India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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Dumbo said: (Mar 17, 2021)  
We cannot define the seniority of a person by a specific age i.e. 60 years. This age is decided by Indian govt for the people to serve for the society. After serving upto 60 years, they are free to enjoy their life in their own manner. We cannot make them retired because In Indian army after serving for 10 years. They got retired and In private sector, people are free to continue their job as long as they want. By reacing 60 years of our age is the celebration to completing a dedication towards the job and now free to enjoy with their family and friends.

There are many people who work after their retirement, the people who love doing work, who are fit to serve more for the society instead of getting old in a boaring manner by doing rest all the time.

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Srinivas said: (Jan 24, 2020)  
Age can't decide a person's mental ability. As a part of India's industrialization, the Lifespan of a person is gradually decreasing so IN INDIA THE 60year old person is certified to be a senior citizen. An Individual starts working right from his adolescence, As he reaches the age 60 he is treated as a senior citizen for himself to enjoy and lead a beautiful ending.

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Yedhusree said: (Oct 7, 2019)  
Age is just a number. No matter you are in 60s or 70s or 80s, it is will power and the warmth of our mind that dictate us. India has had many eminent senior personalities such as Dr Kalam, Dr vargheese kurien and so many who were active in-spite of their age. It was their eagerness to contribute to the nation drove them all through their life. The Metro Man, Sri E Sreedharan is an exemplary living example. I would suggest the government to provide incentives and opportunities for those senior citizens who will to work challenging their age.

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Mahesh said: (Jul 20, 2019)  
As we get older, becomes a challenge to find friends/ companions especially after the age of 60.

We lose all the connections that we enjoyed in our younger age. As a result, we all start feeling lonely and need to make new friends/ companions to fill the vacuum in our life, which is very difficult to fill it.

To search a friend/companion we use the current technology such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many online connections. We feel we have several friends but no one to share our sorrows, happiness, or even get emotional support. To have such friends is meaningless. It is highly necessary to have a close and caring relationship for emotional well being, in order to find such a relationship we have to take the chance of reaching out to them.

We all feel lonely which is very natural and it is not our fault nor we should be ashamed but what we do about it is our choice. We all need a true friend/companion to share care, concern, attention, love, emotional support etc, otherwise, slip into depression. We have to make up our mind what type of friendship/companionship we need for which we have to be mentally ready.

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T K Gupta said: (May 19, 2019)  
Sir, Citizen at 60 is the time you might have fulfilled over family responsibilities but at 60 or after you work for yourself and society. Work for yourself and enjoy life with friends.

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Prasanna M said: (Feb 28, 2019)  

According to the Indian government, a person completed 60 years of age is considered as senior because my India government think that he or she has only 60 years of life to earn and contribute for society and home.

Nowadays, old people strong in their work and strength because they are senior in experiences not senior in age because they experienced more in those 60 years of their great journey. We give respect for their experience in professional and personal lives not by seeing the digits 60.

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Ligin said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
Age of a person doesn't affect the performance and talent of, the retirement age of India is 60.

But Singapore it is 63, in Australia, it is 67.

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Suvosree Mukherjee said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
60 is just a number. It cannot justify a person's capability to contribute in society. Sadly, the number 60 makes a definite demarkation that an Indian can now be called a " senior citizen ". Thankfully, we now acknowledge the fact that senior citizens can also contribute extensively in the progress and development of India. Seniority has its own values. Their experience and wisdom are worth following. We can learn and achieve with their guidance.

It is the exposure that our seniors gain can guide the younger generation to aspire and reach their goals.

Instead of isolating them they should be treated as our mentors.

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Mansi Bhardwaj said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
A senior citizen can be said at 60 according to the age but we should not stop them to work. I agree that there may be many people who are more talented and expertise than the senior people also the old age people become weak and many health problems but the old people have that experience and knowledge which they get with time. Both youth and old age people are required in our politics or any other fields. We can't stop someone senior due to their age. As India is an independent country so everyone should have this right to work till they want. So, we can say them senior by the age but not for work. They are equally precious and talented like our youth people.

Thank you.

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Sona Singh said: (Jul 25, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

I don't think that people at 60 years of age must be a senior citizen as it varies from person to person. Many people at 60 are healthy, efficient and progressive. But unfortunately our government employees get retired at the age of 60, I don't think this is fair with everyone as Many of them are very talented and still can serve a lot for our country. I think 60 is a little early for making a person senior citizen.

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Farukh said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

Now India is going towards the development so we need to push and contribute each and every person their experiences, their knowledge and their new ideas which can lead us to a better country in the world and some different in the world.

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Priyanka said: (Nov 13, 2016)  
India is in the 60th year of its freedom from England and is not a citizen. As per talking about the age of India. It's even older than our great grandfathers. So yes India is at its 60s of independence from Britishers and is getting more young day by day with all these developments since 1945.

