, India has not had too much secure connection. If this two problem can solve then definitely paperless office will be work.

Naziya khan said:   6 years ago
India has lastest youth population in the world who are having knowledge of online world except the few one. Paperless India is an amazing era when there is no need of keeping bundles of files and heap of papers with ourself although with a just click of a button we can able to grab the information easily and conveniently.

In offices, the work will become easy and effective also saves time. Through gadgets, the work burden of officials will reduce and make their life easy.

Delhi government is preparing to go for paperless offices in all departments. If it will come to reality it will surely benefit the country.

Neha kashyap said:   6 years ago
My self Neha guys, according to paperless work is good idea because it's having lots of advantages.

1. It encourage to digital India most of the people know about technology.
2. It's save trees we all know that trees play important role in our life like breath.
3. It's also protect our environment to spoil.
4. We don't need to carry our all documents every time and no possibility lose.
5. We can secure our document in laptop and computer.
6. It do work in some second by the computer no possibility of mistakes.

Rampal duddi said:   6 years ago
Yes, paperless offices are reality because it save trees which are our life.

Nanda said:   6 years ago
Yes, this is true that it is modern era. For the blessings of science and technology, we can easily do those things which were beyond of our thoughts one day. And in presents, we are proceeding towards making the whole world digital. I also support the idea of the paperless office. We are already able to do some works via internet access, like- online shopping, payment, banking, depositing money, admission in schools or colleges etc.

But we have to remember that our country is not a developed country, it is a developing country. In the rural side, people have no idea about the computer. They don't any how to use it. Even there are many villages in the mountainous region, where electricity does not reach till now. Leave those areas, if we search in our own town, we can get many people, who are not serious about digital India. We can't make India digital only with those people who are aware and serious about digital India. We have to make all people aware.

Not only that, in America the Avg Net speed is 13 Mb/s And Avg. Peak net speed is 54 Mb/s. Where India has 6.5 Mb/s Avg net speed and 29.7 Mb/s Avg peak net speed. This bad net speed sometimes hampers the daily life. The bad net connection interrupts the online banking, depositing money, online admissions in school or collages, office works etc.

Nowadays social crimes are increasing at the rate at which science is moving. Many internet hackers, international terrorists are hacking the secrete documents of the nations and abuse that. So there is question arises about security.

Some people are telling that if we can make India paperless, we can save a number of trees. Yes, it is obviously true. But we have to see. It takes 24 trees to make one tone of uncoated non-recycled printing and office paper. And one tree makes 8333.3 sheets. If a factory has the capacity to use 4 trees to make 33,332 sheets. They will use 1460 trees in a year. But in the maximum state, it cuts down nearly 15.08 lakh trees development project of road widening. Besides, that people cut down trees for making houses, multi-storied buildings, fly-overs, bridges. So the number of cutting trees for roads, flats, bridges is more than the number of cutting trees for paper. So we can save very few number of tree, which is like dropping a glass of water in the sea. We have to reduce cutting trees from all sides. Stop using paper is not a solution.

So firstly, we have to make our citizens aware of digital India and we should delivery the knowledge of computer in the rural areas. We have to make them not only literate but also well-educated. We have to make them informed about the specialty of computer and internet excess. The economic condition of our country must be strengthened. Only then we can make digital India and paperless office. Before these it is impossible.

SANTOSH K BEHARA said:   6 years ago
Hii friends.

I think it's a good idea to go paperless work.

Because if we do so.

1-We will save tree.
2-It will be economic.
3-Its a good step towards digital India.
4- Easy to analysis digital data than paper work.
5-Aquire less space.

Only one thing we need to do that we have to enhance our security level so that only authorised people can access.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
I am not against the paperproof office.

Buy I have a dilemma like,

Will we remain in the same era without adopting the new technology?

Will we not make our office work more efficiently and work friendly?

Will we not save our environment?

This dilemma is solved as follows.

Every paper costs four rupees and if any drafting is there we are wasting paper.

The paper comes from tree thus by making office without paper will make us eco-friendly.

Speedy action and the process will increase.

We will make our office towards e-literacy.

Though security concern will be there but making security layer tightened and tier basis we can be made it difficult.

Thus, I support paperless office.

Nikky said:   7 years ago
@Manu Govind

Thank you for the information but at many places paper is the necessity and we can't go paperless.

Manu govind said:   7 years ago
@ Nikky, please know the provision of law.

Legal recognition of electronic records.

Where any law provides that information or any other matter shall be in writing or in the typewritten or printed form, then, notwithstanding anything contained in such law, such requirement shall be deemed to have been satisfied if such information or matter is:

(a) Rendered or made available in an electronic form.
(b) Accessible so as to be usable for a subsequent reference.

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