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MAYUR PANDEY said:   10 years ago
INDIAN ARMY: What ever we have and what ever we are is only due to our motherland. I know that we can never pay it back but we can make ourself live for it. And if the thought of dying fears you then you seriously don't have it in you. We should always think country before self. It is a career that gives you everything you want, and if you want to make up money in your life than what is the difference between you trees and animals. They come into this world decay and die, and if you want to live the same life than it is your choice the way you love to live. At last I want to say something what a soldier thinks and the reason he is a part of Indian army.



SUNNY SINGH said:   8 years ago
Yes I would say that we should choose Indian army a our career, because nothing gives more pleasure than serving for our country every time we should not see our personal interest we should have one thought in our mind that country comes first. I want to say that it give us everything from money to fame every thing as we can see in case of war hero's like Yogender Yadav, Mangal Pandey etc even after 16 years of Kargil we still remember them.

And there is no such private companies in India who will give you even after your retirement, and we have third largest army in this world, which is again a matter of pride for us, so friends I would say join Indian army and make your parents and country proud of yourself by serving for country.

Thank you and JAI HIND.

MOHAMMED ABDUL SATTAR said:   1 decade ago
Though, a terrorist who can sacrifice his life for taking the life's of 1000 innocent people, why can't we give our single life for safeguarding 1000 Indians" Serve the country. Live like a legend. Die for the country. JAI HINTH. ! Salute to Indian army and their families.

Sumit rawat said:   7 years ago
I want to straight forward about this topic, being a defence aspirant I want to say it to all group mates please don't say "I want to join army just because I want to serve for my nation. "you can serve for nation to be an honest and sincere citizen or if you want army you can join it as a soldier. But I know everyone wants a royal and luxurious life with pride so most of us want to join army as an officer. I want to join army because I like those thinks which they perform. They get honor, job security, good salary and different type of allowances.

Guys, it's their work to protect our nation from external aggression and they are performing it nicely. The only thing which we can do for them is to reduce our internal aggression.


Anuj said:   7 years ago
1. Rock Solid Job Security.

Nowadays in India, private companies do not give us as much job security as they gave to our parents and grandparents. In an economy where nothing is certain, having a government job is the best for us because we will never be asked to leave from a government job. Best of all there are no pay cuts and only increments throughout our life. Immaterial of whether the economy falls or rupee falls, no one will be sent home jobless from a government job.

2. Pay and Allowances.

If you are a freshly passed out and commissioned officer in the armed forces you will make about Rs. 42, 000 per month. Additionally, the allowances that you will get are flying pay, high altitude allowance, sailing allowance, island allowance, pilotage allowance, living allowance, submarine allowance, commando allowance, etc. Allowances vary between 6,000 to 16,000 plus DA of 60%.

3. Great Facilities for You and Your Family.

The facilities like free schooling to children, free medical facilities to dependents, Canteen facilities, Car to senior officers, loan facilities, excellent accommodation where ever you are posted, free air tickets to you and all your family anywhere in India once in a year. Facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, squash courts, etc are part of your accommodation.

Memberships to Clubs, gyms, and golf courses are absolutely so cheap that they are as good as free.

4. Great Food at No Cost.

If you are an unmarried officer, food is free of cost. Once married the ration used for the preparation are given to the officer at his doorstep free of cost. I don't think any company can afford for such an arrangement to its employees.

5. Awesome Foreign Assignments.

The MNCs have a way of tempting their workers to work more with the prize tag of a foreign assignment. The poor souls slough their a** so much only to get an assignment to work in a foreign country for a few months. For a few lucky, maybe a year or so. Whereas in the armed forces we send Officers with diplomatic visas to Foreign Countries as Defence Attaches in the Embassy as a peace posting. We give them an opportunity to actually chill out.

Our officers even go to do Masters in Reputed Defence Colleges. The Navy sends every year a handful of Officers to the Royal War College, London, US Marine Staff College, etc. The kind of facilities and luxury these officers receive in those countries are unmatched.

6. Scope for Higher Education.

If you are a studious person, the this is the place for you to be. By the time you retire in the normal course of your career in the navy, you end up doing 2 masters (M.Sc) degree, 1 M.Phil, 1 MBA and 1 Ph.D (Optional) in your life. Can you name a company in the world which gives so much paid leave and pays its employee to pursue this quantum of studies?

