Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Hari Singh said:   1 week ago
The main thing for EV to educate ourselves first regarding the use of EV.

We should use EVs in eco mode and charge batteries at least after use of 80 per cent. The road infrastructure should play an important role in the long life of batteries and the life of vehicles daily commuters use EV to save the environment which we need of us on a priority basis.

Mohammad imthioz said:   2 weeks ago
Hello! everyone.

Today's topic is whether India is ready for electric vehicles.

Yes, because India is a developing country electric vehicles are the most important why because India's population increases year by year and everybody uses fuel vehicles and which increase pollution.

So, India should require electric vehicles to control pollution.

Riyaz Shamshuddin Shaikh said:   2 weeks ago
According to me, Electric cars are coal-powered cars. Their carbon emissions can be worse than gasoline-powered cars.

Rahul sharma said:   2 weeks ago
In my point of view, I think India is not totally ready for the E-vehicle.

There are some reasons;

*The main component of an EV is the battery and battery consists of lithium. in India, currently, lithium is not present in sufficient amounts.

*Charging stations in India are limited amount there are only a few charging stations present.

Prasad gangurde said:   2 months ago
If we want Electric vehicles to work in India we should aware the people that it is best way to prevent the pollution in the country it's the process of many years. It's not a case where it can start in 2, 4 years it will take time to build the ecosystem. The government plays a mean role in the ev's revolution, it's the future of our plant the fossil fuels are limited in our world people need to understand that.

Utkarsh maskar said:   2 months ago
I think India is not yet ready for electric vehicles because;.

The technology is not still developed and to produce batteries of vehicles lithium is req so India has not have many resources for lithium still we have not built a sufficient amount of charging stations so it would be a very out-of-control situation if people buy 100 e-vehicles and there are only 10 charging stations. We should be ready but it will take time.

Rajkumar Binod said:   6 months ago
Everyone thinks that EVs are green vehicles. But do you know that for charging the EVs, first, we need to burn fossil fuels and convert that thermal energy into electrical energy.
And that energy is used later on for charging EVs.

Some of you may say that there are renewable energy sources like solar. Still, you should also know that solar and other renewable energy sources are not yet sufficient enough. It's just a tiny factor in our total energy consumption.

So in one way or another, we are using fossil fuels.

But when we convert energy from one form to another, energy is always wasted.

So, in my opinion, India is somewhat ready for EVs. Still, we should also focus on increasing our renewable energy sources to power these EVs, so we do not need that much fossil fuel in the future.

Rohan Singh said:   6 months ago
Today's India is ready for anything with some ifs. Suppose all of us start using EV vehicles, Can we afford it?

Yes, Do we have the resources for it ?N0. Imagine waiting in line for hours just to charge your car and with the amount of population we have, it does not only imagine its prediction.

So, once when we are equipped with the required resources and Indian automaker's trust we will see certainly see EV Vehicles on our streets.

Bhuvaneswari Gowtham said:   6 months ago
In my opinion, obviously India is ready for electric vehicles because in the present scenario lack amount of diesel, and petroleum it's not enough for the entire country. Otherwise it's causes the pollution and affected the natural resources. So, in my opinion, electrical vehicles have a lot of benefits.

For example, electricity can be option from solar energy, wind energy etc. It's environment friendly.

Chandra Prakash Kushwaha said:   6 months ago
Among the world's 20 most polluted cities, India is in 13th position.

So, we have to use Electric Vehicles to change this.

Electric Vehicles are 100 per cent eco-friendly. They do not emit toxic gases or smoke into the environment which leads to global warming and helps to reduce pollution. It requires less maintenance than conventional vehicles as there are fewer fluids to change and fewer moving parts.

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