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Jiss said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
It is possible that a person at 30 years of age can have more experience than a person at 60. It depends on what matters in taking a right decision is not age but experience.

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Vaibhav Aggarwal said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
Senior citizen means the advancement in a country and the advancement comes from education, not from age. So, More the educated people, more experience will be there, because of India at 60. So, senior citizen can be good for India in terms of experience.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
India at 60 is India with experience. They have seen many scenarios in past and have great knowledge to handle them. They are rich in knowledge as compared to youngsters. But youngsters are full of energy and have good stamina as compared to people at 60s and also they have new ideas and knowledge, so youngsters can also contribute to the betterment of nation but we can't say that people at 60's are not the right candidate to take the decision. They are seniors and they have gained much knowledge in past 60 years but the only thing is they are not so fit, healthy and good at stamina to work. So, they are retired to serve the nation but they are well versed and if both seniors and youngsters will work together they will definitely bright the future of the nation.

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Aarthy R said: (Sep 10, 2016)  
India is a developing country here youth are considered as the total assets. We are also capable of solving any problem quickly and efficiently with the advice of senior one it doest means that senior alone could make the right decision. Those who attain the age of 60 are not considered as seniors. There are no age limits for our knowledge. So I don't agree with India at 60: a senior citizen.

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Rahul said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
Hello frinds.

I think age doesn't matter for taking good decision, may be with age of 20 any one may have better dicision taking capabality than 60, so it, is a matter of knowlege not the age.

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Raju said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
The senior citizens are experiencing all things, they are guided younger citizens. Tha nation will be developed.

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Piyush said: (Nov 18, 2015)  
India at 60 is India with experience. A person in 60's now might have seen many developing scenarios in the past. And might have gained some sort of experience from that. Now certainly they can contribute their experience to the betterment of nation but I would also like to raise this point be here that their experience limited to a certain scenario only and may or may not fit in changing scenario we are experiencing now.

Also we know the fact that India has the younger generation. Willing to work willing to prove them selves for this reason I suggest that if both the generations work together, we can definitely grow. So, according to me age is not a number its a feeling. Fauja singh for an example is an athlete at the age more than 60. As long as you feel agreed you definitely are but if you feel young at your heart no matter what your age is.

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Vishwa said: (Jul 31, 2015)  
Hi friends,

As India has enormous practical knowledge of experience with the last 3-4 decades when they get lectured with the teens the practical experiences, they would get better knowledge from teen age onwards, so India at 60 senior citizens knowledge and goals will transforms to youth India.

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Aashka Desai said: (Jul 14, 2015)  
Hello everyone I am Aashka,

I believe that a person is old when he/ she stops dreaming or he / she stops chasing his/her goals any I am sure India still has a lot of dreams and a lot of unaccomplished goals to chase. Age can not stop anyone from dreaming.

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Bhushan said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
Hi friends, I totally disagree with India at 60, Senior citizen. Because age does not prove that you are senior, your work, your contribution to country does.

So I think by saying India at 60 senior citizen we are fooling our self and stopping our improvement.

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Jagdish Patel said: (Feb 3, 2015)  
India now in ways of development then the person who born as child after his childhood he entered into young men. If any person said this person is senior citizen then he is foolish because he forgot one of the level of human life is youthfulness because after youth person entered in senior citizen. And same example, point I put here that the person who said India is senior citizen then he may definitely forgot youth of India. So India is young country.

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Gslgaur said: (Aug 24, 2014)  
Senior citizens is a good adjective to the citizens having vast experience in different field of life. Being senior we should unite share in building the country free from all evils& devils. Most of us sharing gossip on Facebook or else& doing nothing. Please select a dream for nation. Do something. With warm welcome.

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Amrita said: (May 28, 2014)  
India at 60. I disagree that its a senior citizen because if we compare with other nations they have tremendously grown and have become developed countries but India still is lagging behind. The proper usage of technology, infrastructure, management is necessary for its development. Why India is still struggling to curb poverty, corruption and black money? Senior citizen has more experience and hey know what to do at a particular situation, how to take decisions etc but India still has to grow to reach that status.

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Pratik V. Arde said: (Mar 4, 2014)  
Still India has lot of potential because India's youth is very mature, talented and intellectual which comprises more among the other age group. India is prospering now which is evident from the GDP.

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Rani Kumari said: (Jan 19, 2014)  
Hi friends! I'm rani. I am not agree with this. I want to take an example of a man. It is said that if he is out of 60, he is a senior citizen and he may or not be capable to do work physically but he can share his knowledge, experience and ideas to do a great job. But our country is not only like that man because it is not only like that senior citizen it has capability to do best because in our nation people of different age are here and a many great thought will make our country great. So we can call it as a " capable senior citizen.

