Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Rakshita said:   9 years ago
Love can never be poisonous. It is divine. It gives us the strength. It is the power which let us to fight against bad circumstances. It is the jealousy, hate etc. Which make us feel that love is poisonous. But love is above every feeling which binds the whole world.

Sri said:   9 years ago
In my point of you love is precious than poisonous. Because love is a pleasant one. If somebody get true love from their lovable one they will achieve any thing in their life. Hence love can change al things. If you love yourself, the life definitely will be heaven.

Chandrakant trivedi said:   9 years ago
Hi! Myself Chandrakant. In my opinion love is precious. It is the most beautiful thing by almighty god. It starts with childhood i.e., parents love, them siblings love, then friends love, then lovers love than husbands love then our childrens love. So, it is step by step creation of god. Every things that we have in surroundings is love. We human beings are thankful that we can feel it. Most importantly it is the togetherness or meeting of two soul.

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