Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Sunny said:   8 years ago
As a coin has two sides like that love has also two sides. One side Love is precious. It is a great emotion created by the ultimate supreme power i.e. God for the sake of the survival of people in this universe. The total 26 alphabets are not even enough to describe LOVE. Can we imagine our life as best without Mother's Love, without Father's Love, without friends love, without our life partner's Love, a teacher love toward a student and without society Love (cooperation) towards us? Absolutely No, we can't be happy even for a single second If no body Loves and care for us.

We can easily observe the difference between the persons who grow between lovable family members, friends, relatives, neighbors etc, and who are not. Even if lots of skills and good qualities are present in the people who do not cherish the love, but it seems always something missed in them. Love is like a fuel for every living being. It gives us enough courage, faith, self-confidence to face any hardships and to overcome any obstacle with great delight and with pleasure. Where the love will blossom It will become a Paradise of Earth.

On the other side, It is poisonous. Because it is our strength as well as our weakness. As we know "Too much of anything is good for nothing". In present era love became a materialistic word. We are showing our love towards others in the form of giving gifts on some special days like mother's day, teacher's day, valentines day etc. Can't we express our love towards them in an entire year, month, day, hour, sec?. Is it necessary to celebrate those days? Real love always gives, gives and gives but it expects nothing, amazing eg. Mother's Love. If we expect any love in return it will be poisonous for us.

DEEPS said:   8 years ago
Hi, friends.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to talk on this interesting topic.

I think love is an another name of the respect b/w individuals. It is the respect which we give to our mother, father, friends, and our partner. And in return of which we expect nothing.

Respecting in this context. I don't mean. Saying jii, aap or other respectful words. We should respect their personality, advice, and everything inspiring in them. If we truly respect someone then only we can expect to love that person.

Nowadays we are seeing that teenagers who don't even know what respect is. Are falling in love. Actually, that is not love. It is the attraction b/w the opposite gender. I am 17 so I can understand the feelings of the warm blood but I also truly understand what love is.

If we have crush, over someone. We start giving it the name of love but we don't understand that the relation in which we expect something is not loved but a deal of time and gifts.

Now we all are hearing a term 'break up'. Breakup occurs when the attraction b/w two bodies end up.

Because there was no connection of their souls, hearts and thoughts.

It was just the lust of full filling the needs of each other.

True love is seen b/w mother and her child, sister and her brother, husband, and his wife. Here lobe exists because they are connected via souls and hearts. Their thoughts can differ but they somehow manage to get a common theme.

Thank you.

Bipasha Ghosh said:   6 years ago
A Good morning to everyone on the other side.

I would like to begin my view with this saying "TOO MUCH IS TOO BAD". As anything, let it be good or bad, it is in excess, will destroy its essence. It happens in the case of love too. Love, if anyone near to or far from us shows to us, it depends upon the situation where love is being 'showered' or 'forced' upon us.

Love is something which should be expressed in a proper amount but this situation is truly ideal. Parents, relatives, friends who are true 'friends' (not 'enemies in disguise') shower excess of their love on us which makes us feel worthy but sometimes this excess love takes the form of poison when this love takes the form of obsession or over-possessiveness. Also, many times, it happens that whenever we need excess love, the shower is reduced to a drizzle of love which is mistaken by us as 'poison'.

So, it is important for the people to realise that though love is beautiful and such a feeling which can only be experienced and further expressed, it also should be kept in mind that only expressing love doesn't end the duty of showing themselves as responsible and sensible. The true responsibility will be fulfilled by people when they shower same love on all aspects on everyone whenever and wherever possible, thus taking a step to stop making love take the form of poison and to bridge the gaps!

Rohini Singh said:   8 years ago
Hello, friends. Love is the most precious and delicate feeling that always surround us right from the birth till our last breath. Protecting us in the form of parents, sharing the wildest joys in the form of friends, providing us completeness in the form of soul mates and then, finally we, ourselves showering all sort of love and affection to our children and we people who came alone in this world grow show much in love that we really find too difficult this beautiful and loving world. We still want to live and b a part of this world because we are soo much in love with this world but we failed to realize it's importance when we are young and find ourselves enough matured to answer about love. But the reality is we are so much involved in the race of the life and it's mirage fantasies that we forget our beauty and authenticity. At times being tired from this race, we find rescue in the form of girlfriend-boyfriend relationship and again when we are unable to handle that, we say love is fake and time waste. But it's not the love which is fake but your temporary feelings are, an outcome of your self-incompleteness. For a child, love exists and for parents to love exists. Then, why we develop a question mark on the purity of love as we enter adolescence.

So, love is totally precious and one who gets is the luckiest.

Thank you.

Sansita said:   7 years ago
Love is always the precious one.

Love makes one's life beautiful with various colours. Life without love is like a body without soul. In one's life, a man comes across various types of love. As the proverb is "everyone is unique" in the same way love is unique to everyone. Everyone get this precious love according to their age.

