India at 60: A Senior Citizen?

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Farukh said:   7 years ago
Hi Friends,

Now India is going towards the development so we need to push and contribute each and every person their experiences, their knowledge and their new ideas which can lead us to a better country in the world and some different in the world.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
India is in the 60th year of its freedom from England and is not a citizen. As per talking about the age of India. It's even older than our great grandfathers. So yes India is at its 60s of independence from Britishers and is getting more young day by day with all these developments since 1945.

Jiss said:   7 years ago
It is possible that a person at 30 years of age can have more experience than a person at 60. It depends on what matters in taking a right decision is not age but experience.

Vaibhav Aggarwal said:   7 years ago
Senior citizen means the advancement in a country and the advancement comes from education, not from age. So, More the educated people, more experience will be there, because of India at 60. So, senior citizen can be good for India in terms of experience.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
India at 60 is India with experience. They have seen many scenarios in past and have great knowledge to handle them. They are rich in knowledge as compared to youngsters. But youngsters are full of energy and have good stamina as compared to people at 60s and also they have new ideas and knowledge, so youngsters can also contribute to the betterment of nation but we can't say that people at 60's are not the right candidate to take the decision. They are seniors and they have gained much knowledge in past 60 years but the only thing is they are not so fit, healthy and good at stamina to work. So, they are retired to serve the nation but they are well versed and if both seniors and youngsters will work together they will definitely bright the future of the nation.

Aarthy r said:   7 years ago
India is a developing country here youth are considered as the total assets. We are also capable of solving any problem quickly and efficiently with the advice of senior one it doest means that senior alone could make the right decision. Those who attain the age of 60 are not considered as seniors. There are no age limits for our knowledge. So I don't agree with India at 60: a senior citizen.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
Hello frinds.

I think age doesn't matter for taking good decision, may be with age of 20 any one may have better dicision taking capabality than 60, so it, is a matter of knowlege not the age.

Raju said:   8 years ago
The senior citizens are experiencing all things, they are guided younger citizens. Tha nation will be developed.

Piyush said:   8 years ago
India at 60 is India with experience. A person in 60's now might have seen many developing scenarios in the past. And might have gained some sort of experience from that. Now certainly they can contribute their experience to the betterment of nation but I would also like to raise this point be here that their experience limited to a certain scenario only and may or may not fit in changing scenario we are experiencing now.

Also we know the fact that India has the younger generation. Willing to work willing to prove them selves for this reason I suggest that if both the generations work together, we can definitely grow. So, according to me age is not a number its a feeling. Fauja singh for an example is an athlete at the age more than 60. As long as you feel agreed you definitely are but if you feel young at your heart no matter what your age is.

Vishwa said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

As India has enormous practical knowledge of experience with the last 3-4 decades when they get lectured with the teens the practical experiences, they would get better knowledge from teen age onwards, so India at 60 senior citizens knowledge and goals will transforms to youth India.

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