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Nandani said:   3 weeks ago
Hello Everyone.

As we are talking about social networking sites' impact on people by listening to the valuable points of all the participants and according to my thoughts social networking sites have both positive and negative impacts on people because there is always two sides of a coin head and tail something can not always get a head or a tails same with this. With the help of social networking sites we can explore the world, we can connect and have conversations with different people all over the world everything is just a click away from us.

The big MNCs are using social networking sites for their hiring information and job openings. Entrepreneurs are getting ideas by exploring different things there are so many valuable sites like LinkedIn, Quora, Telegram, and YouTube, these all sites have their different worlds. As I said there is also the tail part of everything people are misusing and committing wrongdoings sites like Instagram and Facebook accounts get hacked and kids are using these sites which is not good sometimes we could connect with a typical stranger. For someone, it can be a state of distress when he or she thinks that they miss something just by not being online on the account. People lose confidence they can not talk face to face.

So, I am concluding my words by saying that everything has its head and a tail side so positively use social networking sites for your growth and always use the detach methodology once a month like detach from social media so that it could not harm for well-being or do not get addicted by these sites.

Tejas said:   3 weeks ago
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, social media plays a very important role in fast spreading of news. Put generation is highly active on this social media networking sites. Everything on the internet has two sides positive and negative. It depends on people how they are going to use it.

Social media networking sites has great contribution in business growth, branding and marketing or it may be job finding and building network with people. Impacts of this people get to learn new things easily and get solutions of every problem.

Thank you.

Naveen said:   3 weeks ago
Greetings to everyone!

In my point of view, social networking sites play a major role in our day-to-day life.
For example: if we doubt our studies we immediately go to ChatGPT and ask for it. We humans fully depend on social networking sites. We allow these sites to influence us in many aspects. Through these social networking sites, there are lots of scams that will happen it make us more depressed and some cases lead to suicide. Although it is not fully bad it has also benefits but it depends on the user how usefully use these sites to improve their knowledge.

Jenijose said:   3 weeks ago
In my opinion, social media networking could be used as a tool to connect with people. For businesses it helps them to connect with their customers, for job seekers it helps them connect with HR etc. In traditional communication systems, we cannot connect with people that easily but now we can connect with them whenever or wherever we are.

TSS said:   3 weeks ago

As we all know social media has its pros and cons. It is a good source of income for a good chunk of people who earn decently, accounts which spread global news, healthy entertainment etc on the other hand some people spread negativity like bullying a person spreading false news etc. It is a great platform for networking, at the same time, there are hackers and strangers. Students and job seekers get company updates on hiring, the company's new launches etc. Children also are on the face of social media but should be under the guidance for safety. It all depends on the user, who should be aware of his or her limits and about one's mental health.

Sai greeshma said:   2 weeks ago
Hi everyone,

I must say that every app has its pros and cons. In my point of view, social media is the best platform for those who are marketing brands, clothes, products and other industrial advertisements. It also helps to show our culture to other states and countries as well as we can see their culture also.

In the current scenario, whatever it happens in anywhere at first social media gonna leak that news and go viral.

There is a big con about social media is, there are some scammers or hackers who can hack people's accounts and they can send nudiety pictures and ask them to pay money, which leads those who are getting scammed they gonna commit suicide and depression.

Dipanjan X said:   2 weeks ago
Greetings to everyone.

We are discussing how social networking is beneficial or not in our daily lives. So, first of all, everything comes with pros and cons and I would like to put the cons according to my point of view. So suppose a group of friends are sitting together and engaged on their phones, scrolling social media and not talking to each other. Social networking is making people less intellectual to the people around them. Now about the pros, I would say that social media is a good platform to share your thoughts about anything, promote someone's business, and spread awareness about something. Thank you.

Reshmabehara said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

According to my aspect, it depends on one own individual whether it is pros and cons same as there are 2 sides to every coin. While, coming to the advantages social media helps to connect people it makes job seekers seek a job by connecting through HRS LinkedIn and many other apps and also shopping for all ages, seeking knowledge irrespective of time and many more.

Whereas coming to the negativity spreading fake news and scams, face morphing photos became a very hectic issue.

Thus it depends on one's own perspective.

Bhoomika patel said:   1 week ago
Hello all.

Bhoomika here.

So in my point of view, social media is also about the person, how people use those apps as much as how they forget everything when they are using it, nowadays all the students and all the jobs persons have used all the things but the main point is this is necessary to do the same right, and they have both prospectives.

If positive - they will be also used in a marketing strategy, finding a job, searching the new things for communication skills, learning skills also some brands and shopholders use some type of apps for marketing so yes it will be useful, and students also using for gd in the school. In the time of corona, video calling classes and working from home are used so it's ok.

And in the negative part some people are spreading the negative personality, some people are trolling, abusing our details so both sides are there over here.

Thank you.

Rupali Gajare said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

So, talking about social media which is becoming an important part of our life. As we know social media has many benefits if we use it correctly. We can start advertising our business, also we can search for jobs. If anything happens wrong in society people will support it by posting it on social media and giving their opinion against that.

With the positive points if people use it in the wrong way then social media can become a negative thing for them. Such as people are wasting their time on Facebook and Instagram by scrolling reels. Also, they will share their personal information so it can become dangerous for them. There is no guarantee of security so many people will face abuse and fraud problems.

Lastly, I want to say that social media should be controlled by people, not people should be controlled by social media.

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