India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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Mahesh said:   5 years ago
As we get older, becomes a challenge to find friends/ companions especially after the age of 60.

We lose all the connections that we enjoyed in our younger age. As a result, we all start feeling lonely and need to make new friends/ companions to fill the vacuum in our life, which is very difficult to fill it.

To search a friend/companion we use the current technology such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many online connections. We feel we have several friends but no one to share our sorrows, happiness, or even get emotional support. To have such friends is meaningless. It is highly necessary to have a close and caring relationship for emotional well being, in order to find such a relationship we have to take the chance of reaching out to them.

We all feel lonely which is very natural and it is not our fault nor we should be ashamed but what we do about it is our choice. We all need a true friend/companion to share care, concern, attention, love, emotional support etc, otherwise, slip into depression. We have to make up our mind what type of friendship/companionship we need for which we have to be mentally ready.

Amit kumar rai said:   1 decade ago
Post Independence for the fist 2 decades we were recovering from the colonial impact. Then in late 60's the green revolution and 5years plans put the country on the track of development. After LPG (Liberalization, globalization and privatization) in last decade of previous century we picked up the pace and industrial diversification by opening our market to foreign players put the country on world map as a strong country. But for the last few years our political sickness has hampered our growth. India is going back to slavery, this time to our own corrupted politicians. We might be getting old but our mentality is getting sicker day by day. There is a need for every citizen to stop being just a statistics on a census chart and contribute in India's growth. Expecting Anna Hazare to rotate the magical wand to clear the corruption will only work if we realize that we are that magical wand and we will have to change our mind set to change this country.

Daman said:   1 decade ago
India after 60 years is not a senior citizen but a country has developed tremendously in every sector. Be it service sector or IT India is giving tough competition to the other countries. In terms of education the literacy rates are increasing, earlier problems like child marriages nd female foeticide are also decreasing. It has developed in terms of medicines, hospitals their infratructure, we have the best doctors, engineers, lawyers. MNC are looking forward to India for expansion of their business. We are capable enough to spend a handsome amount for our security purposes, we have the best of arms and ammunition now. All these have happened gradually within these 60 years and still India has lot of potential because indias youth is very mature, talented and intellectual which comprises more among the other age group. India is prospering now which is evident from the gdp.

Swati Radhakrishnan said:   1 decade ago
According to me, "India at 60" is not showing a sign of being a senior ciizen because the pace at which India is developing is remarkable - be it the Mergers & Acquisitions in the economic sector (e.g. the Reckitt Benkiser-Paras pharma deal or the Bharti-Walmart deal). Also, the the GDP growth in the last fiscal year has been outstanding! As rightly mentioned by Ms. Neha, the youth population constitutes the maximum number out of all the age groups which again is a sign of development in a developing country like ours! This youth can definitely turnaround India's position as far as the development of our country is concerned.The Prime Minister has set the primary motto of providing basic education to the youth who are deprived of it and thus, all these above factors are certainly indicators of India not being a senior citizen at 60!!

Piyush said:   8 years ago
India at 60 is India with experience. A person in 60's now might have seen many developing scenarios in the past. And might have gained some sort of experience from that. Now certainly they can contribute their experience to the betterment of nation but I would also like to raise this point be here that their experience limited to a certain scenario only and may or may not fit in changing scenario we are experiencing now.

Also we know the fact that India has the younger generation. Willing to work willing to prove them selves for this reason I suggest that if both the generations work together, we can definitely grow. So, according to me age is not a number its a feeling. Fauja singh for an example is an athlete at the age more than 60. As long as you feel agreed you definitely are but if you feel young at your heart no matter what your age is.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
India at 60 is India with experience. They have seen many scenarios in past and have great knowledge to handle them. They are rich in knowledge as compared to youngsters. But youngsters are full of energy and have good stamina as compared to people at 60s and also they have new ideas and knowledge, so youngsters can also contribute to the betterment of nation but we can't say that people at 60's are not the right candidate to take the decision. They are seniors and they have gained much knowledge in past 60 years but the only thing is they are not so fit, healthy and good at stamina to work. So, they are retired to serve the nation but they are well versed and if both seniors and youngsters will work together they will definitely bright the future of the nation.

Dumbo said:   3 years ago
We cannot define the seniority of a person by a specific age i.e. 60 years. This age is decided by Indian govt for the people to serve for the society. After serving upto 60 years, they are free to enjoy their life in their own manner. We cannot make them retired because In Indian army after serving for 10 years. They got retired and In private sector, people are free to continue their job as long as they want. By reacing 60 years of our age is the celebration to completing a dedication towards the job and now free to enjoy with their family and friends.

There are many people who work after their retirement, the people who love doing work, who are fit to serve more for the society instead of getting old in a boaring manner by doing rest all the time.

Mansi Bhardwaj said:   6 years ago
A senior citizen can be said at 60 according to the age but we should not stop them to work. I agree that there may be many people who are more talented and expertise than the senior people also the old age people become weak and many health problems but the old people have that experience and knowledge which they get with time. Both youth and old age people are required in our politics or any other fields. We can't stop someone senior due to their age. As India is an independent country so everyone should have this right to work till they want. So, we can say them senior by the age but not for work. They are equally precious and talented like our youth people.

Thank you.

ARUNS said:   1 decade ago
Yes , I truly agreed that india will become a superpower country and as per the recent survey india is the front runner to have a GDP % would be around more than 9.5% in comming year and following china, us and uk are with % of GDP 6.5%, 4.5% respectively. Honestly, India will be a leader in the global market but at the same time govt.should take necessary action against people who are all involving malpractive and corruption like what happen yesterday ex-minister Raja arrested for the scam in 2g spectrum allegation and we have all the resources and wealth in human power and only have to construct the infracture and other development activity in comming year...

Suvosree Mukherjee said:   6 years ago
60 is just a number. It cannot justify a person's capability to contribute in society. Sadly, the number 60 makes a definite demarkation that an Indian can now be called a " senior citizen ". Thankfully, we now acknowledge the fact that senior citizens can also contribute extensively in the progress and development of India. Seniority has its own values. Their experience and wisdom are worth following. We can learn and achieve with their guidance.

It is the exposure that our seniors gain can guide the younger generation to aspire and reach their goals.

Instead of isolating them they should be treated as our mentors.

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