Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Chandrakant trivedi said:   1 decade ago
Hi! Myself Chandrakant. In my opinion love is precious. It is the most beautiful thing by almighty god. It starts with childhood i.e., parents love, them siblings love, then friends love, then lovers love than husbands love then our childrens love. So, it is step by step creation of god. Every things that we have in surroundings is love. We human beings are thankful that we can feel it. Most importantly it is the togetherness or meeting of two soul.

Sri said:   1 decade ago
In my point of you love is precious than poisonous. Because love is a pleasant one. If somebody get true love from their lovable one they will achieve any thing in their life. Hence love can change al things. If you love yourself, the life definitely will be heaven.

Rakshita said:   1 decade ago
Love can never be poisonous. It is divine. It gives us the strength. It is the power which let us to fight against bad circumstances. It is the jealousy, hate etc. Which make us feel that love is poisonous. But love is above every feeling which binds the whole world.

Shruthi said:   1 decade ago
Hello friend. As per my opinion love is poison (boy & girl love not parents). It will make a healthy, normal person as mad. Our parents love us more than anything else, they scarify their life to build ours but what we'll do?we jus go behind d boy/girl who came in middle of our life. We hurt parents feelings, we give a pain that they can't bear. And person to whom we loved he/she will also give pain after few days only we came to realize that fact. This love just like a water bubble, it don't have more life. Its just a hell but the people think that has a heaven. I really petty for those who are in tad HEAVEN. Lover love like is thorn it always hurt. It never give freedom, they take lovers for granted. L= lake of sorrow, O= ocean of tears, V= valley of dreams, E= end of life.

Djea Prakash said:   1 decade ago
Love is the most important part of life!it is an incomparable thing in the world, the another word for love is trust! each people in the world must love at least one person! love is made up of two heart bonding together by just leave its ego, jealousy, etc. As I told yearly love is trust if anyone lovable person do bad thing to our another person its just turn to poisonous, this poison will hurts the heart very much rather then nerves and made the people to even sacrifice their soul!

Anu said:   1 decade ago
Its such a happening, feeling to express my views about love. Being in love or say growing with love is the most ever beautiful feeling one can experience entire life. As most of us quoted love is not just between a guy and a girl. Love is the care, concern & emotions that we have for our family, friends and may be for that someone special too. Love is the most precious gift of god. Just love someone unconditionally and life would be great. Its become poison when we start expecting to get the love back, that may or may not happen.

Feel Love, stay in love, Grow with love and die for love !

Dravida selvi R said:   10 years ago
Hai friends.

In my point of view, love is precious. If there is no love, then there is no auspicious life. Love is the only thing which change our life with joy. We should not blame it, by knowing someone's mistake in the name of love.

It gives brightness to our life, and dispels our sorrow. Many persons may like us, but only few love us. If we and they love truly, then it won't be poisonous. It is the gift of god, and it's the only thing to make the world peacefully and to restrict violence.


Let's love ourselves and let's love to lead our life.

Vidya said:   10 years ago
I think definition of love will vary from person to person. Love can be between mother-son, father-daughter, Sister-brother, Teacher-Student, and A Girl-A boy! Love is precious when it is full of trust, care, Understanding, Maturity, belief. But access of anything is always bad! So love can be poisonous when there are people thinking more through their dirty minds than heart. It can lead to Some crime. Today for some kinds of people love can be defined in only one word and that is"sex", which is very wrong concept! Love is very beautiful feeling if other person thinks of! so love is precious if it can be seen through right angle else it will definitely poisonous.

Ajay Singhaniya said:   10 years ago
In my opinion love is precious and only lucky one finds it. Love can't be poisonous.

It seems poisonous when we see the worst effect of it of someone who was really loving someone but the other person who was being loved by him didn't love him.

The thing is that love didn't do that but it was carelessness and ignorance for the love he was doing.

Suraj rizal said:   10 years ago
Love is always a wonderful thing in our life. Love creates humanity and without humanity and love how would be the world. We have also hair that love can tame the wildest. Its true because I have an example a person is raising 12 tiger in his forest and he use to visit consistently and when he use to go there all tiger would pamper him as if he is their one of the family member. See this is an example of love.

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