Indian Army as a Career Option

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Ashutosh said:   5 years ago
This defence job is not just a job, it's a emotion where our brothers serve our nation without any fear. They are pride of our nation.

A great salute to all my brothers who are in this field - "JAI HIND".

Louie said:   5 years ago
Yes, it is a best to serve for our country. Maybe some narrow-minded people think that solider may die at any time but even after the death, they get national respect. He will be remembered forever. Even our family feel proud of our sacrifice. Many people don't get the respect with the national flag, but a soldier can. I feel happy to die as a Soldier.

Ramendra chauhan said:   6 years ago
Well, In my opinion, Indian army is a Great platform to do something big for our Nation for our motherland. We gets lots of respect, pride and honour which makes us proud. It will makes a drastic change on us because become physically fit as well as mentally. We get lots of facilities for our family and Its a great Respectful opportunity to make career in Indian Army.

Dimpivijay said:   6 years ago
Good my dear friends you all have written your views about Indian Army.

Friends every parent and individual itself think to do something in life which gives name, fame and money.

As for as my concern if you join Army as your career option it shows your thinking towards other is different.

Army provides better life to soldiers, provide challenges. Ensure your physical and medical fitness and also provides these facilities to your family too.

It's our moral duty to do something for our country where we take birth.

For its Army is best option.

If you are soldier. You are not only the hero of your family but you become hero of the nation.

A real soldier always get respect every where because of his selfless, dedicated service for the people of his country.

I salute Indian brave soldiers day and night and get inspired by their brave deed.

May God bless you my real nation's hero's.

Jai hind.

Anomi said:   6 years ago
Indian army is the one of those career options where you can not only make your parents proud but also serve the nation and its people. It takes courage to chose this a your career option as in it your passion and efforts cannot equalize the money you get. These army people are so much selfless and ambitious in their work that they don't even care if they get shot. Yes, not only they but their families are also very strong. Imagine that at any moment your someone dear in the army can get killed and you have to live in that horror every day and night. Army people have a tough life even off the battlefield. They get nightmares and the sound of gunshots echoes in their ear every second. Believe me friends, they are the real heroes of the nation and no Bollywood star can even enact their life story. But are we doing enough for them?

So if we really want to reciprocate then we should draw inspiration from them and fight with the same courage for the country as them!

Vikash sharma said:   6 years ago
According to me, Indian defence (army, navy and air force) is a 3rd biggest armed force. And I am very passionate about Indian army and most important thing is that this is not only duty of us to join Indian defence but also respect soldiers sacrifices.

Bhawana dhami said:   6 years ago
Hii everyone.

I love army and its a great way to express our nationhood, I love my father who is in the army. And he is my hero I have seen his dedication, devotion & he is doing great. All the credit goes to my papa he is the one who inspires me. But you know guys. He always resists me to join the army. But he loves me so. But it is a part of my life. Now I want to be the part of it.

Pankaj s b said:   6 years ago
It must become an aim for youngsters to serve their nation, there are many opportunities rather than the army, but still, it's the best institute that leads you to live with pride and honour. Jai Hind.

Vineet said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, army is not like a job or someone career, it is more than this. The main purpose of job is you gave your efforts and in return you want huge packages, rewards, incentives, a good status and many more but in it a person is on national duty and give whole life to your motherland without thinking about their own status or their future. If you have these emotions and you fit mentally as well as physically than only you will be ready for this.

Sonu barnwal said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, as per my opinion Indian army is not a career option for anyone, firstly it's an opportunity to serve our nation, not for making money than the other sector's job, but nowadays government of India gave a lot of facilities to our soldier's.

Thank you.

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