Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Shiva said:   3 years ago
Hello, friends, I want to say some lines on "Love is Precious or Poisonous". Love is a beautiful feeling. True love is Precious and fake love is poisonous. We can never leave that person who love us very truly. In my final words, Loves is precious because we can achieve anything with them.

Thank you.

ROHITH said:   3 years ago
In my point of view, love is a precious understanding between two persons and they should be interaction and state the group of feelings they can carry emotions, happiness,

Sadness, etc. Love is must be sacrifice and understanding the situation of the person both of must try to solve the problem and in case we think love is poisonous that must not understand between two persons they should be fake loves the universal truth mother love Is not must be better than brother' s love, father's love, I must conclude.

The love should have the responsibility of the which people are should be liking mostly so those people must be careful and must be a proper bonding them.

Krishna said:   3 years ago
Hi friends,

According to me, LOVE is precious. But fake love is poisonous. Love never separate persons. For instance if you hate somebody you will LOVE the same person some day but if you LOVE somebody and you want to left him because of several reasons but you will want to live with him for a single reason. If you truly love somebody you can't hate him in any situation, this is the power of love. Love stands for honesty, kindness and the beauty of the soul and heart. But if the love is fake, it is just selfishness, jealousy and the desire of money that takes place in the heart. If you have thousands reason to let them but there will be a single reason that you like to stay with them. Finally I will like to say that love is precious to good people or precious and is poisonous to poisonous.

Thank you.

Pranay Masurkar said:   3 years ago
According to me, Love is precious. Loving any person makes one's responsible person as everyone wants a good life with a good life partner and by considering this motive every lover is responsible accordingly situations. So according to my point of view love is precious because it makes us responsible and matures which is the need to live in a society with proud and honor.

Siva said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, love is both precious and poisonous and every coin has two sides.

True love never fails it is dependent on choosing your partner if he or she suitable for you.

True Love makes a person happy that same time if you choose the wrong person with your partner your life will be collapsed.

Mahima Kumawat said:   4 years ago
In my views, love is damn precious. Love is the interconnection of two souls. Love emerges when you develop a certain kind of affection and respect for someone and its very precious as it can change your life in a far better way.

Love can never ever be poisonous, & if you find it so, then it does not love certainly.

Pallavi Rajput said:   4 years ago
Love is either precious or poisonous it depends on person's mindset and way of approach. According to me, Love is very precious whether its between couples, parents, friend and anyone else and its very much depends how to take care of this bond. It can be poisonous when it goes beyond to limits of selfishness. Love gives many beautiful memories which makes life beautiful.

Sharmila said:   4 years ago

Love should be what we can see. Somebody think love is only created between the boys and girls interaction. That is nothing at all. Love can be approached by parents, friends, relation and husband. In that way, love is precious.

I conclude my point that there is a difference between love and like. For example, "when you like a flower, you can pluck it, but when you love a flower, you can water it daily - By, Buddha".

Nitesh said:   4 years ago
From my point of view, love is either precious or poisonous. Love is precious for the one's who gets the partner or the one who they met is caring and understanding, then the love is precious and everything is going well in this case l. And secondly love is poisonous for the ones who don't get the right person its just a formally maintained relationship. So it totally depends on the person whom you are met.

Adi said:   4 years ago
Hello guys, according to me, love is poisonous strictly speaking if we are talking about love relationship of boy and girl. This love takes all the freedom of them both and it puts a border for everything which includes friendship with other friends. Fear will be developed in both mind that they should not a breakup, and this makes them to strictly agree whatever they say even if they are not interested, I personally experienced many such cases. So, I have a strict opposition for love. So in my view love is poisonous.

Thank you.

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