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Anuj said:   7 years ago
1. Rock Solid Job Security.

Nowadays in India, private companies do not give us as much job security as they gave to our parents and grandparents. In an economy where nothing is certain, having a government job is the best for us because we will never be asked to leave from a government job. Best of all there are no pay cuts and only increments throughout our life. Immaterial of whether the economy falls or rupee falls, no one will be sent home jobless from a government job.

2. Pay and Allowances.

If you are a freshly passed out and commissioned officer in the armed forces you will make about Rs. 42, 000 per month. Additionally, the allowances that you will get are flying pay, high altitude allowance, sailing allowance, island allowance, pilotage allowance, living allowance, submarine allowance, commando allowance, etc. Allowances vary between 6,000 to 16,000 plus DA of 60%.

3. Great Facilities for You and Your Family.

The facilities like free schooling to children, free medical facilities to dependents, Canteen facilities, Car to senior officers, loan facilities, excellent accommodation where ever you are posted, free air tickets to you and all your family anywhere in India once in a year. Facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, squash courts, etc are part of your accommodation.

Memberships to Clubs, gyms, and golf courses are absolutely so cheap that they are as good as free.

4. Great Food at No Cost.

If you are an unmarried officer, food is free of cost. Once married the ration used for the preparation are given to the officer at his doorstep free of cost. I don't think any company can afford for such an arrangement to its employees.

5. Awesome Foreign Assignments.

The MNCs have a way of tempting their workers to work more with the prize tag of a foreign assignment. The poor souls slough their a** so much only to get an assignment to work in a foreign country for a few months. For a few lucky, maybe a year or so. Whereas in the armed forces we send Officers with diplomatic visas to Foreign Countries as Defence Attaches in the Embassy as a peace posting. We give them an opportunity to actually chill out.

Our officers even go to do Masters in Reputed Defence Colleges. The Navy sends every year a handful of Officers to the Royal War College, London, US Marine Staff College, etc. The kind of facilities and luxury these officers receive in those countries are unmatched.

6. Scope for Higher Education.

If you are a studious person, the this is the place for you to be. By the time you retire in the normal course of your career in the navy, you end up doing 2 masters (M.Sc) degree, 1 M.Phil, 1 MBA and 1 Ph.D (Optional) in your life. Can you name a company in the world which gives so much paid leave and pays its employee to pursue this quantum of studies?

Technical Officers have the opportunity to pursue M.Tech from IIT Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai in their course of their career in the seats which are reserved for Armed Forces.

7. Respect Wherever You Go.

You might wonder why I have put this point as No. 7 because in the present world not many people care a shit about it. But actually speaking the respect you will command from your soldiers, subordinates, the society and even your family is something you will never be able to get in any profession. 100% of the time you will (even if you don't wish to) end up being a role model to your children.

8. First Priority Physical Fitness.

Today no one thinks before joining a company in these lines "whether the job will allow me to be fit, play a sport, do some physical exercises or indulge for some fun time in physical activity/adventure activity. But job in the armed forces is all about what I have mentioned in the previous line. Your physical fitness is paramount to us. You can assure yourself a healthier lifestyle in this place.

9. Great Post Retirement Options.

On retirement, apart from the handsome amount that you will receive, you will get a pension throughout your life.

Jiten said:   8 years ago
Hi friend,

As we Know that, Indian army appeared third largest army in the world. It does have a responsible possible to safeguarding our national integrity & sovereignty all the time from all the sides. They gave selfless service in whole days and nights without any of the occasionally leave, survive in the highly intense Terrance/area because of us. They gave their today for our better tomorrow. We slept in the night without any worry because we know our huge Indian Army is there for us, No matter what kind of situation will appear, either it is national calamities, crisis or other more, our Army appear effective & progressive each and every time at every individual intense phase. If they will be lured by the money, maybe they will be at somewhere else.

First of all, It will be honors to be called as Indian. And it will be honors as well to be part of such esteemed defense forces. Which will give you a pride and honors to safeguarding our nation? Yes each and every time people, call their self an Indian. But I think that the best feeling will be at that time, when you will wearing a shine Olive green Uniform and will be standing at the border post of the nation & holding respectable position to provide safeguard of our territory that time, the feeling will appear in our soul and mind which really, make you realise a true citizen of India. As we know that, our nation is a caliphate of the various cast, creed, religion etc.