Technical Officers have the opportunity to pursue M.Tech from IIT Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai in their course of their career in the seats which are reserved for Armed Forces.

7. Respect Wherever You Go.

You might wonder why I have put this point as No. 7 because in the present world not many people care a shit about it. But actually speaking the respect you will command from your soldiers, subordinates, the society and even your family is something you will never be able to get in any profession. 100% of the time you will (even if you don't wish to) end up being a role model to your children.

8. First Priority Physical Fitness.

Today no one thinks before joining a company in these lines "whether the job will allow me to be fit, play a sport, do some physical exercises or indulge for some fun time in physical activity/adventure activity. But job in the armed forces is all about what I have mentioned in the previous line. Your physical fitness is paramount to us. You can assure yourself a healthier lifestyle in this place.

9. Great Post Retirement Options.

On retirement, apart from the handsome amount that you will receive, you will get a pension throughout your life.

Kusum said:   5 years ago
Out of the whole population living on earth. Everyone has one thing in common. I.e to earn for our family, have a good job, a bright future, and an end which gives us pleasure that we earned enough in this life.

But very few things for others, work for others, live to serve others and ensure their safety. And one such profession is ARMY.

It's truly said," people whose head is bowed down for the country is the most useful head".

Soo to me army is not only a profession it's a lifestyle.

If an army man retires he can handle any career outside the defence environment because everything requires leadership qualities. Which are already present in soldiers. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

Ruchi Sengar said:   4 years ago
Firstly, we shouldn't considered Indian army as an option. It should be considered as a choice, a wish, a dream that most of us think of but only some of them will make it worth.

"Service before self".

This is the motto of Indian army. These are just three simple words but it tells a lot about defence lifestyle. The soldiers are trained such that they can survive in any condition, any sort of environment. They put their service, their responsibility towards their nation before themselves. Their brain, heart and each single nerve is strongly dedicated towards nation. Such a dedication is needed though.

Everything about Indian army is special. It is not a matter of money or government service. It is a matter of pride and respect.

I personally believe that Indian army must be someone's first thought. We will live for our nation and will die for our nation because nation comes first before all.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

ARGHAJIT CHAKRABARTY said:   7 years ago
I'm fascinated by the olive green uniform, the stars and medals hanging from the chest, the toughness which the soldiers have, the discipline which they follow, the sense of responsibility in their young minds. This list never ends and it goes on and on.

I want to join INDIAN ARMY just because I need name, fame, glory and respect from my fellow mates and even from the society. I don't want to Join it just for earning money but I really would be proud if I get a chance to serve my motherland in my own style that is by getting a Chance to enrol myself in INDIAN ARMY.

This year I will give the NDA EXAM and I'm utilising every available time to prepare for it because I know that if I don't work hard why would someone give me everything for FREE?


Saroj said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

In my point of view, Indian army is the one of the best career options. As an Indian citizen, it is alike a golden chance to work as an army on the border for protecting our nation. I know Indian army is the toughest job but an army is a real hero of our nation. They are struggling at the border to make our nation too protective from other anti-social element. Indian Army sacrifices their family, friend, they also miss festivals. But they don't think about it. Primary job for him to protect our nation. So joining army is not just a job, army gives us a respect as well as good pay and perks.

In family also three members are in army. I also proud to him. I want to be a part of this job if I got a chance. It will be honors for me.

We should join this job because of there are many aspects like.

1. Wearing a uniform and serving the nation gives pride and honor.
2. You have an opportunity to serve your motherland.
3. If you are die in war you have honor and your family is protected by government.
4. You can improve your personality in the army. The army men are confident and know how to deal with any problem.



Sumer shekhawat said:   9 years ago
I am a soldier my English so week but Metter of Indian army I tell you a solider life a soldier left our family. But your unit is a great family. He learn to subject to do and die. He learn to save our country than die but my India is save. India is very great. I die to my national my family is my country. I go leave for one year only for ninety day but I am very happy for served in Indian army. I Thought not go to Indian army for your carrier but go to hartly service for country. Careers is a business but Indian army is not a business. Indian army a great Wall of India. You got Indian army a member of the best thing wall of India. A soldier's duty twenty four hours now not only for eight hours.

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