India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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Aashka Desai said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone I am Aashka,

I believe that a person is old when he/ she stops dreaming or he / she stops chasing his/her goals any I am sure India still has a lot of dreams and a lot of unaccomplished goals to chase. Age can not stop anyone from dreaming.

PANKAJ THAKUR said:   1 decade ago
I don't agree with the statement whatsoever because a person work efficiency should not be judged by the number of lines of wrinkles on his face or his age. Thus a person should be allowed to work till he can give his 100% and deliver qualitatively.

Thank you.

Piyush said:   8 years ago
India at 60 is India with experience. A person in 60's now might have seen many developing scenarios in the past. And might have gained some sort of experience from that. Now certainly they can contribute their experience to the betterment of nation but I would also like to raise this point be here that their experience limited to a certain scenario only and may or may not fit in changing scenario we are experiencing now.

Also we know the fact that India has the younger generation. Willing to work willing to prove them selves for this reason I suggest that if both the generations work together, we can definitely grow. So, according to me age is not a number its a feeling. Fauja singh for an example is an athlete at the age more than 60. As long as you feel agreed you definitely are but if you feel young at your heart no matter what your age is.

Daman said:   1 decade ago
India after 60 years is not a senior citizen but a country has developed tremendously in every sector. Be it service sector or IT India is giving tough competition to the other countries. In terms of education the literacy rates are increasing, earlier problems like child marriages nd female foeticide are also decreasing. It has developed in terms of medicines, hospitals their infratructure, we have the best doctors, engineers, lawyers. MNC are looking forward to India for expansion of their business. We are capable enough to spend a handsome amount for our security purposes, we have the best of arms and ammunition now. All these have happened gradually within these 60 years and still India has lot of potential because indias youth is very mature, talented and intellectual which comprises more among the other age group. India is prospering now which is evident from the gdp.

Bhushan said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, I totally disagree with India at 60, Senior citizen. Because age does not prove that you are senior, your work, your contribution to country does.

So I think by saying India at 60 senior citizen we are fooling our self and stopping our improvement.

Piyashi said:   1 decade ago
I totally disagree that India at 60 is a senior citizen. Over the last decade we have seen India growing at a fast pace which itself provides testimony to the fact that India is still young at heart. With big ventures in IT and marketing coming down to India, our country has way to go and a lot to achieve and give to the Indians. The for-longing taste of development is yet to come and with the maximum population of youth in India a lot more is yet to come.

Amit kumar rai said:   1 decade ago
Post Independence for the fist 2 decades we were recovering from the colonial impact. Then in late 60's the green revolution and 5years plans put the country on the track of development. After LPG (Liberalization, globalization and privatization) in last decade of previous century we picked up the pace and industrial diversification by opening our market to foreign players put the country on world map as a strong country. But for the last few years our political sickness has hampered our growth. India is going back to slavery, this time to our own corrupted politicians. We might be getting old but our mentality is getting sicker day by day. There is a need for every citizen to stop being just a statistics on a census chart and contribute in India's growth. Expecting Anna Hazare to rotate the magical wand to clear the corruption will only work if we realize that we are that magical wand and we will have to change our mind set to change this country.

Suvosree Mukherjee said:   6 years ago
60 is just a number. It cannot justify a person's capability to contribute in society. Sadly, the number 60 makes a definite demarkation that an Indian can now be called a " senior citizen ". Thankfully, we now acknowledge the fact that senior citizens can also contribute extensively in the progress and development of India. Seniority has its own values. Their experience and wisdom are worth following. We can learn and achieve with their guidance.

It is the exposure that our seniors gain can guide the younger generation to aspire and reach their goals.

Instead of isolating them they should be treated as our mentors.

Rani kumari said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends! I'm rani. I am not agree with this. I want to take an example of a man. It is said that if he is out of 60, he is a senior citizen and he may or not be capable to do work physically but he can share his knowledge, experience and ideas to do a great job. But our country is not only like that man because it is not only like that senior citizen it has capability to do best because in our nation people of different age are here and a many great thought will make our country great. So we can call it as a " capable senior citizen.

Durga kundu said:   1 decade ago
I agree that India at 60 :a senior citizen. All we know knowledge & experience both are required for any type of success. I believe using this India become a powerful nation with in the next decade. So we never take the term 'senior citizen'as a negative way.

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