But once you become the part of such Honorable forces, you individual identities will go out. And we will be called as an army brat who survey their nation with divine heart and soul. If I talk about me, I am a successful electronics engineer, working in one of IT firm. But even those I have been applied approximately 18 times in defense but I'm rejected, sometime in last round or sometime in the first round of my SSB interviews.

But even those I do have to believe in myself that I can do it and will become the part of such esteemed organization some day. If I will be lured by money I will not appear in my ssb interviews for many times. I earning well in the private sector but not happy so much. My heart, soul, and real happiness are in defense. If I would select, I will be a soldier of my third generation who have served our nation. And the same will happen soon.

Jai Hind & Jai Bharat.

Sushmita said:   10 years ago
I'd say, that earlier I didn't have much idea about the Indian Army, but after getting in a relationship with my boyfriend who is currently a Captain in the Indian Army, I got to know a lot about it and trust me, it's a job for people who are really passionate for their country and are brave hearts. Every time I think of him, I just feel very proud.

Many people say that you don't have as much money as compared to typical Corporate jobs, but trust me, the respect, facilities and love of crores of people an Army Officer receives, you can never imagine in any other profession at this early age, no matter even if you are some topper from some top class B-School and earning in lakhs.

As an Army officer, you need to be very brave, smart, hard working, passionate about what you do and sacrifice a lot. People choose this career not for money, but because of their passion and love for their country and to protect the countrymen.

This profession makes you a real Gentleman and grooms you to be one of the best of the lot. You can easily distinguish an Army Officer from the rest of the crowd. As they are the most well mannered and disciplined. Need not mention the etiquette they possess is class apart. Which not even Managers from top B-Schools possess. They are very smart and full of life. The best thing about getting into this profession is that you'll be a "self-made" person and you'll always feel proud of yourself for this achievement.

It obviously is not an easy task to serve the Army, as you face a lot of challenges. Some people think that the officers are kind of rude, but trust me, they are really the most loving, adoring and responsible men and it takes a lot when you have to leave your loved ones to go for a field postings or special task. But then, they do it for their country and being associated with them, swells one with pride. And once you get adapted to the Army life, you won't enjoy the Civil life anymore.

So if you are really thinking to join this profession, then don't think twice and just go for it without giving a second thought and make your Country and family proud. All the best :).

Adarsha Bairy said:   8 years ago
Indian Army... There is nothing more a man can get in life. For me, being an army officer and serve my country by giving my both mind and body is what one can give to one's nation. Being an officer is just not being an employee of a company, but instead being an employee for the country, who is willing to take any risk for his country. Being an officer is like dream come true. Serving one's country by joining army is what I will go for. Even if I have to give my life for my country, I will gladly cast my life. Dying just like anything is negated but instead saving millions of people and dying for my country, there aren't any words to describe that death. Serving my nation India, is itself gives me so much pride and respect. The pride achieved by joining army is not just an ordinary pride, it's the pride achieved by devoting your life for your country and country alone. Money is not everything. Its just the basic need that one should have to survive. But once you are an officer,the rigid training itself teaches you what you are and what your capabilities are. And at that part of time, money never matters. For me, living a life in Indian army is itself a big achievement. Serving one's nation directly, common, words can never explain the feeling. Even for a short time, if I am allowed to serve my country, will consider it as everything. Whatever one achieves, achieves it because of his hardship and pure devotion. Maybe whatever I have heard or seen about Indian Army, may or may not be true, but for me, whatever the real picture one may give me about my nation's army or other armed forces, I will get into it and consider myself the luckiest guy. For me, India matters and nothing else.

Abhishek kaushal said:   8 years ago
INDIAN ARMY the name is enough for our destroyers.

Indian Army is the best institute in our country where we can change our personality, where we can adventure, where we can get respect as compared to other institutes. Indian Army teaches us to how to live, how to learn and much more.

Right from our childhood we taught learn more and earn more but INDIAN ARMY is the only institute where we can learn vast things and earn very handsome pay and perks. It teaches us in every field and make us perfect from top to bottom. In short, it leads to our future and it built our ambition. As I'm son of paramilitary man and my father totally motivates me to join Indian Army and serve the nation.

Since I got inspired from Martyr Captain VIKRAM BATRA who died in the battle fought between INDIA and Pakistan in Kargil. He is Himachali from birth, as I'm Himachali I'm totally proud of such a real hero who gives his life to his country and was awarded by "INDIA'S HIGHEST MILITARY DECORATION AWARD" He is very famous by his slogan "YEH DIL MAANGEY MOREE" so I'm deeply motivate from this real hero.