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PANKAJ THAKUR said: (Sep 5, 2013)  
I don't agree with the statement whatsoever because a person work efficiency should not be judged by the number of lines of wrinkles on his face or his age. Thus a person should be allowed to work till he can give his 100% and deliver qualitatively.

Thank you.

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Anitha said: (Aug 1, 2013)  
Hi friends, I'm Anitha. In my view both positive attitude and knowledge is necessary for to get the success in any business. By having knowledge we will improve our firm to highest peaks and having positive attitude will make us to handle the hurdles that are occurring in the business patiently. So both are necessary for to be success in business.

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Amit said: (Mar 2, 2013)  
I don't agree with the statement as it depend upon the person, there are people who are more efficient than the mid aged person so there should be some criteria on which persons efficiency should be verified so that there would be no imposition on one's to retire.

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Nitin Jain said: (Dec 6, 2012)  
I don't agree with this statement. At the age of sixty it men working time of a people has expired and its a time of being rest. But it is depending on capability of person that he or she must be retired or not. There must be certain provision for retiring employee that he can leave job when he unable to work or when he wish to leave but in an appropriate manner.

So I am directly disagree with this statement that at the age of 60 must not be a senior citizen.

Thanks a lot.

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Faiyaz said: (Nov 27, 2012)  
I am not agree that we are still infant we can take good decision whatever happening in our country and know well how to face our problem. We take any type of challenge without any support.

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Amit Kumar Rai said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
Post Independence for the fist 2 decades we were recovering from the colonial impact. Then in late 60's the green revolution and 5years plans put the country on the track of development. After LPG (Liberalization, globalization and privatization) in last decade of previous century we picked up the pace and industrial diversification by opening our market to foreign players put the country on world map as a strong country. But for the last few years our political sickness has hampered our growth. India is going back to slavery, this time to our own corrupted politicians. We might be getting old but our mentality is getting sicker day by day. There is a need for every citizen to stop being just a statistics on a census chart and contribute in India's growth. Expecting Anna Hazare to rotate the magical wand to clear the corruption will only work if we realize that we are that magical wand and we will have to change our mind set to change this country.

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Durga Kundu said: (Nov 19, 2011)  
I agree that India at 60 :a senior citizen. All we know knowledge & experience both are required for any type of success. I believe using this India become a powerful nation with in the next decade. So we never take the term 'senior citizen'as a negative way.

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Loknath Swain said: (Oct 11, 2011)  
Here the age of India mention as 60 but India is much older than that. Older India is the 'Golder bird' of the world. But due to foreign invention India lost its glow but after Independence power is now again to India's own people and India continue to achieve its previous glory and it will get soon. The power of India is always with the mature and young mind to so it rise drastically. India is a nation not a living thing [which has a definite start and end]. So it is impractical to count as its age.

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Daman said: (May 20, 2011)  
India after 60 years is not a senior citizen but a country has developed tremendously in every sector. Be it service sector or IT India is giving tough competition to the other countries. In terms of education the literacy rates are increasing, earlier problems like child marriages nd female foeticide are also decreasing. It has developed in terms of medicines, hospitals their infratructure, we have the best doctors, engineers, lawyers. MNC are looking forward to India for expansion of their business. We are capable enough to spend a handsome amount for our security purposes, we have the best of arms and ammunition now. All these have happened gradually within these 60 years and still India has lot of potential because indias youth is very mature, talented and intellectual which comprises more among the other age group. India is prospering now which is evident from the gdp.

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Devendra said: (Apr 21, 2011)  
Yes India is a growing country but the are of focus should be "How to curb corruption?" It is very important to block black money transactions in India and to form a sound Government and strong constitution, That gives us the fruits of Success..!!

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Piyashi said: (Apr 15, 2011)  
I totally disagree that India at 60 is a senior citizen. Over the last decade we have seen India growing at a fast pace which itself provides testimony to the fact that India is still young at heart. With big ventures in IT and marketing coming down to India, our country has way to go and a lot to achieve and give to the Indians. The for-longing taste of development is yet to come and with the maximum population of youth in India a lot more is yet to come.

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Sharad Gupta said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
Indian culture coins words like Shashwat & Achhaya for itself meaning omni(always) present and non decaying Human endeavors(Dharma) to develop himself and find truth. Not only Sciences but every true and beautiful thing is a part of this journey. When its culture rejects the concept of ageing then how we children of this great county can dare to say or listen that India is at 60, a senior citizen. We only know that we the Indians are at work.

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Amit said: (Feb 14, 2011)  
India at sixty is a teenager whom everyone in the world praises for the potential it has but it is his own might that will drive him forward and not the world around. India at sixty must choose the right alternatives work on the right platform and look for the long term goals rather than the soft one. this goes for the government of the country specially the finance minister who i believe is hindering the path of success just for achieving high gdp, he must rather try and look for tough yet long term decisions.

