Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Priyanka s said:   9 years ago
Love is life. It remains with us before we are born and after we are dead. It is eternal, love has many forms like parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, lover, friends etc. In every form we feel love in different ways. Love can't be poisonous if its poisonous we can't say its love. Because love is always selfless, not boastful, faithful, kind, everything. Love teaches us how to survive at times of adversity. Its the basic need of a human being beside oxygen.

So love your life, love yourself, and be loved.

Pooja gupta said:   9 years ago
Obviously love is precious, it can't be poisonous. We can see from our family, why we are happy with family and why some people have homesickness, because they get love in their family. So-that we missed their family. If love is poisonous, then how people are managed their family members. Every relation would become fake without love. LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION OF ANY RELATION.

Pranav said:   9 years ago
As I think that love is precious it is our life it is not compulsory that there is a relation between a boy or a girl it can be in friends, parents, brothers or sister etc. It is good to love but when it cross the limit then it become poison. Most important things in a relationship should be there will be no doubt, there should be understanding in both person and last thing is that they love each other truly. Then it is precious otherwise it is poison.

ROHINI CHAUDHARI said:   9 years ago
Yes. Defiantly the love is precious. LOVE is the only thing that we without any cost. But to earn love is very great thing. Love is precious thing given by god. LOVE is the form of respect & care. So respect others & take care.

Arun s dhar said:   9 years ago
"Too much of anything is good for nothing".

Love is precious without possessiveness, but it is poisonous when possessiveness come forward. Love is beautiful feeling only if you can handle with care.

Khushbu ahuja said:   9 years ago
Love is not a word, its a feeling comes from the heart want to make someone for yours desperately. It may be expressed for your parents, brothers, sisters and your love.

It is poisonous in the situation when you love someone very desperately but he or she is not feeling the same for you or not giving you love in return. And you want him or her at any cost, you waste a lot of time for making him/her of yours but all are in ruin. That time it becomes a poison for your life.

Vikash bidrohi said:   9 years ago
I think love is a kind of feeling comes from at heart and also we can say that love is precious in our life without love we can't increase in our life. Love maybe different form like between a mother and son, father and daughter, a girl a boy etc.

If we love in positive manner then love can't poisonous but now a days person always think negative about love so its very difficult to handle love between a girl and a boy. We can understand by the help of ex. What is love.

Let us consider in one forest ten lions stay there and one man for protecting their and lions are very hungry if the lion does not love with man. Then the lions eats of man so love is very precious in our life.

Akhil Anto Alappatt said:   8 years ago
Even elixir is poisonous if it is in excess. This is same in the case of love. The base of any human relation is love. But the same love can do both good and harm to the person. I think we have to make some priorities in our life in the case of love for being successful.

Poulami roy chowdhury said:   8 years ago
Love is a very precious word from us. Love not only between boy and girls love. We also love our parents, brother, sister etc it is also called love. But as par my point of you love for each other should be precious but one side love is poisonous.

Deepika said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

Love is so precious. It's a boon given by god. In world the most precious love is mother's love. Love teaches us many things family relations, the bond of friendship so on. Without love no relation can be strong. So for giving such a precious love with no cost we must be thankful to our god.

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