Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

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Rajkumar Binod said:   2 years ago
Everyone thinks that EVs are green vehicles. But do you know that for charging the EVs, first, we need to burn fossil fuels and convert that thermal energy into electrical energy.
And that energy is used later on for charging EVs.

Some of you may say that there are renewable energy sources like solar. Still, you should also know that solar and other renewable energy sources are not yet sufficient enough. It's just a tiny factor in our total energy consumption.

So in one way or another, we are using fossil fuels.

But when we convert energy from one form to another, energy is always wasted.

So, in my opinion, India is somewhat ready for EVs. Still, we should also focus on increasing our renewable energy sources to power these EVs, so we do not need that much fossil fuel in the future.

Mahesh said:   5 years ago
Good evening all of you.

I think my point of view, India is still not ready for electric vehicles because India is still a developing country, not a developed country. There are many other things and factors to be developed in India, for example, there are many villages in India still not getting proper water and electricity. So making a charging station for electric vehicles instead of providing proper electricity to the villages is not appropriate. And also the electric vehicle may run slow and have to charge after some interval of distance travel. So the construction of such number of the electric vehicle charging station is may costly. I know the electric vehicles are eco frindly but we have to charge the electric vehicles so the electricity may consume. And the percentage of electricity and say the share of electricity in India by the thermal power plant is large compare to others. So in thermal power plant because of coal the Nox and so2 formation is there that effect the environment. As nowadays the reuse of flue gases from such power plant may decrease the amount of Nox and so2 gases but I think India has to make a big share of electricity from hydropower plant, wind power plant and nuclear power plant then and then we can think about the electric vehicles. And it takes some more years in India to develop such non-conventional power plant. So I think my point of at this time India is not ready for electric vehicles because to providing electricity to the remote villages is first priority instead of providing an electric charging station for an electric vehicle. Thank you.

Krishna said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

Myself Bhargav.

I think India is still in the preparation stage for electric vehicles because.

1. The electric charging stations are not available everywhere in India except for the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru and recently in the upcoming capital Amaravathi by KIA motors. Due to this fact they are not preferable for long distance drives.

2. Initial cost, battery cost, less no of sources for batteries, time for charging are making people not to prefer electric vehicle.

3. In order to reduce pollution in many metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc and make eco-friendly.

4. The government has also launched schemes like FAME (faster adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles) I & II and sanctioned a huge sum of amount for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles by providing subsidies on electric vehicles.

5. Private organizations like Mahindra and Mahindra has also stepped forward by introducing the electric versions like Reva, e2o and by constructing many electric charging stations in the major cities.

6. Recently ola, an online cab booking service has also launched its electric vehicle project in Nagpur in collaboration with Mahindra, as a part of its mission electric programme.

7. Some private organizations are forming partnerships like Mahindra and ford, Suzuki and Toyota to make electric mobility solutions available at an affordable for the Indian consumers.


Electric vehicles in India are still in the developing stage which is being promoted by the government as well as the original equipment manufacturers (automotive industry) in order to make the eco-friendly environment and cost-effective journey for the passengers.

Saraban Tahura said:   4 years ago
Hi, my name is Saraban Tahura.

Today I'm going to discuss is India ready for electric vehicles?

In my point of view, India is not ready in this time to produce electric vehicles. As we all know that India is a developing country and focusing on Technology. Maybe it will possible a few years later. Electric vehicles which reduce pollution as well as we save petrol and diesel which is expensive. But it needs charging stations with good Infustucture everywhere. And it requires a huge cost to implement. So I think India should implement a gd strategy to make it successful.

Thank you.

Batman said:   5 years ago
Yes, I think India is ready for electric vehicles as India is a developing country and unlike other developed countries EV will help India to reduce sound and air pollution. We cannot deny the fact that EV are expensive but according to me its an one time investment as there is low maintenance cost as well as the vehicles do not need diesel/petrol. We have been successfully operating electric trains that have saved us a lot of investment so will EVs would do.

Benefits of electric vehicles:

1) low maintenance cost.
2) reduction in pollution.
3) help save diesel and petrol.

INDIA needs electric vehicles. Though its a very expensive thing but doing this has more advantages than disadvantages.

Kamal Barodiya said:   2 years ago
Electric vehicles are the most suitable alternative for vehicles running on fuel due to many reasons.

1) Petrol or diesel are natural resources and they are decreasing day by day and one day it will be finished completely so the need of the time is that we should shift towards others alternative to it like electric Vehicles.

2) The cost of petrol or diesel price also increasing day by day especially in India it is very high and if we talk about electric vehicles then they cost very low in comparison to diesel or petrol.

