Indian Army as a Career Option

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Jai rana said:   1 year ago
A carrier in defence forces promises one of the most prestigious and respected positions armed forces and is a better option for those who like to get adventure Having an army officer is a proud feeling Army provide both permanent and short service commission.

So at last, Army has the best carrier opportunity for the youngster.

It's a chance to change the nation.

Benisha said:   1 year ago
'SERVICE BEFORE SELF' is far more than a motto. This iconic global motto is a dynamic tool that makes you understand the whole defence system at once.

Some work to earn their living while some sacrifice their lives to maintain favourable conditions to let others live peacefully. These defenders are none other than the ARMY of any nation.

Making it particularly in the context of The Indian Army, one of the strongest armed forces in the world, gives an opportunity to the aspirants to serve the nation at a very young age. Indian Army can be the best career option for someone who is selfless, who is desperate and dedicated enough to serve the nation no matter what.

So, if you crave to see a well-protected and strong India, pave your way to being one of its many great defenders.

While on the way just remember Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey said - “Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail ”.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Bhuvi said:   2 years ago
Defence is the best career option for everyone who wants to serve our nation because a soldier's Life is very rigorous, they do not live with their family but still serve the nation without complaint. They help us people in times of natural calamities and disasters. Our country neighbour like china, Pakistan so they are very imp for us. Today we sleep peacefully and restly it is possible for our country soldiers because they are fighting for us border of the country, without fundamental rights, or basic amenities they are working in bad atmosphere conditions like in a desert 55degree Celcius temperature and 22000 feet altitude -5degree Celcius. They save our life without claiming their own life, recently we saw an example in the Amarnath yatra.

So, lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that it's not a carrier option, it's a chance to serve our nation.

Deepa-bisht said:   3 years ago
Hi it's Deepa.

According to my perception, the Indian army is not a career option rather I would say it's a golden opportunity for an individual to explore more. I personally belong to an army background really think it as a fortune to earn salutes, respect and blessings.

Indian army is a very prestigious, reputed jobs that every youngster could admire of, so everyone should least try for it.

Suraj Bs said:   4 years ago
Hi, I am always passionate to take Indian army as my career but due to lack of encouragement and knowledge, reg army peoplel are lagging behind especially south India. Parents have to take initiative.

Ruchi Sengar said:   4 years ago
Firstly, we shouldn't considered Indian army as an option. It should be considered as a choice, a wish, a dream that most of us think of but only some of them will make it worth.

"Service before self".

This is the motto of Indian army. These are just three simple words but it tells a lot about defence lifestyle. The soldiers are trained such that they can survive in any condition, any sort of environment. They put their service, their responsibility towards their nation before themselves. Their brain, heart and each single nerve is strongly dedicated towards nation. Such a dedication is needed though.

Everything about Indian army is special. It is not a matter of money or government service. It is a matter of pride and respect.

I personally believe that Indian army must be someone's first thought. We will live for our nation and will die for our nation because nation comes first before all.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

This is Ajay kumar.

Today my topic is INDIAN ARMY is a career option, in my point of view, it is an opprtunity to serve our nation first then after it is a career option for us. It is very privileged to serve our motherland as a army and fortunate to have a such kinds of jobs. It provides many facilities to the army by providing good medical fitness and smart salary too. There is nothing better than from serving country, today we live peacefully or sleep properly it is due to our great army who is fighting for us in the borders of the country. At last, it is a better way to serve our country.

Thank you.

Kusum said:   5 years ago
Out of the whole population living on earth. Everyone has one thing in common. I.e to earn for our family, have a good job, a bright future, and an end which gives us pleasure that we earned enough in this life.

But very few things for others, work for others, live to serve others and ensure their safety. And one such profession is ARMY.

It's truly said," people whose head is bowed down for the country is the most useful head".

Soo to me army is not only a profession it's a lifestyle.

If an army man retires he can handle any career outside the defence environment because everything requires leadership qualities. Which are already present in soldiers. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

Mohan said:   5 years ago
Indian Army is the best option for those people who want to serve to their motherland.

Boys who have crazy about join in military organizations are only able to join in forces because there is much strive to complete the selection procedure in which physical, medical and mental ability required. Nowadays Army is providing major facilities to soldiers in financial and medical aspects. So there is no need to suffer about all those.

It is a proud privilege to be a soldier "a good soldier [with] discipline, self-respect, pride in his unit and his country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to his superiors, and self-confidence born of demonstrated ability. Jai Hind.

Ranit said:   6 years ago
The thing is that no person if he/she is mentally sound, is free from fear. It's okay to be afraid sometimes, but what is important is how to face and overcome that fear. The soldiers learn to do that through rigorous mental and physical regimens, and the kind of selfless deeds that they do for our country, demands respect, even after they are martyred on the battlefield.

You can be richer than an army man, you may be fitter than him, but you will never command the same level of respect like him.

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