Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Alcham said:   4 months ago
Hello , Greetings to all.

The discussion of Love being precious or poisonous is never-ending. It is a responsibility that decides its nature of being precious or poisonous. Affection is important in every relationship. But having a responsibility that truly decides our fate about Love. It is precious if you have compassion for your emotion. Otherwise, it is a poison that can destroy the entire existence of the entities.

Tapadhir nath said:   12 months ago
Love is one of the most beautiful feelings a human can feel. It is a human tendency to give and get loved. But as we know that anything that is excess has always been proved fatal. Love in excess or rather expressed in irresponsible or selfish ways has proved to be poisonous. Love in its own is beautiful and precious but I feel it's up to us how we express it.

Sejal Rawat said:   1 year ago
Hi I am Sejal Rawat from Dabra.

In my opinion, love is both precious and also poisonous, And every coin has two sides.

Now, I want to tell you about love you know that love has two sides like a silver coin if I show my way it a depends on the person in what way they take love wrong way or right the way in the time of today you will have shown generations take like a business or things take it when you want and leave it when you want.

But true love makes a person happy that sometimes if you choose the wrong person with your partner your life will be collapsed.

And we also know that true love never falls it is dependent on choosing your partner if they are suitable for you.

Thank you.

Vikas Singh said:   2 years ago
According to me, Love is precious for those who love someone by their internal beauty and poisonous for those who love by their external beauty.

Main kaun hoon said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon to all of you.

Today, I am thankful to get participated in this occasion. So first of all, what is the definition of love that person who can defined that this person may not know what is the actual mean of love because love is completely definition less priceless and an unconditional felling our today generation makes that a love to be one types of business so there is a particular limit of love and without any conditions as example if a mother said to a son that if you give me iPhone costly dairy milk then I will show you my affectionate love but now our generation makes love as a business so love is precious if is beyond the limit because its a limitless feeling created between persons, animals even if with some non-living thing like bike laptop toys etc so love can't be precious or poisonous but our mindset make it more devasting and culprits so I concluded that love is a magical feeling keep it in magic mode otherwise it's most deadly poisonous one thank you.

Prem said:   3 years ago
Love is precious, and it is depending on understanding each other. Sometimes it is painful. Present the world is full of fake people. We had to stay in our limits. Daily we are seeing in newspapers about deaths of lovers these incidents happening due to fake ones.

Finally, I want to say is sometimes love is precious and some times poisonous.


Saurabh yadav said:   3 years ago
I think love is precious for those who trust on relationship and poisonous for those who did fake love. As we can say our parents love is true love and also precious in which we can trust upon. It also depends on he/she how they are understand feelings of each other.

Thank you have a nice day.

YAMINI said:   3 years ago
Love is beautiful if there is trust and understanding. I believe that, the true love is what our parents give us. So, in your life if you meet a person who understands you, trust you and take care of you as much as your parents did then he/she is definitely a right person. People say love is blind and you tend to do wrongs things. But, I don't believe it. If you are with a right person who really trusts you then, you will go in a right path and the person whom you are in love with will show you the right path if you are doing wrong.

Love can be precious or poisonous. It depends on the person we choose and the way we handle it.

Jingli said:   3 years ago
Love, when we just tell this word, maximum all faces are filled with smile. Because love is everywhere in the world and everyone has definitely had a love on something. In olden days they using this word only for a particular relationship, But not now. Love has the power to make one rich as well as poor. Here I mean rich and poor was about our mental condition. Today's world all people are running behind the money. No one have the time to spend even their family. There is no boundary in love. Even you are a millionaire, money will not come to your funeral for crying. Human, animals only have the feelings. Love is most purest one in the world. So be lovable with your family. Never miss those people who are all showing you the love.

Tinku paul said:   3 years ago
Hi friends, According to me, sometimes love is precious and sometimes it is poisonous. Mothers love always precious, there is no question of poisonous. But someone loves somebody for opposite sex sometimes even husband and wife it gets poisonous. People cheat, dupe, harass and sometimes they are so furious even they can murder each other. According to me nowadays peoples are very selfish they always think for their profit there is no question of love only wants to show they are very much concern for each other I e problem happens when they cannot control they take drastic action. Yes, somebody loves God it is precious.

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