Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Avantika yadav said:   20 hours ago
Hello everyone.

Today's topic is electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are introduced due to increasing global emissions in the world. Electric vehicles are necessary as it decrease pollution and it is affordable to buy for everyone and due to electric vehicles, petrol prices are also reduced in the country. India is yet not ready to produce electric vehicles because to produce electric vehicles the main component is the battery which is made up of lithium and China is the largest producer of lithium. So, first of all, India depends on China for this and India also needs to make power stations to charge EVs which incurs huge costs.

Shubh patel said:   1 week ago
Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Shubh. Today's topic related to electric vehicles is really important for the automobile sector.

The electric vehicle is useful for a reduction in pollution in the environment. In winter our capital Delhi is high polluted city in the world. Nearly 22 to 30 per cent of pollution through only transportation. So if India is more use a electric vehicles then pollution is decreases. Many companies like tata, Ola and ather is start manufacturing of electric vehicles and also put a high investment. So I think India is ready for the electric vehicles.

Kowsalya Nakka said:   1 week ago
Jai Hind everyone.

I'm Kowsalya Nakka.

As My thought, India is not yet ready for E-vehicles.

1. Scarcity of electricity because of highly populated.
2. No manufacturing company in India as per EV.
3. It's better to discuss about EV after this decade. Because India needs development.

Thank you.

Shakun kothari said:   2 weeks ago
Electric vehicles give us lots of benefits, and they can help us reduce pollution in our country compared to the petrol we use.

Electric vehicles are beneficial for people because they are not so expensive, the vehicle battery is approximately down after 1 day, and they are used to save petrol and coal and help the environment with greener.

Subinay said:   2 weeks ago
Good Evening to all.

In my view, I would like to say that Electric vehicles are one of the good ways to replace combustion engines because it’s been called green energy with zero emissions. But it’s not the Complete solution as most electric power is generated using fossil fuels like coal petroleum products and nuclear Energy. They are also dangerous to this environment. So, we should target more about the ways of generation of energy.

Rajaperumal M said:   1 month ago
Hi, My name Raja.

Happy morning everyone,

My topic is ready for EV in India, the EV smooth operation and reduction for pollution and a safe environment.
The more benefits in EVs so people like the E vehicle. The future use of vehicle connection for the mobile is an implied condition.

Resources and development:
Day-by-day resources the Battery management. This one of the issues is clear the E vehicle is 200 percent used the people in the World.

Thank you.

Poojitha said:   2 months ago
According to my opinion, India is not ready to use EV vehicles.

Nowadays manufacturing of modern vehicles is increasing day by day. People want to know about its output features, brand, and cost to purchase the vehicle. They are not trying to think about the pollution. Even though EV vehicles save money and pollution people prefer Modern vehicles to EV vehicles because of their functionality and usage.

For example, in my family; my father is using an EV vehicle and my brother is using a modern vehicle. They know the pros and cons of their vehicles. Because of using EV vehicles one day our next generation will definitely suffer from electricity facilities and also because of using Modern vehicles within a few years we are going to face a polluted world. They never consider these types of Pros and Cons.

So in my opinion, India is not ready to use EV vehicles.

S Pooja said:   2 months ago
Good morning everyone.

I'm Pooja.

My point of you about this topic;

Electric vehicles have a major role playing future generations because in this scenario more pollution destroys global warming and all places. This pollution causes many diseases like lung and breathing causes. So the lack of population due to pollution destroys every natural resource. They use this opportunity to reduce pollution to save their future generation. These electric vehicles have good speed and smooth functioning. I comparison of petrol cost also reduced from the normal vehicle. New development and new savings for upcoming Scenarios.

The disadvantage is electric vehicles easily get overheated and break or fire comes out causing many issues. They provide better quality for stopping fire-related.

My suggestion is to introduce many places to the charging station is comfortable for all people to fill their charging facilities.

My conclusion is the usage of electric vehicles is good for reducing pollution and stopping the usage of petrol.

Sanjeev said:   2 months ago
In my view, india is still not ready for E-Vehicles. Because rather than to focusing on core cause of pollution, we are just wondering and giving priority to the end result I.e to produce E- vehicles.

It's not like that, here I disagree with all those who said yes. Because see E- vehicles want electricity to charge. Which causes a heavy demand for electricity. And we all know that in India almost 80% of power plants are thermal power plants, which use coal to produce electricity. This pollutes the environment to a far greater extent as compared to the present scenario.

So, first of all, the government should decrease the heavy dependence on electricity from thermal power plants. And then after, our society is ready for the change.

Thank you

Lalkrushna Kolhe said:   2 months ago
Hello, everyone.

I'm Lalkrushna.

According to my perspective, Yes, India is now definitely ready to implement Electric Vehicles all over the world.

Everything has its pros and cons, as in today's era our surrounding is very polluted. So, EVs can help us to make a little bit of change to make the atmosphere pollutant and we are ready to accept this situation. Now our country has made the high capacity batteries which are to be used in that of EV's so the capacity of the vehicle is increased and they are more efficient also.

But the cons are there are no more charging stations available to use in the rural areas. So we need to consider this point also.

Thank you.

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