India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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Vinay Miryala said:   1 decade ago
To be frank India is still infant at development... if india is 60 and senior citizen then what about western nations who crossed centuries they should have expired... what do u say?

Kamaraj said:   1 decade ago
I strongly disagree that because they are not making decision quickly.

Karthik said:   1 decade ago
Yes, i agree that we are still infant. We don't take decision quickly and clearly. We still don't know how to face our problems.

Neha said:   1 decade ago
India at 60: definitely not a Senior Citizen.

The studies reveal that India has more no. Of younger population (under 30 years) than any other developing economies in the world, which signals better growth opportunities in the lap of India. We are booming and have a long way to go.

India with the oldest civilisation is still young at heart.

Jan said:   1 decade ago
Why does a senior citizen be looked at as a liability? In fact, I believe to be called a senior citizen implies we have come a long way through thick and thin. It could mean we still have a long way to go,be it in the economic front or intellectual development or infrastructure. We have the best of minds together and with each year, that fact only becomes more obvious.

So, I think yes, India is a good old soul.

Lokesh said:   1 decade ago
Govt. employees and employees who are working in private organisation generally get retired at the age of 60 years as they have lose the power to work better and the time has come for their children to start work in this competitive world. I am totally agree with this statement that people become the senior citizen after the age of 60 years

Manish Singh said:   1 decade ago
yes i completely agree with the statement that India is at 60,behaving like senior citizen.Every decision which our leaders are making these days should be liberal enough to satisfy the demand of all parties involved in the coalition government just as senior member in the family has to satisfy all need of each and every member.
ex-Present UPA govt can't take action against 2g scam culprit A.Raja just because DMK,its allies will quit from the govt shows India behaviour as senior citizen.

Pankaj Verma said:   1 decade ago
I agree with the statement that india is 60 and that it is behaving like a senior citizen of among other countries.It knows much things going in the nation but don't argue with other nations for some reasons . Everyone knows about mumbai attacks and other such incidents like happenings on border sides. That is called maturity that india has gained in these 60 years.
India can become a superpower in not more than 5 years because of its human resource and experience. The only thing needed is the sincerity and a bit of hardwork that indians need to do and reduce the corruption levels.

Swati Radhakrishnan said:   1 decade ago
According to me, "India at 60" is not showing a sign of being a senior ciizen because the pace at which India is developing is remarkable - be it the Mergers & Acquisitions in the economic sector (e.g. the Reckitt Benkiser-Paras pharma deal or the Bharti-Walmart deal). Also, the the GDP growth in the last fiscal year has been outstanding! As rightly mentioned by Ms. Neha, the youth population constitutes the maximum number out of all the age groups which again is a sign of development in a developing country like ours! This youth can definitely turnaround India's position as far as the development of our country is concerned.The Prime Minister has set the primary motto of providing basic education to the youth who are deprived of it and thus, all these above factors are certainly indicators of India not being a senior citizen at 60!!

Ntiin said:   1 decade ago
The way we are progressing we cant say we are senior citizen see the projection of crisil of 8. 4% in next year, the zooming stock market it touched 20k although it is correcting now the number of IPO which hit the stock market this year. The recognition by world of India as a one of the fastest growing economy. The entry of giants like walmart shows our potential and we are looking a step forward the concept of democratic divident shows that we will be the only nation in coming year to enjoy the benifit of our young population in coming years so India is energetic and wise not a senior citizen.

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