Love makes one live long with a cute smile. It gives us wings and makes us fly comfortably. It even provides us the freedom to express ourselves and think good about others.

Love towards god is divinity and love towards object is infatuation. In human life all forms of love lead his/her life happily. There is no love that is poisonous. If it is so then its not the love. It may be divinity, infactation, etc that are short lived. Love is not the short-lived but lasts ever with us in our heart even though the person we love dies.

Even other creatures love. They never even think that the love is poisonous. As there is no harm from love.

True love is that precious thing which is hard to cut relations, prettiest, and shines like the northern star -so firm and with happiness of love.

Happiness is the one that is expected by everyone. This precious love provides the natural contentment.

So, we shall stop hating and try loving everyone. As life is short and enjoys our life with this love.

Edward S. said:   8 years ago
It is one in the same. Love brings about heartbreak, when you are separated from the one of your truest, most pure, inner most affections and tender thoughts and kindly contemplations things begin to break and eventually come to the point of lacking self sustainability or the desire to. Love is what weakens and brings kings to their knees abiding to the edict of someone out of the softest of wishes and whims.

Such a soft and noble thing can easily be manipulated because the will of those you love becomes your own out of the most sensitive and caring of thoughts and admirations. But love is magnanimous and if truly expressed in an exemplary way is the greatest extent of humanity and what it has to offer.

A perception of reality so greatly precious and adorned it is beyond human capability to communicate neither fully come to understand yourself. It will have you do things you would never do out of fear and self doubt, it would make you more courageous than you could anticipate and if held dearly enough will mold you into a better person, not because of selfish will, but to accommodate what the object of your desire and intense affection deserves according to your grand scale. Love weakens but rewards and humbles and will outlast and outlive time itself.

Dibyangi said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends, I'm Dibyangi.

Today, we're going to discuss love is it a curse or blessing.

For me, love is one of the best positive emotion in our life. Love makes our life beautiful and full of joy expectations etc. Love is a god given precious wealth through which we feel satisfied even in a poor condition, it is pure. We get courage, inspiration from love. It encourages us to go ahead. Towards our dreams and also for a bright future. Real love always means unconditional love. It doesn't cause troubles, troubles are caused be possessiveness, expectation etc.

Love can change one's life. Sometimes we see some people change their earlier bad habits for love. Love is not painful. For the couple but sometimes it became very hard for the lovers to live a peaceful life for the cruel people around us. But if lovers are always live together and stands for each other in well &woe they can easily cross the pain given by others. In the painful situation of life, we thought love is as curse. Love blossoms through this type of life event so I think no one can break true loves and we also know this fact from our day to day life seeing people around us, So love isn't poisonous but very precious.

Abhishek kumar k said:   7 years ago
Love is a variety of states, feelings and attitudes ranging from person to person. Love is an emotion of a strong attraction, personal attachment sometimes jealousy. According to me, love is a strong form of like. There are two types of love one is impersonal and the other one is interpersonal. Impersonally refers to loving a thing, foods etc. Interpersonally refers to love between human beings which is referred as mom's love, dad's love, siblings love and many. Love is a divine form like a god which can't be seen but can be felt. It's easy to be loved but true love is very rare. Nowadays love has just become a joke. But somewhere true love also exists. The purest form of love is said to be parent's love they sacrifice their lives to build us. Love is a power which leads a human to any extent and love is also a power which leads a man to top. For some people, it's precious and for the others it's poisonous it depends on the situation. Finally, I want to conclude that 'LOVE IS PRECIOUSES' its something equal to almighty.

To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and to be loved is everything.

Vipin said:   7 years ago

First of everything I want to describe,


In my point of view, love is never poisonous, it is always precious. There is only need to understand the facts.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should not expect anything from another side.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should be truthful to ourselves.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should be careful with his/her partner.

QUESTION - I want to ask one thing if one does not have gf/bf's love, doesn't he/she has love?

If there one does not have father/mother's love, doesn't he/she has love.

ANSWER - NO, ONE always has love, because love is the combination of our relationships and friendship.

And because love is second name of God. It is spiritual, you need not show it. You need not to.

Prove it.


---- If one refuse your love, no problem, make it your power and go ahead. You will get success definitely if.

Your love is true because love has a great power.

Nayana said:   9 years ago
Love is precious or poisonous,

The topic is really interesting, because at one or the other point of time all the human beings think about this topic at least once in their life time.

Before we enter in to this world one thing exists for us i.e., parents love. Later we revive brother love, sister love, relatives love, friends love. The love of all these people make 'life beautiful', so 'Love is Precious'.

But when it comes to relationship between boy & girl, the love will be precious only when they trust, understand, & respect each other. When these things are not found between them then love too won't exists only attraction matters their! That is poisonous not the Love.

To be frank love is "inspiration of life", when we are down in life, love is the only ray of hope to survive in this world. Love protects us from evilness. Love is the one which make us grown & gain good position in the society. Love is the "positive energy " of everyone's Life.

Love is the "wonderful creation of God", which is gifted to us by him.

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