Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Sweety said:   8 years ago
According to me LOVE is precious. There is no reason how love occurs all these are our feelings. Real love never miss there beloved once. But LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

Vidya kumar said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone.

According to me love is the kind of sweet poison for young boys. Because they are spoiling their carrier in love. They don't think about their family, they always think about their love. And they never be satisfied with their love and they have always doubted about their love.

Bea Santos said:   5 years ago
For my basis, for me love can be both precious and poisonous. Because there are so many kinds of love and relationship that all experience the love that can be so precious and all, but at the same time at some point that the love won't be always perfect 24/7 that's why it can be also poisonous for you and towards someone at the same time when you go through some hard stuff and problems together.

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