Is Love Precious or Poisonous?

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Krishna said:   3 years ago
Hi friends,

According to me, LOVE is precious. But fake love is poisonous. Love never separate persons. For instance if you hate somebody you will LOVE the same person some day but if you LOVE somebody and you want to left him because of several reasons but you will want to live with him for a single reason. If you truly love somebody you can't hate him in any situation, this is the power of love. Love stands for honesty, kindness and the beauty of the soul and heart. But if the love is fake, it is just selfishness, jealousy and the desire of money that takes place in the heart. If you have thousands reason to let them but there will be a single reason that you like to stay with them. Finally I will like to say that love is precious to good people or precious and is poisonous to poisonous.

Thank you.

PRIYA SANKAR said:   8 years ago
Hi Buddys,

According to my opinion, LOVE is precious but never be poisonous. I can say this by the love between parents & children, brother & sisters, wife & husbands between true friends are really precious.

In Some incidents it will be poisonous, it is poisonous in teenagers there is a attraction between a boy & girl. They thought that they are really in loving each other but they can't in this way they spoil their life. But mother loves their child so much, she is the world's greatest lover of child.

So love is really precious.

Vipin said:   6 years ago

First of everything I want to describe,


In my point of view, love is never poisonous, it is always precious. There is only need to understand the facts.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should not expect anything from another side.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should be truthful to ourselves.

- If one wants to love, then he/she should be careful with his/her partner.

QUESTION - I want to ask one thing if one does not have gf/bf's love, doesn't he/she has love?

If there one does not have father/mother's love, doesn't he/she has love.

ANSWER - NO, ONE always has love, because love is the combination of our relationships and friendship.

And because love is second name of God. It is spiritual, you need not show it. You need not to.

Prove it.


---- If one refuse your love, no problem, make it your power and go ahead. You will get success definitely if.

Your love is true because love has a great power.

Sharmila said:   4 years ago

Love should be what we can see. Somebody think love is only created between the boys and girls interaction. That is nothing at all. Love can be approached by parents, friends, relation and husband. In that way, love is precious.

I conclude my point that there is a difference between love and like. For example, "when you like a flower, you can pluck it, but when you love a flower, you can water it daily - By, Buddha".

Rohini Singh said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends. Love is the most precious and delicate feeling that always surround us right from the birth till our last breath. Protecting us in the form of parents, sharing the wildest joys in the form of friends, providing us completeness in the form of soul mates and then, finally we, ourselves showering all sort of love and affection to our children and we people who came alone in this world grow show much in love that we really find too difficult this beautiful and loving world. We still want to live and b a part of this world because we are soo much in love with this world but we failed to realize it's importance when we are young and find ourselves enough matured to answer about love. But the reality is we are so much involved in the race of the life and it's mirage fantasies that we forget our beauty and authenticity. At times being tired from this race, we find rescue in the form of girlfriend-boyfriend relationship and again when we are unable to handle that, we say love is fake and time waste. But it's not the love which is fake but your temporary feelings are, an outcome of your self-incompleteness. For a child, love exists and for parents to love exists. Then, why we develop a question mark on the purity of love as we enter adolescence.

So, love is totally precious and one who gets is the luckiest.

Thank you.

Mayank said:   6 years ago
As far as, I am concerned if there is expectations then the love will become poisonous. If you want to do a precious love then you have to get your expectations rid because expectation always hurts. If someone came to you and you got attract with that person then you would fall in love with him or her. Soon you started demanding to that person this creates expectation and everyone knows that expectation always hurts. So if there is expectations then there is a poisonous love if there is caring, understanding, believe and intruptions in bad habbits of that person then there would be a precious love.

Thank you.

HARINI said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Love is precious! It cannot be poisonous because it is feeling. From my point of view, there is no measure for love. Respect, Care is the way of expressing Love. So the only expectation we all have in our life is LOVE.

So, what you give is what you get!

Vidya said:   9 years ago
I think definition of love will vary from person to person. Love can be between mother-son, father-daughter, Sister-brother, Teacher-Student, and A Girl-A boy! Love is precious when it is full of trust, care, Understanding, Maturity, belief. But access of anything is always bad! So love can be poisonous when there are people thinking more through their dirty minds than heart. It can lead to Some crime. Today for some kinds of people love can be defined in only one word and that is"sex", which is very wrong concept! Love is very beautiful feeling if other person thinks of! so love is precious if it can be seen through right angle else it will definitely poisonous.

Mari selvam said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone I'm Mariselvam.

Love is precious because the true love was identified by one was very difficult to find but for someone the love comes quickly and goes quickly this type of love is poisonous and dangerous for the someone love comes late on his life for that person love is precious.

At the sametime love is precious or poisonous are depends upon that the two persons if both loves truly it will be precious but it is fake it is poisonous.

Thank you friends for giving this wonderful opportunity.

Have a wonderful day.

Priyanka s said:   9 years ago
Love is life. It remains with us before we are born and after we are dead. It is eternal, love has many forms like parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, lover, friends etc. In every form we feel love in different ways. Love can't be poisonous if its poisonous we can't say its love. Because love is always selfless, not boastful, faithful, kind, everything. Love teaches us how to survive at times of adversity. Its the basic need of a human being beside oxygen.

So love your life, love yourself, and be loved.

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