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Sneha said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
India is in its 60's, how much ever old it grows it still remains the same. The strategy adopted to solve the problems now and then are all the same. Weather it be 1990 crisis or it be dealing with terrorism.

Yes India is in need of younger generation to showcase its real power.

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Vinayak Rajguru Sharma said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
May be you are all true as you concern but what I think is that there should be no age factor in the case of talent. As many scientists do there research even after the age's of 60. So niether we should call India as 60 this will dimoralise as well as our senior citizens as we call them senior citizens or they are above 60, even if they have talent they will not work as such their requirements or talents. So there should be no age criteria for talent to be shown. Thats all.

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ARUNS said: (Feb 3, 2011)  
Yes , I truly agreed that india will become a superpower country and as per the recent survey india is the front runner to have a GDP % would be around more than 9.5% in comming year and following china, us and uk are with % of GDP 6.5%, 4.5% respectively. Honestly, India will be a leader in the global market but at the same time govt.should take necessary action against people who are all involving malpractive and corruption like what happen yesterday ex-minister Raja arrested for the scam in 2g spectrum allegation and we have all the resources and wealth in human power and only have to construct the infracture and other development activity in comming year...

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Ntiin said: (Jan 22, 2011)  
The way we are progressing we cant say we are senior citizen see the projection of crisil of 8. 4% in next year, the zooming stock market it touched 20k although it is correcting now the number of IPO which hit the stock market this year. The recognition by world of India as a one of the fastest growing economy. The entry of giants like walmart shows our potential and we are looking a step forward the concept of democratic divident shows that we will be the only nation in coming year to enjoy the benifit of our young population in coming years so India is energetic and wise not a senior citizen.

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Swati Radhakrishnan said: (Jan 14, 2011)  
According to me, "India at 60" is not showing a sign of being a senior ciizen because the pace at which India is developing is remarkable - be it the Mergers & Acquisitions in the economic sector (e.g. the Reckitt Benkiser-Paras pharma deal or the Bharti-Walmart deal). Also, the the GDP growth in the last fiscal year has been outstanding! As rightly mentioned by Ms. Neha, the youth population constitutes the maximum number out of all the age groups which again is a sign of development in a developing country like ours! This youth can definitely turnaround India's position as far as the development of our country is concerned.The Prime Minister has set the primary motto of providing basic education to the youth who are deprived of it and thus, all these above factors are certainly indicators of India not being a senior citizen at 60!!

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Pankaj Verma said: (Jan 11, 2011)  
I agree with the statement that india is 60 and that it is behaving like a senior citizen of among other countries.It knows much things going in the nation but don't argue with other nations for some reasons . Everyone knows about mumbai attacks and other such incidents like happenings on border sides. That is called maturity that india has gained in these 60 years.
India can become a superpower in not more than 5 years because of its human resource and experience. The only thing needed is the sincerity and a bit of hardwork that indians need to do and reduce the corruption levels.

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Manish Singh said: (Jan 5, 2011)  
yes i completely agree with the statement that India is at 60,behaving like senior citizen.Every decision which our leaders are making these days should be liberal enough to satisfy the demand of all parties involved in the coalition government just as senior member in the family has to satisfy all need of each and every member.
ex-Present UPA govt can't take action against 2g scam culprit A.Raja just because DMK,its allies will quit from the govt shows India behaviour as senior citizen.

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Lokesh said: (Jan 1, 2011)  
Govt. employees and employees who are working in private organisation generally get retired at the age of 60 years as they have lose the power to work better and the time has come for their children to start work in this competitive world. I am totally agree with this statement that people become the senior citizen after the age of 60 years

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Jan said: (Dec 24, 2010)  
Why does a senior citizen be looked at as a liability? In fact, I believe to be called a senior citizen implies we have come a long way through thick and thin. It could mean we still have a long way to go,be it in the economic front or intellectual development or infrastructure. We have the best of minds together and with each year, that fact only becomes more obvious.

So, I think yes, India is a good old soul.

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Neha said: (Oct 29, 2010)  
India at 60: definitely not a Senior Citizen.

The studies reveal that India has more no. Of younger population (under 30 years) than any other developing economies in the world, which signals better growth opportunities in the lap of India. We are booming and have a long way to go.

India with the oldest civilisation is still young at heart.

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Karthik said: (Aug 23, 2010)  
Yes, i agree that we are still infant. We don't take decision quickly and clearly. We still don't know how to face our problems.

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Kamaraj said: (Jul 22, 2010)  
I strongly disagree that because they are not making decision quickly.

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Vinay Miryala said: (Jul 19, 2010)  
To be frank India is still infant at development... if india is 60 and senior citizen then what about western nations who crossed centuries they should have expired... what do u say?

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India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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