Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Dibyangi said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends, I'm Dibyangi.

Today, we're going to discuss love is it a curse or blessing.

For me, love is one of the best positive emotion in our life. Love makes our life beautiful and full of joy expectations etc. Love is a god given precious wealth through which we feel satisfied even in a poor condition, it is pure. We get courage, inspiration from love. It encourages us to go ahead. Towards our dreams and also for a bright future. Real love always means unconditional love. It doesn't cause troubles, troubles are caused be possessiveness, expectation etc.

Love can change one's life. Sometimes we see some people change their earlier bad habits for love. Love is not painful. For the couple but sometimes it became very hard for the lovers to live a peaceful life for the cruel people around us. But if lovers are always live together and stands for each other in well &woe they can easily cross the pain given by others. In the painful situation of life, we thought love is as curse. Love blossoms through this type of life event so I think no one can break true loves and we also know this fact from our day to day life seeing people around us, So love isn't poisonous but very precious.

SIVAPRAVEEN said:   7 years ago
Hi. As my thought Love is precious. Love is like a GOD you didn't ever seen, you can only feel. Love is not only in between the boy and a girl, it is between the two hearts, Love is a carrying one. The relation between the Son and Mother or father is also called the love.

In another way, Kiss or holding a hand or Talking on a phone all the time is not the only way to express the love it will happen or blows only when the two hearts are connected. If two of them are disconnected for some reason did you think that love was gone or break with the reason of distance? Love is not How Long they are and how close they are, there will be a love till the end of their life. Love is also making a man or women happily forever and also to make one to success in their life. I Conclude by saying Love is always precious.

Thank you.

Naveena D said:   6 years ago
Good Evening Everyone,

According to me, Love is always precious. Love is important for everyone's life. Without love, we cannot live. Everyone should provide love to all. That has sweet one. Then life will be very sweet.

If everyone shares our love to all, life will be to come best and stress less one. Nowadays many of the people have stress and tension. They do not talk to anyone else. So please share your love to everyone and then be always happy in our life.

Thanking You.

YAMINI said:   3 years ago
Love is beautiful if there is trust and understanding. I believe that, the true love is what our parents give us. So, in your life if you meet a person who understands you, trust you and take care of you as much as your parents did then he/she is definitely a right person. People say love is blind and you tend to do wrongs things. But, I don't believe it. If you are with a right person who really trusts you then, you will go in a right path and the person whom you are in love with will show you the right path if you are doing wrong.

Love can be precious or poisonous. It depends on the person we choose and the way we handle it.

Sirivennela krishna said:   8 years ago
In my point of view love is on one hand precious, on the other hand poisonous.

If the lad and lass have capacity to convince their parents then only they should say about their relation in their families. We don't know when, where, at what time we fall in love. It is beyond our control. So loving is not a crime.

On the other hand if the pair think their families do not accept their marriage, then the best way is try to forget your partner. Why because if the parents did not agree, then after also you getting married they will be happy for some time only. Then they will be worried of their parents.

Thank you.

Shivani Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hey, mates. ! Love is a beautiful thing simultaneously, no age for love.

"Love Never fails but people fail in love" So those person who love each other very rare in present scenario. If I talk about this Youth is not take serious they just think like a Game. Never Hurt someone or never play with the feelings of someone. According to my own personal believe, I agree with this statement"real love is not want gifts just want time, compromisation, understanding and all that gaze.

Pranav said:   9 years ago
As I think that love is precious it is our life it is not compulsory that there is a relation between a boy or a girl it can be in friends, parents, brothers or sister etc. It is good to love but when it cross the limit then it become poison. Most important things in a relationship should be there will be no doubt, there should be understanding in both person and last thing is that they love each other truly. Then it is precious otherwise it is poison.

Mr. Practical said:   7 years ago
Love is an Attraction and illusion which we create. Love can happen with anyone and many times. If you are loving truly with someone and in return he/she is also loving with same excitement then it's precious. If a person is not loving you with same excitement then believe me it is just a time pass so don't be in such relationship else it will be poisonous.

Surya said:   5 years ago
Hi friends, Good morning.

In my point of view, love is a precious one. Because without love anybody can't live. Every parents whose live only for an son's love. One thing I want to say that "TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD". Generally we see, whose parents give too much love our children those are go to pieces its not love fault it is the fault of accompanist and don't care our children.

In the love between girl and boy, it's also good but only one thing to pervert which is more expectation between them.

Love is a feeling it's not a learning process that is learnt.

Conclusion :

Love is a precious thing in our life without it there is no advantage of leaving.

Vikas Singh said:   2 years ago
According to me, Love is precious for those who love someone by their internal beauty and poisonous for those who love by their external beauty.

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