In context of other reason why I should want to join INDIAN ARMY:.

1. I want to join INDIAN ARMY to serve my mother land.

2. I want to wear sensible dress.

3. I want to lead command in a very short age and want to learn from my senior officers to how to experience.

4. At last I want to join army because I want to win PARAM VIR CHAKRA.


Saroj said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

In my point of view, Indian army is the one of the best career options. As an Indian citizen, it is alike a golden chance to work as an army on the border for protecting our nation. I know Indian army is the toughest job but an army is a real hero of our nation. They are struggling at the border to make our nation too protective from other anti-social element. Indian Army sacrifices their family, friend, they also miss festivals. But they don't think about it. Primary job for him to protect our nation. So joining army is not just a job, army gives us a respect as well as good pay and perks.

In family also three members are in army. I also proud to him. I want to be a part of this job if I got a chance. It will be honors for me.

We should join this job because of there are many aspects like.

1. Wearing a uniform and serving the nation gives pride and honor.
2. You have an opportunity to serve your motherland.
3. If you are die in war you have honor and your family is protected by government.
4. You can improve your personality in the army. The army men are confident and know how to deal with any problem.



Gobi krishnan said:   9 years ago
I never wanted to be an army man. But I like to serve my country. I thought that being a politician will allow me to serve the country. But as I grew old I realized that there are many miserable things going on in political fields. It is almost impossible to serve the country as a politician. But some politicians are serving the country as hard as they can. So I decided to become an army man. Being an army man will allow us to serve the country than a politician. It is the place where we can die for our country.

But I never liked to die for my country instead I wanted to serve my country. Also I don't have an idea about how to enter the army. Also I haven't prepared for any exams. Also I can't speak English fluently like writing. But still I wanted to be an army man. It will bring me respect also I love shuttle badminton and I had represented Tamil Nadu in PYKKA scheme. So I will get chance to play shuttle there. It is a good choice to be an army man if you are very much interested in sports.

Jai hind.

Sunil said:   10 years ago
Dear friends indeed the words Indian Army is very good in listening though many peoples don't know that if you are getting any comfort then what is the reason behind it. You can't imagine how the life of a Army person goes? it is terrific Peoples are very selfish don't think that I am blaming to all but I want to tell that nobody is going to help the Army person if he is in trouble. I can give you an example if you are travelling by train in knight and you got the berth reserved and if Any army men is travelling in that coach and asks you for a small space to sit then it is obvious that you will deny because he is burden for you and you may not be thinking that in what way and in what circumstances he had got the train. He only thinks that if my fate is full of trouble and destiny is written with the pen of grief then how other's may be helping. In short many Army person doesn't get their ticket confirmed but they go thinking that if I have not slept for 233 knights then let one knight get also added.

Harsh said:   9 years ago
I believe that joining Indian army can be the best decision of ones life. The army provides us lots of things like.

1 - The first thing is job security. Once you join the army then serve your country for the rest of your life.

2 - The army officers are well paid and are given number of facilities like loan, medical and of course the army canteen.

3 - Now comes respect an officer in the army is respected everywhere in the country. Even those doing prestigious jobs like the IIT'ians are nothing in comparison to an army man.

4 - You can improve your personality in the army. The army men are confident and knows how to deal with any problem.

Apart from it life in the army is adventurous. If you are interested in sports then army is the best choice.

It would be better to join the prestigious Indian army then to live a ordinary life of an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer and so.

I don't know about you but I am going to join the army. I have cleared NDA written exam and I am about to appear for SSB. JAI HIND.

Payal said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends.

For me, Indian army is my aim, desire, dream, determination and a lot thing which was uncountable. I live in a small city nd maximum people are unaware about this city actually, I read in 12th standard nd after completing my graduation I definitely want to join Indian army. I know majority people here think that it is not a good option to join Indian army especially for girls but I want to prove them who choose it best career to taunt other and interfere in other life that a girl also became an Indian soldier with her great effort. Being honest my inspiration is "Divya Ajith" a brave Chennai officer and "Sunil Choudhary" who is always alive in our heart. Sunil Choudhary also my idol. I prepare myself in that 4 years so that I became able for joining Indian army.

- I try to continue until and unless I became a perfect Indian officer as like these two brave officer.

- Serve your country whole heartily. Feel proud to be an Indian.

Jai Bharat Jai Hind.


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