3) Also, fuel running vehicles create a lot of pollution and because of that we are getting so many diseases and if we look at the condition of our capital city Delhi then it is very difficult for us to breathe in the fresh air. So here the simple way is that we should now shift towards the electric vehicle as they are eco-friendly and do not create pollution.

4) Electric vehicle also saves us from noise pollution because they have very little sound in comparison to fuel running Vehicles.

5) Government has to pay so much taxes for purchasing crude oil from other countries that can also be reduced if we use electric vehicles.

Tanishq Udai Singh said:   3 years ago
Talking about the need of electic vehicle in India, yes India do require electric vehicle but if we talk about whether India is ready or not. I would like to show the other side of the coin still the major problem which India is facing is electric vehicle required charging and still there are not many such charging stations are avaible. Also, electric vehicle are not having powerful engine as compared to diesel and petrol vehicle and as we all know that India is a land of diversity, bu the term diversity I need to say about its geography as there are hills and mountains where these electric vehicles will not be able to create a good impact. Also, most Indians do prefer diesel and petrol cars as they are not much aware of electric vehicles and the other reasons is still many household don't have charging facility for electric cars and electric stations will charge some money for charging. Here, I would like to draw your attention towards a major problem as a person if I charging the vehicle then it will require sometime but for some person time is still a important factor while on the other hand petrol and diesel cars do require money but at the same time they don't require time as compare to electric vehicles. Talking about pollution now eco friendly fuels are been developed that emit less harmful gases as compare to other fuel.

Yo Amit said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, India is partially ready for Electric Vehicles. It will take a good amount of 5 to 10 years from now. As the majority of the people in India depends on vehicle run by either petrol or diesel, the transportation economy depends on the use of these vehicles. If we suddenly put pressure on EVs the automobile sector will be adversely affected as we have seen in the recent July 2019 budget where more encouragement was given to the use of EVs by reducing the prices and increasing the price of vehicles run by petrol or diesel. The GDP saw a drastic fall in the automobile sector. This resulted in people losing their jobs, their livelihood, people bought fewer goods which affected the profit of companies, resulting in less wage and lower job creation which again reduced the GDP by a higher rate.

Before getting ready for using EVs we must first change our old system of transportation in a slower but steady pace, drastic change may sometimes backfire. EVs as a whole is a huge revolution. Before manufacturing and encouraging the buying of EVs use must have a proper infrastructure, more charging stations, road safety instructions, etc. People must be properly educated on the advantages of using EVs.

As we know the climate is changing drastically, pollution by vehicles has been one of the major factors in it. As more and more vehicles using petrol and diesel are increasing, pollution is increasing. Cities in India have become polluted to the greatest extent, the Air Index is worst in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc making it unfit to breathe. Air pollution is causing various Respiratory Diseases and in the worst-case Cancer. We must change things in order to save ourselves. Also, petrol and diesel are non-renewable sources of energy. In recent year the natural resources have depleted and are depleting at a faster rate. A time will definitely come when these natural resources will be gone and no further petrol or diesel will be available. EVs are the best possible solution for reducing environmental damage as well as reducing the depletion rate of natural resources.

At last, I would like to conclude that India should get ready for using EVs rapidly keeping the economy as well as the environment in mind. Not only India but the world must be ready for EVs, to give a beautiful and healthy future to the next generation.

Md Khasim said:   2 years ago
Friends let me put forward my opinion on the topic "Is India ready for Electric Vehicles"?

India is not yet fully ready for Electric vehicles because,

1. We do not have adequate charging stations in India.

2. Production of electric cars is less due to sales are not up to the mark due to the cost, travelling duration on charging, sufficient charging stations etc.

3. People are not so interested to buy due to safety factors as in the recent past, many electric vehicles caught fire.

Hence, if we strengthen the above points India will definitely be ready for electric vehicles.

Ratan all gadhwal said:   4 years ago
Hello, all of you.

My name is Ratan Lal Gadhwal.

First of all, I would like to pay attention to the topic of Electric vehicles in India.

To think about EVs is good for India.

India is the second-largest population country in the world so they need of vehicles is very high.

There is a very huge problem to pollution in India so EVs are helping us to reduce air pollution, noise pollution around our environment.

In June 2019 the gov. Of India announced that only EVs will be sold in India from the year 2030.

By using EVs, we can reduce the dependence on other countries for oil import.

But electric vehicle's Price is very high. It is not affordable for many people in India.

And also required a number of charging stations in the near future. So it a big problem for India to build them within some time.

Thanks to all of you.

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